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  1. Hi, you generally get this on markets where IG decides there is not enough client participation to justify keeping the asset listed or the liquidity is so low matching trades is too difficult. For a company it might be because it's market cap has slipped below IG's minimum required. Not sure this same notice has just been slapped on the China 300 index though.
  2. H4 charts and Dow holding a bull flag while Dax and Ftse well correlated trying to make up lost ground and Nikkei continues to fall away. The S&P daily put in it's first red candle for 6 days though Fed speak yesterday continued along the lines of a small rate cut in 2 weeks time.
  3. Indices mixed USD down, Bonds up Oil up after yesterday's big drop, Gold down. Chart Microsoft down 1.4%. CPI data for UK and EU, US housing starts, US oil inventories.
  4. Hi, to open a long trade you buy the ask price and to close that long trade you sell at the bid price, the mid is just a reference between the two, the difference between the two is the brokers markup. You are best to have the chart set to mid but be aware it won't show exactly where the in/out of the trade was activated. Tick volume shows the number of orders processed but not the size of each, the online platform shows actual volume as taken from the exchange if there is one, FX must use tick volume as there is no central exchange. A tick chart just shows orders as they are matched and the resulting price change.
  5. Only that it's linked to leverage accounts only same as the DMA platform, whether it uses DMA I'm not sure, you can trade shares on API but only on a SB or CFD account.
  6. An exit strategy adds information for deciding on the entry, where is price looking to get to, how long am I willing to sign on for. It encourages you to look ahead realistically rather than just hoping for a parabolic move after entry. Consider trailing stops; based on MAs, ATR, set number of points away, manual trail following up to the next higher low. Or set targets such as; S/R levels, pivot S/R, set number of points away, risk reward ratio eg 1:2. Or, as you suggest floating targets such as the next reversal chart pattern, indicator cross overs (MA, MACD etc). If you have already decided on how to get out you are not going to be so worried about what price does in the meantime.
  7. ok, but isn't that lacking a certain something, I mean that could be a place for an initial stop loss but would you really want to see price race away in you favour 100s of points and then return all the way back to stop you out for a loss? just asking
  8. What's the exit strategy btw? If you have one then it can 'handle' itself 🙂
  9. The one good thing esma did was negative loss protection on accounts so your account would be gone that's all. In the case above an Irish school teacher earning £20,000 a year was left owing IG £250,000, they had to write it off of course, if memory serves IG wrote off some £200 mil but if you had it they collected. The saga was one of the main reasons for the regulation changes. You may of noticed I've been prodding suggestively over the last few months that perhaps a strategy seeking out volatile markets and using £170ppp bet sizes on a £2000 account might not have been one of the best ideas I've ever seen 😉
  10. The moral of the story is don't trade highly volatile markets unless you really know what you're doing. In the CHF case people forgot the SNB could kick the prop away anytime they wanted. In the Deutsche Bank case the size of their derivative loses was big news being digested. It's the same, but far less extreme for mad data releases, wait for the whipsawing to die down. Gaps are vertical, on the IG chart nothing happened so nothing was printed for that minute, on the Oanda chart they just skipped over it and went from 35 straight to 37.
  11. @nit2wynit what are you looking at? both charts clearly show a gap between last close and next open, look again at the tick chart, the higher the magnification (time wise) the more gaps you see, on a tick chart you see them everywhere, on a 1 min less so and on a 1 hour less again. Just to make you feel better the most extreme case I ever saw was watching live in Jan 2015 when the SNB unpegged CHF and it plummeted 1000 points, guys were mashing their keyboards desperately trying to get out but who wanted to take the other side, no one.
  12. I'm saying that the chart is not the market just a close simulation, I'm proving that two different brokers could not put a 1 minute candle down at the exact same time and that says the market was not functioning for that brief period. There has to be someone on the other side of every trade and if one side suddenly stops then the market freezes. Yes it is part of trading, seriously. Take a look at this 10 tick bar chart of Dax, even with the current lack of volatility there are gaps everywhere, that's closer to how the market really works.
  13. There are a lot of UBIs on different exchanges may have caused some confusion but IG don't seem to list the company for share dealing, that maybe because it has a low market cap $44 mil. It is on the leveraged platform but listed as 'close only, unborrowable'.
  14. FX volatility continues dropping, currently nearing 5 year lows. see chart FX Volatility Index for the G7 below.
  15. yeah, and Ger economic sentiment came in a miss at -24.5 while the EU as a whole came in at -20.3 which was actually a slight beat lol.
  16. Gold H4 and the coiling continues to get tighter but the break when it comes usually leads to a strong move, never quite sure which way the break will go but most chart patterns are continuation patterns.
  17. Not just Deutsche Bank and it's derivatives black hole but German factory orders, industrial production and economic sentiment (today expected at -20).
  18. Dow checking the pivot before the London open, Dax looking to support at 12389. Both currently above the pivot so looking for long entries.
  19. Hi, see additional info on this subject in the Gold Weekly thread.
  20. Strong push down through 60 following a test of the recent high yesterday, now at 59.60 having found support at 59.27, RSI has dipped below 50 and the support level doesn't look too strong, may look lower.
  21. Interesting comparison in the daily BTC and Gold charts both showing consolidation following a period of uptrend though Gold has a more flag type look to it. BTC back up to tussle over 10800 support turned resistance. Daily and H1 charts;
  22. Dax and Ftse both putting in daily reversal candles yesterday while Dow drifts upward after the strong push through resistance last week. Asian markets struggle with China concerns.
  23. Asian markets down Crypto down, Bonds up, USD flat, Oil and Gold up. Chart Bund. UK average earnings 9:30, Ger econ senti 10:00, US retail sales 1:30pm. Lots of Fed speak throughout the day. Ger sentiment expected at a very depressed -20.9.
  24. Hi, you are correct, there is some very important math to consider concerning trading. Have a look at this thread linked below and consider; risk reward ratio, win rate, risk reward against win rate showing profitability, probability of sequential losing trades as it relates to % of account balance staked on each trade (risk management). I wouldn't worry too much about hedging in the early stages unless you were looking to hold a very long term position through thick and thin, the rest of us just run away 🙂