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  1. well done, you should start forward testing on demo to see if you can replicate the results. Sticking to a plan is nearly as hard as devising one in the first place. Keep note of the stats to make sure you are on track as per the backtest.
  2. ????? there are NO links in the post you quote at all. are you saying the video of Fauci saying masks are useless has been faked? - it hasn't. ????? are you saying that the NIH (headed by Fauci) DIDN'T report in 2005 that HCQ was a POTENT INHIBITOR of SARS CORONA VIRUS??? here's the US Govt web site link saying it did, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1232869/
  3. Quick snap before the monthly pivots rollover;
  4. THEN Fauci: 'Masks are useless' NOW Fauci: 'Masks are essential' (need to keep this farce running til the boss's new vaccine is ready) THEN Fauci: 'HCQ is a wonder drug'. NOW Fauci: 'HCQ is useless' (forgot the patent had run out and is now so cheap can't make any money on it). https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1284923579138576384/pu/vid/720x720/rkJBgZkOApOQkTcr.mp4?tag=10
  5. Sweden; no lockdown, no social distancing, no masks, no collapse of business, GDP out performing rest of Europe, average death rate, no resurgence of new cases. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/sweden-defeated-coronavirus-without-lockdown-now-its-companies-are-reaping-benefits
  6. New blog on Steve Burns' web site on trade journaling with a download zip for the same excel journal file (free) I use in the start of this thread but looks like it's been updated for Apache excel. A few simple inputs allows the excel to auto calc a running Win% and cumulative Risk/Reward (based on entry, stop and exit price) for plotting on a Profitability chart to see if the strategy is profitable or not. When you make changes to a strategy it's surprising how quickly the data responds (for better or worse). https://www.newtraderu.com/2020/07/30/how-to-create-a-trading-journal-and-find-your-edge-in-the-markets/
  7. that's correct, there are many ways to play it but nothing works for everything, the only way to know for your preferred time frame on your preferred market is by testing. The good news is that testing doesn't cost money, only time. The easiest way to test is by keeping a win% score and using a fixed risk:reward then plot the score on to the profitability chart below (more detail in the Trade Planning and Testing thread).
  8. Hi, looks like commission, see CFD share trading costs; https://www.ig.com/uk/shares#why-trade-shares
  9. Yes, stops are probably more difficult to mange than the entry. If you are looking to understand the thinking of a day trader on a candle by candle basis I would suggest some of Al Brooks's books or videos. This one for instance looks at getting into a trend late, entering long on a bull candle close, where the stop must go and so therefore what the position size must be, scaling in and averaging, getting out at average break-even if needed, etc. Very dry, matter of fact, dear I say dull presentation (same as the books) but worth persevering with.
  10. Also consider Latency (not actual slippage), my mt4 platform has a latency of a quarter of a second for the round trip which doesn't sound much but sometimes price can move a are bit in that time.
  11. he got caught out pulling one of his malicious complaints scams to get people banned and ended up earning a warning point for himself from the forum moderators, it left him so enraged he marched off demanding all his posts of the last 3 years be deleted.
  12. Buying the close of a strong bull bar is perfectly reasonable when expecting continuation upward, the stop is the problem. Initially your stop was at A in my pic but then after a new low at B you moved it up but before price had passed the new prior high, that would have been the better time to raise it. As it was you joined the stops of those new entries at the pin bar new low (B). Everyone knows where the stops are, a big player can hit them with precision. The large red bar down was a stop hunt to capture those long contracts (including yours), a strong bear bar with no attempt at continuation but steady buying instead. It is very usual for your entry to get tested but I don't like to see price go to far towards my stop, I would avoid the break even stops and if not willing to leave it below the low would put it behind the entry rather than on it.
  13. says the guy who perpetually trolls, sh!tposts trash to foul threads people have worked hard to produce and has a potty mouth that would shame an 8 year old.
  14. says the guy who's been with IG for at least 3 years and despite promising to go to another broker never quite manages it. There are plenty of cheap brokers operating out of Belize at the moment don't you know, 'Frankie's Brokers' for example (regulated by his mum). Good luck.
  15. Hi, the red hammer means the market has been stopped and is 'at auction' and will restart again once a new price has been set.
  16. The broker runs an A book of successful traders and a B book of losing traders, every trade needs a counter party and the broker will match shorts to longs in-house as much as possible. Usually that means matching A book trader's trades to B book trader's trades. 76% of retail traders (mostly B book) lose, figures are not published for professional registered traders (mostly A book) but have a guess at their lose %? So the broker makes from the spread of both parties, any residual trades not matched in-house are bundled and parallel hedged meaning the broker hedges in the same direction (you win - they win, and pass the winnings over to you). They still profit because they get a much tighter spread than what they pass on to you.
  17. FOMC tonight 7pm. MarketWatch preview; https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-wont-be-happy-with-how-the-economy-is-performing-but-is-not-perturbed-enough-to-take-aggressive-action-2020-07-28?mod=the-fe
  18. Re, logging into the IG platform problems see IG Help tweet below;
  19. should read //deal.ig.com/wtp/#/workspace/........... first easiest thing is usually to try another browser eg microsoft edge, just to see what happens
  20. I would expect price to travel between levels, pretty much the same as it's been doing for centuries. The key, as ever, is deciding when to catch a ride.
  21. "If the FDA had acted quickly on the Henry Ford and Baylor approval request for HCQ, we can reasonably consider that 16,000 lives could have been saved since July 1," explains Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD. AssocAmerPhys&Surg @AAPSonline https://www.wnd.com/2020/07/fda-delays-hcq-cost-potentially-16000-lives-month/
  22. Leverage is margin, margin is leverage. Spread bets are CFDs with a name and interface change to get it under UK tax laws. IG matches trades in-house as far as possible and the residual is hedged on the open market. The margin is not notional at all, the capital you put up is far less than your total exposure. If you're going to listen to the likes of gutter mouth Dmedin you are going to lose a lot of money (just like him). Discover the benefits of spread betting "Trading using leverage magnifies profits and losses, as these are calculated based on the full value of the position, not just the initial deposit. This makes it important to create a suitable risk management strategy and to consider the full amount of capital that you are putting at risk."
  23. Try opening with a different browser, also see this page (half way down); https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/charts/ig-charts/why-are-my-ig-charts-not-working?ref=FlashPDLeverage