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  1. unfortunately the market doesn't care about opinions or predictions that's why watching Elliott wavers is such a hoot. get with the program and follow because you just don't have the capital to lead. Dax trying a bounce off the weekly support level (red).
  2. what are you using as a directional indicator? a fast and slow ema will generally do it, you will miss the start of any move and give up some at the end but will catch most of the middle.
  3. Dax and Dow failed in an attempt on the pivot this morning but Dow not really pushing lower, yet anyway. M15 charts;
  4. ah, so it did originate in a govt bioweapons facility after all 😳
  5. Hi, you are likely to find that the helpdesk will be somewhat vague as well. IG have a value calc they apply. So any trades on any account make up the min 4 trades a month (buy and sell x2) and so long as you keep above that you won't be charged but IG might decide the value of your trades are not enough to justify you using the platform in which case they will contact you to warn they will start charging if you wish to continue on PRT.
  6. S&P looking to bounce up off 3214 while Dow clings to 28165. Interesting coronavirus stats starting to emerge in that the deaths are mostly in the over 70's age group in both China and Italy. The younger age groups seem to recover quickly and be discharged from hospital within a week.
  7. Overnight Indices and Oil up. Bonds, Gold and USD down. Today US consumer conf at 3pm.
  8. haha, must be meaning you @dmedin, can't be me I've put in over 20 posts so far today.
  9. back to scrapping over 28165. M5;
  10. held back rather than spare. could be some cheap buys coming up.
  11. Status page reporting all back on now 👇
  12. yeah, 277 then 274. weekly chart;
  13. isn't he sitting on 122 Billion cash at the mo?
  14. this is only the second time in the last couple of years that I can remember, how's that a 'pattern'.
  15. the login problem was first reported around 11:30 and about the same level the indices markets are now.
  16. It was just the web platform but all gone now. Still running if already logged in but haven't tried to put a trade on recently 🤔
  18. IG Client Help @IGClientHelp 6m We're investigating an issue with logging in to the trading platforms and apps. Please call us if you need to close a trade, or visit bddy.me/37Soa6G for updates.
  19. phew, lucky it was just an exercise 👀
  20. Dow finding support at the weekly chart support level 28165, at least for now, Dax following. M5 Dax and Dow charts;
  21. These young guys are usually just the front man for one or more backers who stump up for the hire of the car and private jet for an hour for the photo shoot. With that kind of publicity reach he will currently be receiving thousands of requests for a subscriptions service and mentorships.