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  1. Hi. great but can you see a way to capitalise on the discrepency? If you look at the exchange and broker price you see that there is descrencies all the time but it's not constant, neither always lags or leads, they tend instead to pirouette around eachother, ususaly just a few points, sometimes up to 15 but only for a few seconds. The other problem is that the reason you are using a broker is because you can't trade on the exchange so you need to find inconsistancy beteen 2 brokers but will find they do the same, track the exchange but with no consistacy as to leading and lagging.
  2. 'The tax burden will increase to its highest level for more than 50 years after Chancellor Rishi Sunak set out his plans to begin repairing the nation’s finances after the coronavirus crisis' https://t.co/tMrIvMfnDv ''Sitting on the sofa all day eating half price Nando's wasn't free? I AM SHOCKED'' Old Holborn® @Holbornlolz But of course ... BREAKING: People support taxes they think they don't have to pay, and oppose taxes they think they do have to pay. Kristian Niemietz @K_Niemietz
  3. Just to save you some time the complaints procedure is linked at the bottom of IG's web page.
  4. The high and low show exactly where the opposition stepped in and started to overpower the trend and there may well be unfilled orders still waiting there should price return. Also though the daily close also has special significance as it is noted by a lot of bigger traders.
  5. This was a very interesting thread back in the day, Zero was an out and out binaries option trader (still is, with another broker), run foul of IG's 'rules' and forced out, no joy with a complaint to ASIC. His contributions are sadly missed by many, esp Oz traders.
  6. It's IG's own risk management triggered when too many clients are on one side of the trade and IG can no longer hedge the excess.
  7. bye the way, there is nothing to stop you adding to this thread as you like or starting another. up to you, good luck.
  8. I've been here a long time so obviously don't need your luck, thanks all the same.
  9. oh look, price respecting support and resistance levels, who could have guessed it?
  10. that's right, I just sit here all day every day for the last 6 years solely to post on the forum.
  11. The lines are only signalling potential breakout or reversal levels and also warn to avoid buying directly into resistance or sell directly into support, just saying
  12. not sure what it's based on, it doesn't matter. That market is spread bet or cfd so you are taking a posistion on amount of points movement higher or lower than 144460.
  13. Hi, yes, go to the positions tab and on the trade click (right click?) on the actual stop loss box containg the stop loss amount, there should be a arrow for a drop down box and the option to change the amount as well as the type eg trailing stop but does depend on account type.
  14. Hi, the margin will be high if the price of the asset is high, the margin percentage is determined by the regulator and gives the amount you must hold free in your account to cover potential losses if the position goes against you.
  15. That's the spread, the cost of the trade, the broker's profit.
  16. what? 'Mark Carney banned from Pontins' Mark Carney banned from Pontins | Financial Times (ft.com)
  17. that's why I asked about which type of account. They are all based on the underlying market where Tesla are around $705.50 cents. IG has them listed as points so on the SB platform they are 70550.0 While on the cfd platform they are 705.5000 not sure what the share dealing platform has.
  18. US stocks are in $, UK stocks are in pence. If it's on demo it must be either a spread bet or cfd account as there is no share dealing demo, SB or CFD it could either be dollars or pence or IG points. See video on this page. How do I use the share dealing platform? | IG UK
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