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  1. 16 hours ago, Guest Thomas said:

    I have just spoken to them on the telephone. They say that there was a problem with the payments and have reprocessed them, blaming the card issuers. I didn't get a time period of when to expect the withdrawal to hit my bank.


    11 hours ago, HxnZee said:

    Maybe I should stop depositing more funds with this broker.

    I withdrew yesterday with no problem. The first time you withdraw funds can take time due to anti laundering and security checks but after the link is established there are usually no further problems, also try to cut down the number of links in the chain by not returning via card.

    IG > Payment Service Provider > Visa/Mastercard/Paypal > your Bank.

  2. 3 hours ago, VK said:

    I agreed with everyone, I have to paid over A$800~A$900 per week for Crude Oil interest. Spoke to IG rep and he said it's calculated correctly and they have no control over it.

    It's hard to bear this interest for anyone...and they won't do anything to help.

    Why are you using the cash market at all? For holding trades open longer than a week you should be using the cfd futures market instead, no overnight interest charges just a slightly higher spread repaid every 3 months on rollover if keeping the position open for the very long term.

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Nokita55855 said:


    can I get orders filled during extended Hours on Stocks on Earnings Release/during extreme Voaltility if I put in the order when the Stock wasn't as volatile? How realiable is excecution? Sometimes I can't buy/sell CFDs when the stock is extremely volatile. I can't imagine getting my Order filled at USD 103 Buy Order when the Stock shoots up from 100 to 110 on Earnings. What are the expieriences in live trading?

    Hi, yes your order should get filled during extended hours, a pending order will get filled before any at market orders though there is still the chance that there may be excessive slippage outside IG's tolerance level meaning a no fill. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Javaidset said:
    I have transferred R10,000 to ig account I mistakenly forgot to put the reference of me. My ig account username is Javaidset and account ID is IUNPM But I’m sending ig help desk all proof of payments and a bank statement please if you could set up my bank account now and everything would be helpful. I don’t know why ig South Africa isn’t replying maybe is it because of the 21 day lock down could you please update me?
    Could please transfer the money to my account.
    Thank you


  5. 4 minutes ago, boringtrader said:

    I am actually on Live Account.

    I think I know why the charts are different. I am looking into "All Session" of Boeing which is different to share chart itself. Hopefully I understand that correctly.

    the 'all sessions' just means boeing is on IG's list of US shares extended trading hours.

    I'm not getting the same spikes, maybe try a close chart and reopen?


  6. 6 minutes ago, boringtrader said:


    I am new to CFD.

    I was looking into the chart of Boeing and find it different on the one on TradingView, in particular it has long candle wicks on IG. 




    What is the reason for this? Is the matching of orders on CFD different as such the chart drawn is different?

    Hi, these look like false spikes which sometimes affect the demo platform.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Danius said:

    Another question where can we find all this futures information? According to IG formula of (P3 – P2) ÷ (T2 – T1) where can we find this P3, P2 and T1, T2 information? That would be useful as I can calculate the charges myself then.

    example here;

    1) The formula for calculating the Overnight Basis Adjustment is as follows: 

    Overnight Basis = (P3 – P2)/ (T2 – T1) 

    T1 = Expiry date of the previous front future 
    T2 = Expiry date of the front future 
    P2 = Price of front future 
    P3 = Price of next future 

    For the below explanation we will call the undated futures contract price 'P'. 

    This formula therefore takes the difference between prices of the two futures contracts used and divides this by the number of days between the expiry dates of both futures contracts. 

    If the slope of the futures curve is upwards sloping you would see a negative overnight funding adjustment posted to your account. If it were downward sloping, you'd expect to see a positive one. 

    In this case, the US Crude futures curve is upwards sloping. 

    The best way to think about why this is a negative adjustment when you have a long position is by splitting the difference in the price of the futures contracts into individual days. This is done by using the above formula. As the undated contract moves up the futures curve from P2 towards P2, you'd expect P to rise by the same number of points as the daily basis adjustment, all things equal. 

    For instance, at the time of writing the current price difference between the MAR-15 and APR-15 US Light Crude contracts is around 62 points and the time difference is 31 days. As such the basis adjustment will be: 

    (2930 - 2868) / 31 = 62 / 31 = 2 points per day. 

    As such, you'd expect P to rise by this amount each day, all things equal. On the flipside, if you had a short position on this market you'd see a positive adjustment on your account to compensate for price P's movement up the futures curve from P2 to P3.

    2) The formula for calculating the IG Annualised Cost is as follows: 

    This cost forms part of the adjustment if you are holding the undated contract through 22:00 UK time and has an IG admin fee of 2.5%.

    The formula for this is: 

    Price x 2.5 % / 365 

    Where P again represents the price of the undated contracts at 22:00 UK time. For instance: 

    For example 2930 x 2.5 % / 365 = 0.2

    3) These two points adjustments are added together.

    In the above example, adding these together gives a value of around 2.2 which is the rough charge for the position. You then do 2.2 x Bet Size. There will be a larger value paid on Friday due to the weekend. These adjustments are variable so if you wish to confirm the exact values each day please give us a call.

    If you are looking to hold an exposure to US Oil over the longer term you may want to consider holding one of our futures contracts as there is no basis adjustment or IG admin fee posted to the account each night. 

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  8. 6 hours ago, MTG said:


    If you have gone short to Hedge (Dj Wall st @ 23800) against your free falling Long position (Dj Wall st @29350) and you now have a substantial profit on your short position, is it wise to cash in your profit to act as a cash buffer against a margin call, before the market reaches  your short position at 23800, or is it better to keep the security of the Hedge and by doing so, let the profit erode? 

    Probably a judgement call I know, but just looking for opinions and ideas?


    Today could be the decider for US indices, if there is to be a retest of the lows it could likely start with a failure at the current Thursday's high retest for leaders Nasdaq and S&P.

    If Thursday's highs is taken out today then would expect another push higher.


  9. 10 minutes ago, andysinclair said:

    Thought I would spend some time looking at the actual stats (from UK Government websites only) for UK flu versus COVID-19.

    The official stats for flu are 312 deaths and 3,157 hospital admissions for the 2018/2019 flu season (over 6 months).

    For COVID-19 there are today 9,000 patients in hospital beds and there were 159 deaths yesterday.

    There are currently approx. 140,000 hospital beds in the UK and at any one time approx. 10% are empty.

    Plotting these figures in Excel produces the charts below (I have used yesterdays COVID-19 death figure as an average is not yet available versus an average day during the flu season):


    The deaths per day for the last flu season looks too low but of course many die at home rather than in hospital. In the graph from the NHS below which looks at flu deaths per year from 2014 to 2019 and the dominant strain of flu for each year, deaths per year ranges between 10,000 and 14,000.


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  10. 2 hours ago, Guest Mike said:

    Can somebody tell me why different stocks have different minimum amounts for setting a stop loss? Some have 1 point as an example and some have 2%? what defines this? It would also be good if there is any information displaying all the stocks with their minimum stop loss amount and if you could almost filter by this

    IG operate a variable spread system and along with variable spreads comes variable minimum stops. Both are dependent on current market volatility, the increases could be just a few minutes or longer depending on particular market conditions.

  11. 1 minute ago, SHAOQING said:

    It was not so hight before, i found it increased from about last Monday, and it looks like being increasing daily.  Do you think there are mistakes in their system now?

    never seen anyone show it before, a key part of the calc is the libor short term interest rate that is not known until the end of the day plus there are the references to the futures market in the calc  and that also changes daily.

  12. 8 minutes ago, Straddles said:

    Okay I have found the solution.


    1) You need to download MT$ from the IG website and NOT on the MT4 website. It needs to show the below once installed

    2) It will give you the option to add your details if you have already created a Meta Trader account under  My IG.

    3) The server will be the IG-LIVE server.

    4) Limited Indices will be available.



    that's right, also download the add on apps pack from the IG mt4 web site as well, loads of good extras there, also see this vid;