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  1. 4 min video comparing the covid deaths impact for a large number of European countries. Those that had a high deaths total in the April wave had a low winter resurgent number of deaths. Those that missed the April wave had a high winter death toll instead. Only a few countries had excess deaths in both April and the winter resurgence and that was caused mainly by govt incompetence.
  2. So, the worst pandemic for a century eh? German total deaths for 2020 is LESS than the 4 year average. And US totals are in line with previous years. Not much of a pandemic then. The only country to completely stuff it up was the UK, by shutting down the NHS the govt ensured the same number of people died from lack of health care for other causes as died from covid.
  3. An entire generation is being crippled by govt policy inducing mass hysteria. Children's referals for psyc diorders is sky rocketting as are child suicides. After months off school and trapped in social isloation the plan in the US is to send them to this. Children are not even affected by the covid virus, **** grandma and **** the NHS. .
  4. Johnson has said over and over that the PCR test is not reliable, it makes you wonder why all the science 'experts' insist on using it. Now though the Lateral Flow test is being taken out of storage (just as the vaccine is being rolled out) so a huge drop in 'cases' is inevitable (no more PCR false positives), no doubt the vaccine will get the credit, yet another coincidence. But in the greater scheme of things don't expect the goalposts to stop moving about any time soon ... “Close the pubs” “Open the pubs” “Groups of six
  5. Hi, check in your My IG page under settings that it is activated, if PRT doesn't appear may need an email to IG Help > tech to turn it on,
  6. hahaha, looks like you'll be getting a few weeks off lockdown in the autumn before the winter lockdowns start over again. BBC News (UK) @BBCNews Friday's Times: "Stay apart until autumn under lockdown easing" #BBCPapers #TomorrowsPapersToday bbc.in/BBCPapers But not to worry, probably only 7 more years of this ... Anders Larsson @AndersL25590061 Replying to @Leftylockdowns1 They (the US) claim with today’s vaccination rates it will go on for 7 years. But - since they’ve discovered 4.000 variants - that would make it 28.000 years. bloomberg.com/news/articl
  7. How to Promote Your Manufactured Pandemic: Part 94. Change the Counting System. 2 separate research papers find that only 6% of US deaths listed as covid had only covid on the death cert. The others had an average of 2.3 other possible causes as well as covid. The US's CDC introduced the new count system on March 24th 2020 specifically for covid, the previous system had been in use without problems for 17 years. Where the US goes the UK are sure to follow. Helps explain why so many countries are finding no increase in their annual deaths data for 2020.
  8. Amazing Coincidences ... UK - Experimental RNA vaccinations vs Deaths; India - Cheap old school meds vs Deaths;
  9. it won't post the attached crying boy gif to the post above.
  10. *GAMESTOP NOW DOWN 65% $GME 4:07pm · 2 Feb 2021 · Twitter for Android
  11. they'd be still 'holding the line' like what they were told on reddit.
  12. I suspect most retail punters are saying a quite prayer that they weren't able to buy at $400.
  13. zerohedge @zerohedge 3m *GAMESTOP FALLS 57%, TRADES BELOW $100 FOR FIRST TIME IN A WEEK
  15. it will depend on which market, FX, comms, indices and stocks. see this page for worked examples. Why is overnight funding charged and how is it calculated? | IG UK
  16. reality 👇 **** Fawkes @GuidoFawkes 1h There will always be corona virus mutations. The logic of locking down the borders for fear of corona virus mutations has no ending. Humanity has to figure out how to live with this virus as we have figured out how to live with all viruses, for all history.
  17. Interesting message from IB on the 29th, 'long stock positions will require 100% margin, short stock positions will require 300% margin.
  18. More utter tripe from Hancock ... Sky News @SkyNews Health Secretary Matt Hancock lists the postcodes where the South African COVID variant has been found - W7, N17, CR4, WS2, ME15, EN10, GU21 and PR9. He says people in these areas should stay at home and get a test even if they don't have symptoms'' there is no evidence that the SA (or the UK type or the South American type) variant is more deadly but there is evidence that asymptomatic transmission is so rare as to be insignificant (same as all other acute respiratory viruses ever). 'Behave as if you did ha
  19. Check the banner top of forum page Q&A recent events today, send in your questions ...
  20. yes that looks right, taken from a longer video linked and made in Dec not Jan. Here is a photo that is from a couple of days ago.
  21. Just to note the FCA will do nothing until you have first complained to IG and received their report on your complaint and you have sent that to the FCA.
  22. A quick 50 sec vid from Stockholm under the new restrictions, bet you can't tell what they are. Meanwhile, as our govt responds to it's constant series of manufactured crisis's with nothing but lockdowns research papers showing lockdowns just don't work except to destroy the economy and social cohesion continue to mount up. New research from Oxford University on the different US states with different covid strategies, data shows no clear evidence of benefit of a more stringent approach. BSG-WP-2020-034-v2_0.pdf (ox.ac.uk)
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