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  1. Re, logging into the IG platform problems see IG Help tweet below;
  2. should read //deal.ig.com/wtp/#/workspace/........... first easiest thing is usually to try another browser eg microsoft edge, just to see what happens
  3. I would expect price to travel between levels, pretty much the same as it's been doing for centuries. The key, as ever, is deciding when to catch a ride.
  4. "If the FDA had acted quickly on the Henry Ford and Baylor approval request for HCQ, we can reasonably consider that 16,000 lives could have been saved since July 1," explains Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD. AssocAmerPhys&Surg @AAPSonline https://www.wnd.com/2020/07/fda-delays-hcq-cost-potentially-16000-lives-month/
  5. Leverage is margin, margin is leverage. Spread bets are CFDs with a name and interface change to get it under UK tax laws. IG matches trades in-house as far as possible and the residual is hedged on the open market. The margin is not notional at all, the capital you put up is far less than your total exposure. If you're going to listen to the likes of gutter mouth Dmedin you are going to lose a lot of money (just like him). Discover the benefits of spread betting "Trading using leverage magnifies profits and losses, as these are calculated based on the full value of the position, not just the initial deposit. This makes it important to create a suitable risk management strategy and to consider the full amount of capital that you are putting at risk."
  6. Try opening with a different browser, also see this page (half way down); https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/charts/ig-charts/why-are-my-ig-charts-not-working?ref=FlashPDLeverage
  7. Latest Gates interview on his new vaccines that currently in tests cause side affects in over 80% of recipients, Gates seems unconcerned to the point where even MSM raise an eyebrow 🤔 Gates estimates the need for 8 billion doses. Can't wait. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1286897250929651712/pu/vid/640x360/SDuYF6usLgEl1KAs.mp4?tag=10
  8. "The videos of the White Coat Summit of American Doctors on Capitol Hill from a few hours ago... are vanishing from FB and YouTube" "American doctors are holding a “White Coat Summit” on Capitol Hill TODAY and tomorrow (July 27-28) to address what they call “a massive disinformation campaign” surrounding the Chinese coronavirus." "This group is doing an excellent job presenting the science and studies behind HCQ and (more importantly) sharing their frontline success treating COVID-19. A lot of this information will not be new to the PP Tribe, but it is awesome to see this many Doctors organizing together in a summit to share this message in incontrovertible form in Washington, DC."
  9. all of the above but just to add that margin is leverage, just looking at it from the other side, so leverage 1:30 = 3.33% margin (1/30 = 0.0333 x 100/1 = 3.33%) 1:20 = 5% 1:10 = 10% 1:5 = 20% 1:2 = 50%
  10. This week I shall mostly be trading ... SHOES!!!
  11. HaHa, yeah right, easy to deny the specific but doesn't address the fact he has spent millions developing biometric chip implants for vaccination recording and is starting trials in Africa. Er ... he has done all this because he does not want people chipped ... er ... hahaha. Closer to the truth Gates' stooge Dr Fauci (head of US NIAD) recently said the corona vaccine (Gates') would not be ready in Sept now and more likely beginning of 2021. The snag of course is that there has never been a vaccine for corona virus, the Brits have spent 70 years trying to make one for the most well known corona virus of them all - the common cold.
  12. Great news sheep, Mr Bill Gates's 'Chip n Vac' (TM) has started trials in Africa (obviously not India after all that trouble with the Polio vaccine a while back). Once this has been deemed safeish for the rest of us we can look forward to a call from our GP 😃 Unfortunately the actual Corona virus vaccine is not quite ready yet but we can start getting the chips inserted straight away to save time. Best of all the chip will be tagged with your bank account details so any rotten eggs who don't want to SAVE LIVES and refuse to take the vaccine will have their bank accounts and cards cancelled and it'll serve them right 😠 I'm truly starting to think Mr Gates might well be the 'second coming', just think of all the miracles he's performed healing the sick etc and after deciding to give away all his money to CHARITY his net worth has actually DOUBLED from 50 billion to 100 billion!!!!!! Now if that's not divine intervention and a real miracle I just don't know what is 🤷‍♀️ https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/testing-will-begin-africa-biometric-id-vaccine-records-payment-systems
  13. But but but ... MSM told me deaths were way up ?? "So where did that scary 147 number come from? The same place all the other “surging” numbers come from. Each day Arizona and other states file reports on how many people died from COVID-19. It’s not a measure of how many died that day. In most cases, the people died days or even weeks earlier." https://issuesinsights.com/2020/07/22/the-big-surge-in-coronavirus-deaths-is-a-media-fed-myth/
  14. March: DEATHS! April: DEATHS! May: DEATHS! June: July: CASES! At last we finally have a large supply of testing kits and we're finding loads more cases. The test will show positive if the person has been exposed to a corona virus and has developed antibodies as a response (most types of flu as well as the common cold are corona). The viral contact may have occurred months ago and no longer be active but when you test positive you will be recorded as a NEW CASE. As such you will be told to go into immediate self-isolation even though symptoms, if you ever had any in the first place, may have disappeared a long time ago. Look, just do as you're told and don't forget, we're SAVING LIVES here. Lockdown ends: Testing up New cases up Deaths, er,
  15. Oh for God's sake people, it's not difficult! If you go into a pizza restaurant to buy a takeaway you are shopping and so therefore you MUST WEAR A MASK, if however you are going in to eat you DO NOT need to wear a mask. Just common sense really. SAVE LIVES by wearing a mask, ... and not wearing a mask. Below is a govt info graphic that explains all.
  16. Dow stalling on the way to retest H1 resistance (green 26803). Dax and Dow M15
  17. when oh when will Gates finally rollout his 'Chip n Vac'. Govts are just looking stupid now leading people round in circles trying to prevent them gaining herd immunity coz then of course the chip n vac would be superfluous. With corona virus testing now in full swing lots of new cases found (colds, flu, but no increase in death rates?) now masks are absolutely necessary despite the UK govt and the WHO saying up until just recent that they were useless. The problem all along was that Gates's vaccine was never going to be ready before Sept at the earliest so we must all remain in purgatory. Of course we will need the chip to go with the vaccine or else how can you be sure who's been vaccinated, ah, got you there. To refuse would just prove you don't care about others you **********.
  18. Should be in My IG > Settings as per pic below, if not you will need to email tech at the IG helpdesk.
  19. S&P tags the monthly R1 before dropping back. Dow finding support at yesterday's low. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  20. Indices and Oil down. Gold down, Bonds up. Today UK and US jobs data and ECB rate decision. JPY up, GBP down.
  21. ah no, probably not that high for 20 days 24 hour a day. if you were still placing other trades then the server should be ok, you weren't trying to place stops too close to current or such like? note the min distance is variable depending on current market volatility when you say 'desktop dashboard' is that for the Trade terminal rather than the Mini terminal?
  22. Dax was chaffing at the bit all day but in the end was forced to come to heel.
  23. Hi, yes, go to your My IG page and in accounts (or settings) there are different currency conversion options.