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  1. Hi, it's bet size (£/point) x AMC price x 100% ( 100% instead of the current 20%) see below. Margin Rates | IG UK
  2. everyone got their platform already open and standing by 🙂
  3. is that stock on the nyse, if not on the IG all sessions list won't be available before market open.
  4. Hi, closing crypto was a decision made by the FCA not the brokers, there is nothing IG can do about it.
  5. yes, if you activate the auto rollover the position is kept open for the next period but you do pay the spread again.
  6. Hi, not sure what you mean IG are a 'paid for broker' (as opposed to Robinhood). As per the video below posted in a different thread the problem is not IG's capitalisation, the trading kill switch was thrown by the clearing houses not the brokers.
  7. This man Fauci is a total disgrace but is also the US's highest paid civil servant earning over $19 million in a recent 2 year deal not to mention the money he gets off the Gates Foundation. Having just a few months ago explained correctly that masks are of no value to prevent viral transmission is now advocating wearing 2 ffs. Farce to surreal to lunacy, there seems no end to it and we are heading to total collapse of the economy and society. They are not going to stop until it literally is all over.
  8. yes, brokers decided they were not willing to take on more risk but always made sure anyone holding a position could get out if they wanted and with that the FCA will back them up. If you tried to get out but the platform did not let you those are the types of claims IG will reimburse loses for.
  9. yes there were definitely liquidity issues which was why GME price was whipsawing hundreds of % during the settlement period for many trades. No wonder liquidity provides, clearing firms and brokers were turning white with fear at the out of control risk they had already taken on and their lack of enthusiasm to take on more.
  10. good question and it relates to IG's own risk management policy. IG does carry some risk despite having a net off in-house where possible and hedge all else business model. So they will match buys to sell in house but then suddenly all bets in-house are one way and then the whole retail market is one way so they can neither net off or hedge, they will let it go up to their own max risk and the close the book for new buys, then when sufficient longs have exited and their own risk declines they open the book again to new buys. During late 2017 for bitcoin the book was opened and closed
  11. because the clearing firm using the brokers deposit has to cover the trade during the T 2 - T3 day settlement period. Because of the shear volume coming through they were unable to do that even after hiking the broker deposits 10 fold. see the 25 min vid in the 'Frustrated ...' thread posted today.
  12. Actually PhilPhilPhil is making some important points, I was sitting at the trading desk in Jan 2015 when the bottom fell out of the swissy, FXCM went bust and so very nearly did IG, big lessons learnt by traders and brokers alike. I don't want to trade with a broker who doesn't close the book when things get very hairy and their very business is at risk. I didn't care that some crypto guys couldn't catch the lift on a particular day during the bitcoin bubble in 2017 when IG temporarily closed the book and it's the same for punters desperate to get on GME on Friday. I would rat
  13. Silver may be the next Reddit short-squeeze target. “Due to unprecedented demand on physical silver products, we are unable to accept any additional orders until markets open Sunday evening.” - APMEX
  14. My impression was that it was very market specific, IG are only listing 2 companies for restrictions and the notifications seemed to come later than the login issues. On both days the login went down around half an hour after the US open and when you would expect a pile in if the stock was going up right from the off. As I've posted before the calling a halt to opening new positions is not new, happened all the time during the ramp up in bitcoin in 2017, there weren't any automatic accompanying login issues and IG didn't seem to give a hoot about the complaints, it was what it was.
  15. hahaha, who posted this? you're spoiling all the fun, not that anyone wants to listen of course. Broker firm Webull CEO explains actually what's happening; - The clearing firms have stopped the trading, they don't have the capital to carry on even after raising broker deposits. Brokers are totally reliant on clearing firms. - The clearing firms have raised margin for brokers using them to 100%, the brokers have to pass that onto their clients.
  16. SAGE go on the p*** take, SAGE are now warning that there could be 100,000 collateral non-covid deaths. This will be of course due to the policies SAGE themselves recommended, chiefly lockdowns and restricted access to health care to 'save the NHS'. Defies belief. They clearly realise they can't keep this farce running much longer. The numbers never added up but by now are so glaringly, obviously crooked they can't hide any longer. They should all be in jail. UK pandemic could lead to 100,000 non-Covid deaths caused by the crisis SAGE warns - Mirror Online Lies,
  17. Dear oh dear, the Dutch are protesting against perpetual lockdown, what's wrong with them, don't they want to SAVE LIVES!!!!! Meanwhile the plucky Brits are just queuing up for the next constant-covid rollout - roadside swab tests. If it saves just 1 LIFE!!!!!. .
  18. I don't see the need to fain login problems, I think the login issue was down to system overload which is bad considering they had similar issues during the covid crisis March 2020, seems to be a rush to sign up more and more clients but less concern over tech catch up issues. With regards liquidity they constantly monitor what's available and take the best prices from whoever as needed. In times of high volume multiple handles are taken up all at once, the next best price can be a long way from the last best price, if over certain slippage limits they will cancel your order and requote,
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