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  1. Currently retesting the prior high, will the breakout succeed or fail? 15 min chart.
  2. But it still worked anyway didn't it, besides a model is not a template. And you must be aware most gapes get filled.
  3. I see you choose an abnormal example where price gapped up over a weekend.
  4. Interesting MT4 Heiken Ashi EA complete with back testing stats and download for MT4 & MT5. https://www.earnforex.com/metatrader-expert-advisors/Heiken-Ashi-Naive/
  5. Quite right, this shows why you can't use a trend following technique like yours to trade a range, and why you must wait for the next range expansion phase as per the Wyckoff model discussed earlier in this thread.
  6. Uplifted during the Asian session but stalled again at 17483 which has clearly become an important level to beat. Upside momentum continues to decline while volume remains high, There is a lot of shorting here so if the level breaks to the upside there may be a large spike as the shorts bail.
  7. The addition of the futures market looks to have subdued some of the exuberance of bitcoin as was expected. This top looks to be rolling over with pronounced macd divergence but where will it find support? Most likely candidate is the trendline.
  8. Falling back to support level 16012 and towards 15732 having failed at 16794.
  9. Little impact on news, the 7470ish level seems key, still room above before top of range.
  10. You don't use accounts to prove theories, they either stand the test of time or are disproved by subsequent events. The very fact that you are using a simplified version in your strategy proves it continues to be valid.
  11. But your chart (what detail can be made from it) shows exactly range and range expansion behaviour, this is the basis of Wyckoff. The model in my post shows both up and down phases but that's just a model, there is no reason that up phases can not be stacked on top of each other so thanks for proving my point. This is what happens in long term up-trends, up tend > consolidation > up trend. Wyckoff and Dow provided the basis for chart reading that is still used a hundred years later, you are using it whether you realise it or not. As for the list of famous traders who have made money from use of the model over the last hundred years, too huge to even bother starting.
  12. FTSE trying to secure support off the prior resistance level 7472 waiting for that Monetary Policy Statement and MPC vote count at noon.
  13. The first and the best depicts Wyckoff's market cycle. Shows how trends start and finish and so how to ride the trend. Now a well established theory originally written in 1910 has been updated by many authors since which may be easier to digest.
  14. Today should decide it. BoE and ECB rate decisions, policy statements and pressers with US retail sales thrown in as well. Between 12:00 and 2;00pm will be real interesting.
  15. Increased volume today looks to be for the short side, not long.
  16. , ok, so 3 standard deviations on the B Bands and a 3 hr chart and you are therefore looking for a break up or down from the trendlines which is similar to a break of the B Bands themselves. I add a 20, 3.00 on a 4 hour for comparison, but the top band not yet corresponding but clearly a big pinch.
  17. Hi No problem. The is best way is as James described, click the photo icon on the chart and the 'save as' screen pops up showing the folders in your pictures library. Open a new folder or select one already there. Give the pic a name in the blued out box (the .png is added automatically), and click save. Close the 'save as' screen then in a post to the forum click the photo icon in the menu up above to open your pic library then select the folder and pic to add to the post.
  18. What, no pic? Yes they will be as price struggles making higher highs continuing to lose momentum though still above the 20 sma on the 4 hour but only just. Also seen in the continuing RSI divergence.
  19. Rate decision and statement @ 7:00pm. FOMC presser @ 7:30pm. Trump remarks on Tax reform @ 8:00pm
  20. Crypto layman's Glossary. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/words-mean-cryptocurrency-glossary-layman/?utm_content=buffercd6ca&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  21. Hi , Depends on how you would want to trade it. For spread bets yes with a guaranteed stop but problems getting orders accepted but trading on an exchange no, both routes have there problems caused by the very high volatility. See threads, https://community.ig.com/t5/FX-and-Cryptocurrency/Cryptocurrency-Mega-Thread/m-p/17099#M1963 Re; journalist's experience trading on an exchange. and; https://community.ig.com/t5/New-to-Trading-with-IG/Will-I-always-be-able-to-close-an-open-spread-bet/m-p/17106#M61 for spread betting
  22. New webinar from Dailyfx (recorded today) discusses most recent news that have moved the markets (including Ether). Also, the arbitrage potential on the disparity between the exchanges (I posted on the disparity in this thread on Thursday). Plus takes a look at the charts of some of the main movers in in recent days. 30 min. . youtu.be/Xeh2kpwjDik?a
  23. Yes , but another possibility here in this 1 min chart news video from Joel Kruger formally of Dailyfx.
  24. Hey , how did you manage to get round the auto censor?
  25. 4 short videos from Thomas Bulkowski (of 'The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns' fame) on detecting ends of trends and drawing head and shoulder patterns. http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-813684.html