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  1. ooff. Robinhood pull a fast one, go 'closing only' on GME but then dumping people out of the trade by actually selling off their shares 😳
  2. Brokers experiencing outages/problems ...
  3. IGSquawk @IGSquawk 1m We're seeing extremely high volumes - mitgation measures are in place. Please attempt to refresh platforms now:
  4. well that took all of 10 seconds top of google search; The New York metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the United States by urban landmass, at 3,450.2 sq mi (8,936 km2). ... New York metropolitan area. New York metropolitan area New York–Newark–Bridgeport, NY, NJ, CT, PA • Megacity 3,450.2 sq mi (8,936 km2) Population (2010) • Density 5,318/sq mi (2,053/km2) oh, so you're just BSing again, deliberate dishonesty.
  5. We have been tracking how most countries are coming out of 2020 with similar death totals to previous years. The UK is the outsider there having decided to restrict access to the health service in order to 'save the NHS'. which resulted in as many non-covid deaths as covid. That's an organisation that employs 1.5 million people and burns through 4 billion in cash every week. So inevitably sights would turn to the world as a whole and exactly as you would expect. Deaths from ALL causes remains constant. A proper pandemic is supposed to add to the normal number of deaths not
  6. There are plenty of forums around that will tell you what to do, they have a very high participant turnover though. These charts are flagging in advance significant levels that price may well need to either push through with volume or reverse.
  7. Once again Pinky loses the plot in a desperate attempt to use pedantry to pretend the whole concept is false. So you're actually agreeing that Sweden is more similar to a modern urbanised country than rural Finland but you either haven't got the guts to admit it or intelligence to realise it. Probably time I left Pinky and Perky to their wikileaks, bbc and reddit fact checking and just concentrate on the actual science. .
  8. oh so are you suggesting the news article didn't actually say as per above or that it didn't actually say YOUR interpretation of events?
  9. new update Monitoring - If you continue to experience issues accessing the platforms or apps, please attempt to log in again.Jan 27, 15:27 UTC
  10. Over the years IG has a good reputation for compensation where approp. Take screen shots throughout.
  11. ''Platform access Investigating - We’re currently investigating reports of issues accessing our platforms. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post another update as soon as we learn more.'' Jan 27, 14:42 UTC Updates posted here; IG Status
  12. oh look .... Thank god someone knows facts from BS round here or the thread would be covered in s**t from fast google searches with absolutely no context.
  13. Haha, ''Did you see THIS on the news today? "after extensive research it was concluded the shots offered less 'protection than just contracting the virus itself and developing antibodies" Who knew?''
  14. More on Sweden deaths 2020 pointing out (specially for the pedants) that 2019 had the lowest number of deaths since 1977 which brought the 5 year average down considerably.
  15. From Sky News; 48k more deaths than expected from people dying at home unrelated to covid. Out of the 98k excess deaths this year. So 50k excess deaths related to covid. Same as winter 2017/2018 then but this time we killed same again by reduced health care. .
  16. FFS you are using reddit now as verification in you roll as self imposed arbiter and fact checker 🤪🤣🤣🤣
  17. Sweden has achieved natural covid herd immunity with a proven antibody count of 40% of pop and with T-cell immunity takes them to 60-70%. They did it by using the original WHO pandemic protocol (2019). The UK, having switched to the China plan (2020 untested) are relying instead on vaccine immunity. Here's a graph they don't want you to see - Sebastian Rushworth M.D. NB/ There will always be seasonal winter spikes in deaths of the old and sickly from respiratory disease, always has been since the dawn of time. The latest nonsense that lockdowns, masks and social distancing
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