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  1. the stop loss needs to go were if breached the whole trade idea must be wrong and so needs a complete rethink, it's usually going to be a prior high/low or a major support/resistance level. price is turning all the time, big players with big accounts (with very big stops) can sit back and watch price meander up and down but with a small account having a target even at 3R is hard to keep up. most are better off taking repeatable bites in profit rather than repeated re-entries after a loss.
  2. no, stick to looking for trends and not hoping for reversals, what you think the market might move to is meaningless, that size target for that size account is way too big, you are trying to run every trade to the moon (risking 1% to make nearly 20%), that's just not going to have a high enough strike rate (win/lose ratio) to be a winning strategy. Lower your sights to something more realistic and test that the win rate verses the risk/reward ratio is going to be profitable over a number of trades. see this thread. Trade Planning and Testing - General Trading Strategy Discussion
  3. check your monitor brightness settings.
  4. Dark theme seems to be working fine ...
  5. ONS data: UK Redundancy Rate. Ed Conway @EdConwaySky 9m Not a surprise but still no less depressing to observe. The UK’s redundancy rate - the proportion of employees being made redundant over the past three months - is at the highest level since comparable records began in 1995. Chart from this morning’s @ONS data .
  6. another 200,000 out of work because of govt policy. Birmingham has seen its benefit claimant rate rise from 5.8 per cent to nearly 10 per cent since March - three times the national average https://t.co/z4matwfiOl https://t.co/uEGiTdPCcI "At present, the timetable to lifting the current lockdown has slipped to July. Any more drift and all we will be able to see is everlasting lockdown" https://t.co/Q92z91CIfz So perhaps a short break over summer, IF you behave yourself, and then back to the winter season lockdowns again. This is all fine 🤪 hahaha.
  7. The UK has followed the Fauci (US) lead pretty much all the way. Initially recommending the WHO pandemic guidelines (2016, updated 2019) until in March 2020 China got the WHO to forget the original protocol and adopt the untested social distancing and financially ruinous lockdown strategy. The UK also followed the US in the use of the PCR test run at 45 cycles which, when applied to mass testing of asymptomatic people gives a false positive ratio of 85% as proven by studies though a precise figure will vary lab to lab. Essentially numbers derived in this manor are garbage but that s
  8. just realised you also missed the most important point about the cancer stats and that is the 'expected' figure is based on a normal year but in 2020 there is a short fall of over 50,000 cancer diagnoses so the expectation is for a lot more deaths than a 'normal' year but of course they are not there either..
  9. why are you wasting your time and my time with this stupid pedantic nonsense? The OP was about Russia, your link was about Moscow and the bars are open, now you're squirming over the definition of 'fully' for one region of Russia. FO. The point of the missing deaths is that it is across the board, it's all deaths. Was just reading about a builder who fell off a ladder and died, after death was tested for covid and guess what, covid is now listed on the death cert. That's the point, so again FO.
  10. Prof Norman Fenton @profnfenton ''But more evidence today (WHO revised PCR testing guidelines) that covid 'cases' (positive PCR tests) have been over-inflating death stats for a long time. Latest data on UK 999 covid calls/triages suggests we're nowhere near spring peak of people seriously ill BECAUSE of covid;; .
  11. I have absolutely no idea what on earth you are talking about. you confirmed the Russia story. the lack of cancer deaths is clear or where do you think the missing deaths have gone?
  12. Interesting Fox News investigation on the origins of COVID-19 and links to US commissioned research. Jan. 25, 2021 - 15:49 - 'The Next Revolution' host breaks down the evidence surrounding the origins of COVID-19. (16 min) https://t.co/BdiEQB8QyK
  13. Hi, see this page; How to Trade Stocks After Hours | IG UK
  14. ah yes, that you see was gallows type humour, as your search skills are progressing so admirably try looking it up.
  15. you see in English, closed means closed and open means open. It's really quite simple once you've got the hang of it.
  16. The govt is caught in a trap. Drunk on power it has run straight into a sewer and is in it up to it's neck. This farce would end tomorrow if the govt either stopped testing asymptomatic people, or capped the cycle threshold of the PCR test to 25, or only used the PCR if an antigen test (Lateral Flow) was positive first. Either of these would burst the bubble of the PCR false positives and 50% to 80% of cases would just disappear. But the govt can't do that because to do so would be an admission of gross incompetence or negligence or worse and would cause an avalanche of compensation
  17. oh, English can't be your first language either. I read your linked article and it clearly said bars, restaurants, cimemas, concert halls, theatres etc are all open in Moscow.
  18. Hate to be the one to break this to you but no one gives a **** what you think (over a hundred views a day). The only reason you reply is out of desperation as you see the facts mount up and overturn your precious pro lockdown point of view and you just can't stand it. Bye
  19. Important chart on 'Other' deaths. Horizontal zero is average/normal. Look at cancer (yellow) progressively less deaths since lockdown 1, at this rate it won't be long before there are no cancer deaths at all. But that can't be right, because of lockdown there are far less cancers being diagnosed therefore fewer cancers being treated. So cancer deaths must be going up not down. So where are they all? They have been 'rebranded' and you can guess as to what. Same for the chronic respiratory diseases, bronchitis, emphysema etc, all systematically being rebranded. Strokes and heart
  20. that's interesting, and you're learning to search, well done. so unlike here, bars, restaurants, cimemas, concert halls, theatres etc are all open in Moscow.
  21. over a hundred view a day. again in English please. this is a common forum not a scientific journal, if you don't like something prove it wrong. Not sure why you don't start a new thread, you could post all the news you heard on the BBC, you could keep calling me 'far right' which is tantamount to calling someone a fascist, and tell them about how I only post 'far right' memes. And of course tell everyone about how virtuous you are, I'm sure everyone would love to read it.
  22. Simple solution ... Lilith of Assyria @LilithAssyria Reminder: Russia is fully open: * museums * restaurants * cinemas * theatres * gyms without or capacity limits * schools without /plexiglass or idiotic hybrid How did Russia stop pandemic?! Simple: no asymptomatic testing beginning of December. That’s it, folks. .
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