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  1. Hahaha, Deliberate misrepresentation of my posts and the persistent forwarding of strawman arguments is outright dishonesty. That's what you do and it is insulting and childish quite frankly. That's the point, you don't challenge anything, 'oh I don't like the NHS data you posted boohoo you must be bad'. FFS grow up. Try this again in intelligible English.
  2. Take 10 minutes to read what actual 'experts' are saying about this latest Ferguson Fiasco and how the testing is currently being done. ...on the oFPR, I commend to you that you disregard the daily “X thousands of new infections yesterday” headlines. These reports are just not true. These statements assume (if they’ve thought about it at all) that the oFPR is zero, which it certainly isn’t. That value could... Thread by @MichaelYeadon3 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
  3. Speaking of depressingly low 'levels of intelligence' the UK govt and SAGE sink to new depths. The govt now desperately trying to back track out of outright propaganda lies. Reaction @reactionlife Breaking: 30 per cent more lethal claim rests on “fragile and uncertain evidence”, says NERVTAG member. "NERVTAG has expressed limited confidence in this figure, which should not be the basis for public alarm." - Reported by @alastair_benn: 30 per cent more lethal claim rests on "fragile and uncertain evidence", says NERVTAG member - Reaction
  4. you are without doubt the most dishonest person that's ever been on this forum. For over 9 months I have been continuously posting WHO, NHS, PHE, CDC, UK gov and US gov data, you have never really challenged any of it but instead try pick at the edges as if that might change the point, 'oh that's slightly out of date' is the best you ever come up with. But usually you just pretend to yourself it doesn't exist or that it's all just memes because you simply can not stand facts that don't suit you bias. Pathetic would be an understatement, I can see why you just stick to the BBC even
  5. yes the twitter poster did mention the 1 month lag but what is the point of you posting a link to an article on the total deaths for 2020 dated in October hahaha. as you can see the 2020 data is in line with previous years and that's the point. A pandemic should be causing far in excess of normal deaths and in Spain, as in more and more countries as the data comes in, it definitely has not. Not sure why you keep embarrassing yourself maintaining the farce when long since the data has proved your beloved lockdowns to be not only useless but actually damaging. If only eve
  6. Adding Spain to the ever growing list of nations that had no significant increase in total deaths in 2020. Mario Ortega @eme_o_hache 18m Replying to @FatEmperor Official number of fatalities in Spain 2020. Even with a one month lag, the data is not out of normal.
  7. So as we wait for the latest round of scare mongering ads from the UK govt news that a recent ad had to be pulled for containing false information. That's right, your govt caught BS'ing in outright propaganda and don't forget you're paying for this s**tshow. Meanwhile, during lockdown children's books are a non-essential so ... And a short vid visualising the actual affect of covid and covid with lockdown. And this needs repeating ...
  8. Oh, so the goalposts are being shifted again, what a surprise. So Johnson said on Wed that relief from lockdown would come as pressure eased on the NHS. Then on Thurs, if no new variants were found. Then on Fri, the magician Ferguson says new data on variant means more lockdown. ''Scientists have warned there can be no early easing of lockdown rules because of the new variant of Covid-19''. and as if by magic there is already a new ad campaign ready to go ... ''Harrowing new ad campaign to guilt-trip Brits into staying home hits TV screens amid deadly new strain''.
  9. Daily charts with S/R levels and shaded low volume candles.
  10. I think you're getting confused, there is no such virus as ''Sars Covid 19''. I think you are mistaking it with SARS-COV-2 which is an older virus for which there is a mass test available and which shares some RNA with Covid-19 and so it's test is currently being used to find COV-19 until a cheap, fast test specifically for COV-19 is available. I was going to call the thread the 'Wuhan Wet Market And Food Emporium, Bats and Snakes a Speciality, Get Em While They're Hot They're Loverly Flu' but it's a bit too long so I shortened it to WuFlu, DH.
  11. 'Austria's positivity rate fell from 12% to 0.4% when PCR tests were replaced with Lateral flow mass testing. The UK government estimated the false positive rate for lateral flow tests to be 0.32% in optimal conditions'. Das PCR Testparadoxon – der drastische Rückgang der positiven Tests (tkp.at)
  12. 'The Lancet' ... “It is probable that during the summer of 2020, the UK reached a point where reported SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates mostly represented false positive tests, with week-to-week variations largely representing natural fluctuations in false positive rates.” Diagnostic tool or screening programme? Asymptomatic testing for SARS-CoV-2 needs clear goals and protocols - The Lancet Regional Health - Europe
  13. The PCR testing explosion of false positives came about with the introduction of the mass testing of asymptomatics, previously testing was confined to those turning up at hospital with symptoms. I refer you to that podcast posted recently with the Harvard professor who explains very concisely that if you have any trace remnant of old, dead viral RNA, that can be retained in the body for many months, then you will PCR test +ve and automatically be classed as 'with' covid and therefore infectious when, for the majority this is simply not the case. Sorry to hear of your unwell relative.
  14. The WHO are saying now that PCR must be viewed in conjunction with 'clinical observation' (symptoms present) and 'patient history'. Without such confirmation a positive PCR is not an automatic diagnosis of covid as was thought to be the case. But this is exactly what the NHS are doing.
  15. try reading the thread before demanding other people do your searching for you. The link was posted on Wednesday.
  16. you seriously are dishonest aren't you, the reference is clearly referring to the PCR test.
  17. Still waiting for you to actually come up with any data yourself. A real problem for you as it would have to contradict all the who, phe, nhs, cdc, US and UK govt data I've posted. Best just stick to making up strawman arguments.
  18. nothing gets through your bias filter does it. Strawman again, you really can't do anything else. at no point have I ever said the virus was not real. The misuse of the PCR has meant that the cases, admissions and deaths numbers attributed to covid are not real. That has been proven by the WHO's own admission to stop using PCR for diagnosis fullstop.
  19. hahaha, the hoax references were made by you hahaha. As for being played, well we were. just a coincidence then that in the last week or so ... - Vitamin D finally gets govt recommended for treatment of covid. - Invermectin finally gets approval for treatment of covid. - HCQ now approved instead of being banned for treatment of covid. - WHO finally revises PCR test to reduce huge ratio of false positives. - NHS found to be inflating covid cases and deaths numbers. - NHS ICUs found to be less full than previous years. - Lateral Flow test ignored for
  20. Your typical strawman BS - The virus is real, never said otherwise. - the cases numbers are fake, inflated by the misuse of the PCR, never said otherwise. as for 'the great reset', look and learn ..
  21. no wonder you're confused, you should try actually reading up on stuff before commentating on it, that's the reason why you are forever reduced to playing with strawmen in fantasy land. Meanwhile, back in reality ... Weimar court issues devastating ruling against German lockdown, finding a ban on contact for healthy persons exceeds what was advised by German public health authorities even in nightmare scenarios, and time for unprecedented measures has passed. Amtsrichter in Weimar: Corona-VO verfassungswidrig - 2020 NEWS .
  22. Interesting, didn't know they were considering doing it. In the WHO's recent amendment to covid protocols already posted above which included decreasing the cycle threshold of the PCR to reduce false positives was also the assertion that a positive PCR test no longer confirms you have covid. It states a further (preferably different type) test is needed to confirm in conjunction with case presentation (symptoms). The best testing advice is the advice I gave at the start of this debacle, just take your temperature every morning, if elevated self isolate until it has returned to
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