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  1. Dow has worked it's way back up to pause at it's previous weekly support level around 25748 and Dax has done the same resting at it's previous weekly support level around 11862 having broken up through it's previous monthly support level 11700 yesterday (dark red). Nikkei and FTSE showing the same chart pattern as Dax and Dow.

    From these red levels maybe looking at a short retracement but could equally see a solid push through, the London open should decide it either way.


  2. Hi @jojoonline. Margin based on 20% (for shares) is calculated and subtracted from available funds, margin increases with increased stop loss and position size. I suspect the miscalculation of the margin is the main cause of the supposed short fall in the available funds so make sure you check the deal ticket which has the actual margin figure for each trade calculated for you and note it down before clicking 'place trade'. 


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  3. The Dow giving an example of price just dribbling out of a triangle pattern sideways rather than exploding out up or down but is building on successive short term support levels to keep retesting resistance. Currently looking for downside below 25172 or a test up of 25484.

    Dax is positioned well for a test of the old monthly support turned resistance at 11700 while FTSE looks to resistance at 7078. These two are following the recent Nikkei move up.

    The Dow daily is an interesting bear pennant made up of dojis, obviously bearish but these recent moves have been more sentiment based than technical.

    1 hour charts (note I have changed round the positions). 

    Daily Dow.



  4. I am definitely missing something here so would appreciate if anyone could enlighten me. I don't trade oil though do sometimes post news if relevant but concerning the min bet size, if both US crude and Brent crude are priced in US dollars and both figures are in the same region why would the SB min bet size for Brent be £1/point while US oil be £0.25/point, has this always been the case?  I see that the cfd min bet size is equal at 1 contract (equivalent to £1/point) for both.

  5. No need to guess this one, it is a averages crossover ribbon type indicator Taotra written by Mladen, can be on price or in separate window. Many adjustments available so can be as fast or slow as required.

    Current setting is; start period 3, method exponential, step period 2, and number of averages 20, and colour coded for fast, middle and slow.

    Visually very effective at conveying a lot of info quickly. Direction, trend, momentum, force, speed.


  6. A quick smack down as well. Doesn't look like a pump and dump either where you would expect to see a sudden huge single candle then a steady controlled sell off as the pumpers exit exchanging contracts with the FOMO'ers.

    This was a steady growing ramp up then sudden huge selling like someone took the opportunity to get out big.

    15 min chart.



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  7. Start the week so a recap of the weekly chart and the big question is will Dow seek to retest the low at 24895 or look above for resistance? The 1 Hour shows Dow trapped in the same triangle pattern as S&P through there is a short term support level at 25200 and that level is key for the morning session.

    Dax on the 7 am Euro open is looking to push lower but lacks conviction and is waiting for the London open to decide direction. 




  8. Interesting, (there is a way to turn the indicator id on and off in Proreatime but I've forgotten how) so it's play the 'guess the indicator' on the 1 hour chart.

    In the comparison pic below we can see it is MACD set at 24, 52,18 and on the price chart we have the 150 EMA. Both working fine though you can see why many simply use the 200 MA.

    It is an important point though. A new indicator is test run with a wide range of settings and the one that comes out with the highest 'score' for backtested compatibility with price becomes the 'default' settings. The important point is that the test runs are nearly always done on the Daily chart and that may not necessarily be the best settings for the particular time frame you are using. It always pays to experiment.



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