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  1. Not sure why that would be @pontsho but I do see the IG South African site also has a reasonable collection of educational videos here; https://www.ig.com/za/educational-videos
  2. Hi @EdMiller, that doesn't sound right, as I understand it DMA can be used with a cfd account and/or a share dealing account. A cfd account is leveraged while a share dealing account is non-leveraged so with share dealing you are buying the underlying while on cfd you are buying a derivative of the underlying. Also you do not need to qualify as a 'professional' to use DMA, I think to only requirement is to have at least £1000 in you account. https://www.ig.com/uk/l2-trading-platform https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/shares-dma
  3. Hi @pontsho, take a look at IG's webinar archive, you will find many short videos to aid the learning process. https://www.ig.com/uk/ig-academy/sessions/webinar-archives
  4. Hi @Slater, IG shut down all the platforms every Friday evening, was about 10 pm - now seems to be about midnight UK time for about 4 hours for security updates etc. I'm thinking the helpdesk and dealing desk are also closed over Friday evening til 8 am Saturday in the UK. Check your country's times in 'Contact Us' page.
  5. Hi @s&p, the bet size has been reduced for some fx, comm and indices, see here, https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting-cfds-charges Note Bitcoin came down from 70 to 50 since.
  6. All 4 putting in something resembling an inverted head and shoulders on the 1 hour charts, with failed attempts to push lower on the last 3 candles could make for an interesting Friday afternoon.
  7. Ah I see, no, the data is packaged by IG, it's the same on the charts on the platform, you can only scroll back so far on the 5 min chart, same for all the other time frames so if you wanted to keep seeing further back you need to keep stepping up time frames. I believe this is done to keep control of the resources needed. They need to provide data stretching back so far and it would be a problem to provide all that for every time frame. I suspect all brokers do this, the only other prospect is to download using the IG API This video explains how;
  8. Seems IG will need to get a move on developing the new HTML5 platforms to replace the old web based and the share dealing platform as Adobe are set to 'permanently retire' flash in 2020. Interesting article here on flash being used for 'cryptojacking' where malware slipped into flash starts you computer mining for Monero to send to an anonymous wallet. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/researchers-find-100-pieces-of-cryptojacking-malware-disguised-as-flash-player/
  9. Good video and some good points contained within, especially about reducing position size when a market heats up and be prepared to reverse at identified levels.
  10. Hi @skibum84, 2 things to check. Firstly make sure in options > chart that the Max data levels are as per pic 4 which are the same as my own settings. Both numbers. Second, try deleting all data first then restart MT4 and then go through the download sequence again stating with the 1 min. In pic1 I had just deleted all data and was left with just 10 days worth, then in pic2 I had re-loaded and have data back to 1997. I got the disclaimer notice each time plus a message to say there was no new data but it loaded new data all the same.
  11. Dax taking off on the now, funny start on The Euro open Dax and FTSE took off in opposite directions and Dax had to shame faced turn around.
  12. It was most disconcerting yesterday morning to find on the Dow chart that my auto fractal support/resistance drawing app had been completely overwhelmed and I was forced to draw my own **** horizontal lines. This morning the same has happened on the Dax! When will this madness end? The FTSE has seen twice as much action out of hours of late than during a typical day with a continued drop then recovery to return to yesterday's close and similar story with the Dax which has just backed away from yesterday's high. Not too much on the calendar today though maybe something out of the G20 meeting. China and US to start trade talks again announced overnight may provide a boost.
  13. Who knows? It initially powered straight through to 24890 nearly an hour ago before pulling back, only 20 min til US close so will be interesting to see what the Asian market think of it.
  14. Seeing on the 1 hour charts the indices are having another go at a push lower with FTSE tracking Dow this time. ...And in the time taken to write that they have all followed.
  15. I too saw this a couple of days ago but clicked on the 'open platform' and from the platform clicked 'My IG' which opened without problem.
  16. Hi @Britcoin, the type of trade will depend on the account you are using to trade on, so trading shares on a share dealing account you will be buying/selling shares without leverage. To use leverage to buy/sell shares you will need a spread betting account or a CFD account. Here is a 20 min video on leveraged accounts and the difference between them and non leveraged accounts. https://www.ig.com/uk/ig-academy/sessions/webinar-video?bctid=5323838037001
  17. IG video of a recent webinar on the differences between SB and CFD here; https://www.ig.com/uk/ig-academy/sessions/webinar-video?bctid=5323838037001
  18. True enough the rout was started on the US open yesterday and then continued round the globe/clock. There was a push down attempt on the US open in 4 of the last 5 sessions and I'm just looking at the Dow 1 hour leaning against the recent low looking as innocent as you like just waiting for 2:30.
  19. Joined at the hip is pretty accurate. The Dow and Dax on the 5 minute chart could be dance partners >...
  20. That's right @jojoonline, the IG API is created for automated trading direct with IG. An Expert Advisor (EA) is for automated trading through the MT4 platform to IG. Some basic coding is needed but they provide templates you can use to get started. https://labs.ig.com/gettingstarted https://www.mql5.com/en https://www.mql5.com/en/code/mt5/experts
  21. Bitcoin made an interesting long drop to support in sympathy with the indices, much belated though in a single 2am 1 hour pump.
  22. Just noticed the mistake in the pic in post above, the figures should be 2000 not 200. Some further downside overnight halted at 3am bst but Dax and FTSE look to be itching to go further this morning while Dow looks content with 25177 for now.
  23. Ooh mate, I thought you had posted a chart, I'm so disappointed ☹️ But yes I can see the neckline and it's not too far away and also seeing the drop is continuing into the US close and Asian open. You never know.
  24. Hi @Philkeen, if you are on the DMA platform you can get general market volume from the Prorealtime charts from the chart tab, for specific stock volumes first search the stock.
  25. Hi @jojoonline, you will need to go via either API for the web based platform ( https://labs.ig.com/ ) or EA for the MT4 platform or Pro-Order on the Prorealtime platform.