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  1. but what is it actually telling you though, besides that 3 different platforms are filling in gaps differently on a illiquid stock.
  2. I read this research paper last week and it really doesn't say anything new. New traders lose, and it didn't offer anything constructive though who would want to trade Brazilian equity futures anyway Not too many business startups make a profit in their first year, take Ocado for instance 🙂
  3. These below are IG's default as they appear on the MT4 platform whereas the web based platform places the pivot at 7336 instead of 7335 and match your top set so there is a very slight difference in the way the 3 platforms show the data, I would use your top set because IG's charts and default indys are used by 10s of thousands traders and really that's what it comes down to, that they be recognised by the majority.
  4. Good 25 min video overview going through the elements of a trading system/strategy from Tradeciety.
  5. Latest from Dailyfx IG client sentiment, note the big indices are at their usual heavy short by the retail crowd as is always the case as markets close in on their highs. Comms, fx, crypto, indices;
  6. Saudi press conference set for today 18:00 UK time, reports that Aramco are signalling to customers of delays to loading, also a report yesterday that Japan contractually has first dibs on storage stocks.
  7. Dax has followed Dow under the pivot, Dow currently taking a look at S1 around yesterday's low, will need to wait and see if we get rejection here and a retest of the pivot or a push through onto S2, either way Dax is likely to follow. H1 charts;
  8. Dow settling in just under the ATH, some speculation around that with the jump in oil the Fed may not be so keen to lower rates tomorrow and Putin offers to send weapons to Saudi as they don't have enough apparently. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/16/fed-decision-expectations-rising-that-rate-cut-might-not-happen.html
  9. Markets settling back down, Indices down Bonds up, USD flat Oil pulling back a bit, Gold flat Crypto mixed. Chart NY Sugar spiking up. 10am Ger and EU econ sentiment data.
  10. Likely to be caution until the Fed mtg Wednesday, everyone (the big guys) are already all in but have their finger poised over the sell button til confirmed just in case..
  11. Powell will do what's expected then completely skew up the presser and Q and A and send the market tumbling, Trump will start hyperventilating and then explode and then Iran won't know what hit them. I can see it all so clearly 😅
  12. There you go @BMP2020, a very comprehensive discourse on what actually happens and why the majority will down their first account in quick time. A few do hit it straight off the bat and think they have 'got it' only to be tripped up when the market cycle changes and they give it all back, but most start losing straight away and continue so until their account disappears. If you are constantly trying to second guess changes of direction in market price you will lose, if you have a tried and tested rules based strategy that automatically governs your every action at set situations you will have a chance, it takes time and loses before you can recognise the need for it. It doesn't need to be brilliant, just needs to keep you out of bad trades and in good ones.
  13. definitely the default (H+L+C)/3 which to my observations is the one most likely to be adhered to therefore the one that is used by the greater number of traders. I've pointed out numerous times price reversing at one of these levels 'to the tick', that can only happen if large size traders have set up pending orders at exactly that level. @DSchenk was unlucky today as the Sunday 1 hour candle (gap) was of a fair size so the subsequent PPs it generated for Monday were believable, but on a normal Sunday the Monday PPs look like this pic below and there is no mistaking they are skewered.
  14. that used to be poor on prt, if memory serves you need to go to Options > Trading options > Statistics and order display > and check the boxes for 'display top of chart'.
  15. if you have computer software to match buy with sell orders it's easy money taking a commission off both parties, why would you risk an FCA ban. Having said that sometimes a broker will act as a market maker to satisfy client demand but will hedge that to counter the risk.
  16. if you treat trading like gambling it will be gambling and 90% will just lose quickly, if you treat trading like a professional trader does you have a change, most people do treat trading like gambling.
  17. suspect the FCA would not be too keen to see a broker act in any way other than as a broker. the broker sees your buy order and matches it with another traders sell order and takes the spread off both of you, depending on the subsequent direction of the market one trader is going to profit and the other trader is going to lose.
  18. yes, the 'all sessions' are US markets IG has selected for extended hours trading, you can see the list here https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/out-of-hours-shares
  19. IG's PRT uses IG data same as the IG web based platform and will only supply Level I data, to get level II data you would need to subscribe to the particular exchange via IG's DMA platform.
  20. Just to add a point with regards to pivots, I've seen more than 8 different variations on the way they can be calculated, the one IG uses as default is called 'Floor' and is the best one to use when adding your own on Monday using Friday's OHLC instead of the auto-draw tool which uses the Sunday OHLC. https://www.earnforex.com/pivot-points-calculator/
  21. The futures or forwards markets are designed specifically for holding trades longer term and do not incur overnight funding charges but do have a larger spread which must be repaid every time the contract is rolled over (usually every 3 months). To find if futures or forwards are offered for the market you are looking at check for a dropdown box next to the title, see pic below.
  22. no, haven't read that one though have heard of it, is it recommended?
  23. and this system will work perfectly fine so long as losing trades are closed early and winning trades are let to run so that the average win of the winning trades is greater than the average loss of the losing trades, a 50% win rate (coin flip) only needs a risk (loss) to reward (win) ratio of 1:1.5 to be profitable, see graph below;
  24. Hi, on your IG welcome page click on the Academy tag to get started (see pic below);