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  1. Hi Guest Phil, I got the impression Prof Hanke thought that the issuing of the new Bolivar Soberano would only make a small difference in the very short-term and that the general abandonment of the local currency in favour of US dollars would continue, presumably until the collapse of the regime. Also, the degradation of the country's oil industry was so advanced that there was no hope of it sustaining it'self let alone digging the country out of it's financial predicament.


  2. Hi @cate, IG seem to be re-writing and re-loading pages as they go which is understandable. I was just pointing out that on the mt4 platform the minimum bet size on eur/usd is £0.10p instead of the £1.00 on the web based platform. Some time ago there was the same on the web based cfd but that has gone and now £1/point is called a mini lot so the mt4 10p/point I guess must now be called a micro lot.

    So the margin percentage remains the same but with the bet size reduced then so is the margin required.



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