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  1. Nice chart series again, I see you've plotted an option 3 for your tramlines. All have validity, and plotting levels as you do can only make life easier when deciding how the market is moving, possible turning points and how to react if they do. That bit of extra work in anticipation can save a lot of stress when the market does something unexpected (as it is always trying to do) and you need to make a decision fast. As you know you and I are at opposite ends of the trading style scale. Intraday trading on a low time frame chart on an average day is about looking for surges and waiting for the pullback. When the pullback fails price will often surge again but these surges on an average day only climb about 30 pip before pulling back again to about 10 pip above entry, so I am just trying to pick off 25s throughout the day. As I've mentioned before you often get 3 surges with the fourth failing and price falling away to seek reassurance at the 50 ema where the pattern will start again or completely fail. Different styles for different people, it's all good. Bye the way, are all your charts moving sideways too?
  2. I must admit I'm not so interested in the amount of result (to coin a phrase) but in what you do, and how you do it? When it comes to binaries I can only think of that old joke, Man speaking to financial advisor: Man; My ex-wife tells me she's now trading binaries and making 10,000 a month. She says I should give it a try, what do you think? FA; So it was a messy break up then.
  3. USDJPY tags 10970 weekly resistance zone so we have re-tested 110. But what now? A lot will depend on the battle going on in the dollar index as it trys to bounce off range support and breakout of a decending triangle. The daily USDJPY; but look at the other 2 charts from a couple of days ago. Technical Analysis, drawing trend and countertrend lines is a basic, right?, but two professionals have produced two different charts. There's always room for third opinion. 
  4. Sorry  But 'trouble shooting' does not appear in the 'help' drop down box, in fact if ever did I would have used it dozens of times. But I may be being very stupid. 
  5. It was a fair speculative punt to go long at 3am on the bounce off support but when you saw the bears completely reverse the move starting 10 am off resistance and push price straight back down to the support level again as a bull you would have been very worried. As  inferred if long, tighten your stop and bar the shutters. If the opposition are trying to kick your doors in for the second time in a day it's no time to up the stakes. 
  6. Hi Stef, I could definitely see the benefit of such an option when working with multiple tiled charts on a screen though I have never seen it anywhere on other platforms, even the PRT premium version doesn't seem to do this (going by the manual). I must admit though I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to write to code to make it happen.
  7. The DX chart got my attention on Tuesday as I posted it on cable conundrum thread, it was clearly spluttering on range support looking to change direction and then had a strong day yesterday.
  8. Then the politicians and big corp will just have to take over and offer up their solution of mass influx of cheap labour to give the econ a kick start. George Soros declared a few days ago a need for quota annual mass migration into Europe. It seems what must be avoided at all costs is a natural correction with it's inevitable cutting away of the dead wood which would allow room for growth of the new and innovative. The old boys are still hang on by their fingertips. At least we don't have to listen to the Krugman post Keynesian drivel anymore as surely everyone can see that hasn't worked by now. Though he was in Japan recently telling them they were not doing enough.
  9. Hi  or any on the team, I have never figured out why no historical data loads whenever I pull up a Bund futures chart? I only ever get hours worth of history. I appreciate you don't control the PRT platform, just wondered if you might know what I'm doing wrong (I have tried changing the units of history in the drop down box). Cheers.
  10. Central bank econ stim is a game of deminishing returns, just waiting now for the NEXT big thing ...   
  11. Probably so, especially as I think the spread is considerable.
  12. Economics editor at Sky News appears to have leaked todays BOE rate decision ... 
  13. I wouldn't trade it myself but it's value is as an indicator as to the current strength or weakness of the USD against, yes, a basket of currencies. As per all charts it follows the same basic rules and exhibits the same interconnectedness suggesting a difficult day today in it's attempt to breakout. The daily chart shows the USD has been ranging since May 2015 between 10000 and the 9300 zone which it recently bounced off adding weight to the idea of a change to bullish bias.
  14. Could be a day of struggle for the USD. Dollar index (daily) has bounced off solid support and now trying for a decending triangle breakout and move through 9500. 
  15. Also we saw yesterday both EUR and GBP looking like they wanted to drop but then that poor US data held things up. It's a sign that even poor US tier 1 data can't halt the dollars bounce.
  16. Language doesn't worry me, though it is clear that people are becoming less and less tolerant and ever increasingly more easily offended. But the repeated **** makes me look like I'm suggesting something when I'm not. We have been asked to report over zealous auto ****ing. I'll have to start a list.
  17. Come on, I should not be getting **** for using the word d e v i l in the phrase **** in the detail. It makes me look like I'm swearing like a trooper.
  18. Not sure why so sudden and big a move over night, re GBP, with rate decision today, does someone know something? admittedly BOE unlikely to do anything but there is often ***** in the detail.
  19. As per my post on Monday in this thread the bottom was established at 10760, the bulls secured 10840, then moved on to 10900. After a brief blip on poor US retail data today bulls are now looking at the next resistance, the key weekly level of 10970. 
  20. The bears have indeed triumphed in breaking the 2 week range. While a possible bullish attempt to regain the weekly support turned resistance level of 11315 remains the re-test and failure just after the break suggests it is unlikely, the next target for the bears is 11150. 
  21. The same applies for IGs EURAUD and AUDEUR. The more commonly traded (?) AUDEUR typically has a tighter spread, though for years I've never understood why the charts are not exactly in sinc? Maybe  with his delicately worded inference has a point, that the market makers massage the numbers to offer better or worse to the more and less commonly traded. I appreciate that would make basic business sense but it means you need to keep your eyes open all the time.
  22. 09:30 for GBP, except for tomorrows BOE rate decision at 12:00 obviously.
  23. Make sure you keep an eye out for tier 1 data releases, especially 09:30 for GBP and 13:30 for USD. Poor retail sales figures from the US. Unexpected data can turn a market or may just be a temp hold up before continuation.
  24. USDJPY testing resistance at 10910, could be worth watching how price responds at this major level.