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  1. If I remember correctly on IG US stocks need a min market cap of $250M to be included on the leveraged platform, if a stock falls below that then new trades are disallowed but it stays on the platform until all those with running trades exit. Other reasons not to take bets may be that IG has reached it's risk/hedge limit on a stock. Worth repeating that a broker is not there just to automatically take the other side of your trade, that's a bookie. A broker matches buyers and sellers.
  2. Very true, you can find a collection of his work linked in this thread. https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/4559-ta-technical-analysis/
  3. @AVOR All very good and important points and very true as to trading generally but with a market (eurusd) having an ATR of just 35 points trying to make a daily living with a small account/bet size is going to be a problem.
  4. Dow continues upward but a big day ahead with NFP this afternoon. The OPEC mtg rumbles on but a cut in production looks a likely outcome. S&P now back up over 50% of the Mon-Tues drop.
  5. Overnight Indices up, Bonds, Oil and Gold down. See Ger indy production (m/m) just came in at minus 1.7% instead of the plus 0.1% expected but Dax doesn't seem to care, it knows it's future is tied up with the US data. US NFP day today at 1:30pm and 180k expected, don't forget the ADP nfp on Wednesday came in at a big miss of only 67k v 137 expected.
  6. Looks like schmoks like. So at the start of the day look at yesterday's daily candle, it can only be either a bull or bear or a pause candle. Assume today's candle will be the same (bull or bear, forget pause), so expect a continuation candle. Watch the daily pivot throughout the day, he who controls the pivot controls intra-day direction. So if yesterday's daily candle was a bull then so long as today's price action remains above the pivot then expect continuation upward.
  7. but you see that 'what' you trade is going to really affect outcomes if you are retail operating with low size . FX is the traditional entry (or was until crypto) but neither is necessarily the 'right' asset to trade. Low volatility is fine for investing but death to trading.
  8. realistically it's been moving sideways all year but the question is though with a 14 period daily ATR of just 35 points what sort of size would you need to trade this to actually make a living. Compared to Dax for example which is also historically low at just 135 points.
  9. Oh dear, it looks like the ATR is about to hit zero ...
  10. Nice reach down to tag and confirm support at the daily pivot for Dax to start the day. H1 charts;
  11. To make money trading price has to move in any direction other than sideways, as the price chart shows eurusd has just been moving sideways for a long time as the implied vol chart confirms. When I say traders I mean traders rather than the hopers, dreamers and fantasists who make up the large percentage of failures you are referring to 😥
  12. Can anyone actually make a living trading FX anymore unless you are trading very large size? Just asking. "FX Volatility is becoming a potential *significant* concern. A huge list of major currencies just spiked new *all-time record lows* in implied Vol including $EURUSD, $USDJPY, $AUDUSD, $USDCHF, $USDCAD and $NZDUSD." Macro Charts @MacroCharts
  13. both are good, volatility provides opportunity in either direction.
  14. Dow thinks it's found support and is now working it's way back up, Dax already has a head start. Ftse is of course still mired in Brexit and Election fuddle.
  15. Overnight Indices up, Bonds and Gold up, Oil down. Today EU GDP at 10am. OPEC mtg today and tomorrow with the usual news leaks throughout. Nat Gas storage at 3:30pm.
  16. Dow up on the US open and following the US non-manu PMI which still points to expansion though down slightly on the expectation, 53.9 v 54.5. H1 charts;
  17. ADP non-farm payroll comes in a bad miss at only half the 137k expected could be a precursor for a bad NFP print on Friday. Looks to have hit the USD more than indices at the moment.
  18. Try to think in terms of where price has come from and to where it might be heading to. On the daily there is this rough range where price looks to be on a downward leg. On the 1 hour price looked to fill that gap but ... So you might expect price to try to lift from here or try to force it's way to continue down, the next few hourly candles should reveal what those in control are planning to do. Once that becomes clear then look to enter, the stop loss then becomes self evident (either side of the blue line depending on long or short) and the target also becomes self evident (prior high or low depending on long or short).
  19. Hi, not for IG who's dealing hours are 24/5 plus Sunday limited hours for most markets, see below re; market info on the deal ticket.
  20. Hi, it's going to depend on which type of account you are looking to open eg; leveraged or non-leveraged. Might be easier to just start the process to find out. see comparisons and contact links below. https://www.ig.com/uk/about-us/international-offering
  21. and don't forget there are Chinese politicians blatantly claiming China has the absolute right to steal because China is poor and of course that's what all socialist do anyway 😆
  22. not sure what you're worried about, until Trump gets a deal that includes IP protection with verification that will last into the future then the US economy can keep ticking over while the Chinese economy continues down the pan. US/China trade only accounts for 2.5% of global trade anyway. Trump's got all the time in the world.
  23. With these frequent breaking news releases causing such major market moves I can see I'm going to have to get Bloombergs machine read news feed, it's only $220K a month 😮
  24. Dow reaching up towards the daily pivot point having found support at the old weekly chart resistance level 27313 (Red) and now looking to bounce up off the old monthly chart resistance level 27401 (Purple). Dax arrived at recent resistance after a strong 8am bull candle. H1 charts;