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  1. nothing on at the moment, it's too mincey. Had a short then a long earlier but both run out of steam so I closed them out before they came back on me.
  2. you shouldn't be looking at a higher time frame chart that looks like that and even be thinking of trading in the opposite direction really. Time frame analysis always starts high and works down to your preferred trading chart so in your mind you have the bigger picture before looking to trade. Momentum = force and can carry a market a far greater distance than imagined.
  3. The S&P made a new all time high today before pulling back and the US market hasn't even opened yet.
  4. fair enough and you don't really just want to be jumping in on FOMO but what sort of confirmation would you be looking for? I would think drilling down time frames and look for a pullback where at least you would have a reasonably clear stop loss position is really the best you could do. The only real confirmation is to sit and watch it travel another million points with you on the sidelines and that's no real help. Buy low and sell high is relative, a pullback on a lower time frame may well be the best low you're going to get.
  5. noooo, but it's at the bottom of the screen so surely it can only go up from here??? I'm sure everyone recognised the chart and of course you are right, 'follow the trend til the bend at the end' and there ain't no bend yet. It was of course the NASDAQ futures. Oh wait, 'inverted'.
  6. Good question. Would/should you keep shorting this chart? (to find out what chart it is answer in 10 min)
  7. you don't, you either just wait or drill down and look for short term moves.
  8. yes but if volatility is low just means markets are basically moving random sideways, not directional. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  9. The main story yesterday was the flight out of Yen but also the continued rise in gold so money leaving one safe haven and being transferred into another. Speculation of further forthcoming BoJ easing perhaps. The completion of this move may see gold fall back as the rise in oil off the range bottom gathers momentum. Meanwhile the indices looked on from the sidelines though still in touch with the highs. The gold, oil and indices impasse may well be resolved today, my suspicion is gold easing off while oil and indices continue up. The virus news is that net cases are no longer increasing as rate of recovery matches rate of new cases found so may have reached the tipping point towards a downturn. Daily charts; Dax and Dow. Gold and Oil.
  10. Overnight Indices mixed. Bonds, USD and Oil up. Gold down. Today 7am Ger PPI and consum conf. 9:30 UK retail sales. 12:30 EU mon pol mtg accounts. 1:30pm US Philly Fed manu survey.
  11. not to undermine the op answering the question but; 1/ go to your chart and put a fast and a slow MA on it, experiment for best fit. 2/ look for a crossover after Price Action change of direction. 3/ wait for the first pullback back to the fast MA. 4/ look for a candle reversal pattern to signal pullback failure and new trend continuation for entry. 5/ always stay away from choppy PA with horizontal MAs.
  12. I should have been more clear, I'm not talking any kind of mental capacity but rather expensive analytics and computer modeling.
  13. good point, what I've maintained for a long time is that none of us have the resources to provide us with and kind of accurate forethought so the next best option is just to follow those who do 😳
  14. Just to point out that MAs don't recalculate after the candle has closed. The moving average is calculated by adding a stock's prices over a certain and set period and dividing the sum by the total number of periods so will only change period by period 👇
  15. I'm looking hard at this chart and just can't discern what you see that would have disbarred you from buying the high around 420 back in Dec same as these 'big boys'?
  16. yes, written jokingly but with a kernel of truth.
  17. oh, spose this is out of the question then? 👇
  18. the only thing sad about that is that it could never be done on the IG platform 🙂
  19. Both Dax and Dow are coiling with no real hint as to which way they might spring. M15 charts;