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  1. CNBC here are talking a $10 rise due to the drone attack which would seem somewhat steep, interesting is that the weekend indices are down, presumably also as a result of the attack. Also being highlighted by other commentators at the moment is the Saudi infrastructures vulnerability to more attacks. And the company Aramco put out a statement not long after the attack that supply would be back to normal on Tuesday would seem overly optimistic. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/14/oil-could-rise-10-per-barrel-after-drone-attack-forces-saudi-to-cut-output.html?__source=twitter|main https://www.spglobal.com/platts/en/market-insights/latest-news/oil/091519-factbox-crude-supply-under-threat-after-saudi-abqaiq-attack?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=twitter&utm_term=plattsoil&utm_content=12f17453-6d95-4a10-95ca-852a8c4e3dcd&utm_campaign=oilnews
  2. Real possibility of the Oil markets gapping up on market open following the drone attack and fire at the Saudi processing facility Abqaiq, latest news that production cut by 5 million b/d, half of the Saudi daily output and 5% of worlds daily production (wsj). https://www.wsj.com/articles/drone-strikes-spark-fires-at-saudi-oil-facilities-11568443375?redirect=amp
  3. Excellent video on the development and essence of MMT in this interview with Warren Mosler, reposted from another thread.
  4. Thanks @elle excellent video on the development of MMT, very smart guy and a genuine insider from the conventional economic operations arena with a deep understanding of how it all really works, I'll need to watch a few times, heavy going in places, turns a lot of perceived monetary policy wisdom on it's head and yet his descriptions are looking back at first principles. Includes a look back at the creation of the Euro and an interesting look at the immediate future for Europe. I'll add this vid to the Modern Monetary Theory thread.
  5. Hi, not sure on that market specifically but on Fridays there is generally a x3 charge to cover the weekend, does that explain the difference from what you were expecting? More on over night funding here > https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated-
  6. Hi, crypto exchanges are generally 365 though they do shut down periodically for maintenance. IG does this weekly from 10pm Friday (UK time), the crypto market restarts at 4am Saturday (UK time).
  7. oh great, now a ******* windows update on top of everything else, now in my programs list their are only 27 programs listed and that's not right, and MT4 isn't listed to uninstall. Go to the desktop IG mt4 icon, right click, select properties, select 'open file location' and there is an uninstall choice there. Download fresh MT4 and apps pack from IG, install and success. Build 1220 (13 Sep 2019) and the mini terminal is back up and running.
  8. oh right, so they palmed me off with the dud then 😡, ******* typical 😅
  9. blasted upgrades/updates always cause problems, Google chrome had a big update yesterday so waiting for that to fall apart too 😅
  10. IG MT4 has been updated in the last few days, was Build 1170, is now Version 4.00 Build 1212 (10 Sept) 2019 But I can't get any of the IG app EA's like the mini terminal to work, tried everything bar a complete reinstall, anyone else having any issues?
  11. don't know about New Zealand but note the contact for IG NZ is in Australia (on the compare page posted above).
  12. It's a tricky one that as the neckline is all over the place and price would need to break down through S1 but it looks like the the bulls were waiting at the pivot point.
  13. no prob, I did wonder at first as there have been a few hiccups on the platform just lately.
  14. there is no set value but IG will tell you in advance if they intend to introduce a charge for use to give you the opportunity to stop using before they do.
  15. no prob, but be aware that because they are based on the previous day's OHLC and IG has a 1 hour Sunday candle the Monday auto draw PPs will be skewered.
  16. Not sure if Switzerland is still an option, might be worth a query > https://www.ig.com/uk/compare-our-leveraged-trading
  17. I looked at the H1 ftse with pivots and the 7am European open candle sliced down through the pivot point (orange) like a hot knife through butter, the bears were in control ever since.
  18. Following on from this mornings post Dax rechecked the pivot on the European open then went on to test yesterday's high and then on to R1 while Dow is currently testing yesterday's high. H1 charts;
  19. Interesting Dan, do you have a means for determining short term direction? For example on the Dax & Dow thread I look at the H1 chart with the daily pivots, price above the pivot I'm looking for longs and shorts below.
  20. ok, those times are normal for the weekly IG shutdown, an hour after the US session close for maintenance, back up and updates, though don't usually put up a notice that I was aware, the share dealing platform is being upgraded in a few months so may be connected to that.
  21. Thanks, very interesting, look forward to the new thread.
  22. Hi, normally shutdown for maintenance occurs on Friday evening (UK time) for a few hours, have you found different? The status page is saying everything is operational. https://status.ig.com/
  23. A bit off topic but very worrying just the same. https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  24. The new EU regulations and seemingly soon to be Asic's as well don't really touch on the selling of bots for auto trading, very much 'pay your money and take your chances'. The bit about the royal commission didn't allow disclosure of the bots performance stats sounded very iffy. Of bigger concern to the regulators though should be all the fake human 'experts' selling monthly subscriptions for trading signals on instagram. Barefaced lies, doctored trading accounts, deleted failed trades signals so no record, it's the wild west.
  25. 5 min video on the 'Monty Hall Problem', interesting look at probability. Not sure how to use it in trading but a must if on a game show.