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  1. Hi  Another great chart series as usual, your charts have kept nagging my memory and it finally came to me, are you aware of, or perhaps a devotee of the well known, very well respected and very experienced chartist John C Burford? I remember he also used Elliot Wave in conjunction with tramlines. If you don't know him check him out as you are definitely on the same wavelength (ha). It is reassuring to know there are many ways to successfully skin a cat.
  2. I don't know why the word n u t s was replaced with *****?
  3. Hi  I find it useful to keep an eye on at least one pair not directly linked to USD. When other markets are going ***** on US data the AUDJPY is often relatively serene.
  4. Hi  Nice chart series, I love the work you put in. It's important to know the significant levels and to plan ahead how to react if they hold or break, speaking of which Cable making another strong move on 14180.
  5. Hi  The audusd supports turned red once broken (inferring now resistance). These are the RealProTime levels (set on low density). They are labeled hourly, daily, weekly etc as per the time frame chart they were marked up on. Cheers.
  6. Retesting break of weekly support level turned resistance? (8340) after fail at 8300. Next major level down 8220. 
  7. Continues sideways, may be breaking down and looking to test major support from the weekly chart (11320), lots of space below. 
  8. Cable looking again at major support from the weekly chart (14180). As  said, main driver probably Brexit polls. 
  9. Hi  the only similar problem I ever experienced was a long time ago when, after an update, RPT wouldn't load. This affected many people at the same time. The published fix from IG was to limit the RAM to a max of 2GB. I've never changed it since so don't know if it's still an issue. 
  10. Hi  Quite a few remember that the last RPT update (10.2) took about a year for IG to update for their clients for, as you say, "compatibility and integration testing". In this day and age that could be possibly be considered, er, ... unfortunate. I appreciate RPT cost for an outside user, well was about £30 per month so we should show a degree of gratitude, however given that the home IG platform is so, er, ... unfortunate, we shall all be rooting for the IG team to make haste and deliver this update as soon as possible.
  11. Cable threw a not unusual tantrum on the short term charts this afternoon (50 ema horizontal while price leaped up and down 50 pip all afternoon), will probably sulk now till NFP. Lots of commentators saying expecting decreased volitility all round on NFP release due to ever decreasing expectation of a US rate hike anytime soon (no matter what NFP figure).
  12. It use to be toss a coin for the news, now it's toss a coin for the news and another one for the market reaction. Obviously the priced in expected 6 US rate hikes this year has been continually unravelling (are we down to 2 yet?) much to Draghis frustration as the Euro continues to climb.
  13. Quick Note. CAD GDP figures 13:30 today.
  14.  GBPUSD short term. Bulls really struggling to take 14300, may see a re-test of 14200 but Yellen speaks in a few minutes so ? 
  15.  what you say is understandable, punter@chigrl routinely posts her actual ongoing live trades, but like most very experienced traders she uses a Depth of Market (DOM) price ladder with a Price Footprint, these guys are not interested in 'indicators' or 'patterns'. This is nothing like a bar chart and therefore very difficult to relate to unless you have some education in the field. But, therfore, it must make you wonder about the real value of 'indicators' and 'patterns'?
  16. If you trade oil you absolutely must follow Punter@chigrl on twitter (admittedly I don't actually trade it myself) but she is the traders authority on oil. She constantly tweets giving continual updates on, per nation production levels and reserves, national production costs, national inventories and storage capacities, tanks full or having capacity, rigs producing, rigs on standby, political manoeuvering. She regulary posts charts of her actual trades (she uses footprint price ladder rather than bar chart). She is an ex prop trader now independent, was working out of Chicargo, still b
  17.  Love your enthusiasm, I agree, if there is to be a pick up in the actual making of things there will first be a pick up in commodities, and currently more importantly visa-versa. The problem in the mix is oil, up untill about 8 years ago America had a total ban on the export of oil (conserving reserves) then along came fracking. Now Saudi, Russia, and US are neck and neck in the lead of oil (and gas) exporters and a massive distance in front all others. The OPEC cartel setting price since the 1970's has been smashed and can never be resurrected. Oil is still trying to work out where it
  18.  Fully agree, the top sector taking an ever greater share of the pie and baby boomer supporting central bankers delaying any proper correction. I'm awaiting negative interest rates in a cashless digital monetary system with dollops of helicopter money plus a continental flood of ultra-cheap labour, that should delay the correction even longer.
  19.  Hi choosing a time frame depends on circumstance and personal preference. Large time frames need large stops but less continual attention, small time frames the opposite. RealProtime charts give the option to use multi-tick charts which are based on number of contracts exchanged rather than time, eg 1500 tick EUR/USD chart will give approx 30 min bars in quiet times but approx 5 min bars when there is a lot of activity eg tier 1 news. You can only experiment to find which best suits you, which is another reason why experience is so important to trading so conserving your account is par
  20.  I hope so too. If not it would certainly spark a new discussion. I would be surprised if not though as ProRealtime seem to be e-mailing IG clients direct, they must know they are IG clients indicating the same version at same time.
  21.  Hi http://www.prorealcode.com/topic/prorealtime-version-10-3-complete-list-features/ 
  22. Easier code modification. New stats. New indicators. 
  23.   Indicies can certainly fly about the page especially the Dax so I understand the use of very low time frames. The price fluctuations will often leave lagging indicatiors well behind. The Ishu is quite broad and slow and may well be trending while Stol is faster and less steady is showing a pullback in that trend. Also, with overbought oversold type indicators remember overbought doesn't mean sell, sometimes it means buy. You could be looking at a prolonged up move that you will want to be aboard as it may last hours though the force behind the price move after the initial push may less
  24.  Do take notes, but also start a simple trading excel spreadsheet and really see what's going on - over many trades. That's the only way to truly evaluate your strategy. Winrate against Risk/Reward. If your win rate verses RR plots above the line you are profitable, if below - change your strategy.  
  25.  sorry for missing your post and therefore late reply. I was referring to the infamous occurance of Jan 2015 when the Swiss National Bank (SNB) had a peg at a certain currency level against the Euro. Whenever price dipped below that level the SNB stepped in to buy it back up. Loads of punters were buying that dip assured the SNB would step in ... until one day they didn't, the longs where left high and dry as price plummeted, slippage of hundreds of pips. Or consider Soros betting against the BOE, he was risking billions, it paid off. You and me can't afford to even try. We are most likely
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