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  1. who are you asking and what are you saying?
  2. Reddit, Lime, Bird, Toast, Viber could be SPAC targets. Plus ... *TOAST PLANS IPO VALUING RESTAURANT-SOFTWARE CO. AT ~$20B: DJ 'Isn't that more than the entire restaurant industry?' (zerohedge @zerohedge)
  3. 'I have another SPAC that merged with a company that makes giant jean pockets for men. It's currently valued at $47 billion.' Rudy Havenstein, in the cloud. @RudyHavenstein
  4. The FCA are the govt's regulator for financial markets, they can take away IG's licence to do business. The FCA has decided to ban leveraged crypto trading, just as the EU regulator ESMA decided to ban high leveraged CFD trading, just as the US SEC decided to ban CFDs altogether. Don't blame the broker for govt regulation.
  5. inflation > yield curve ...
  6. IG should be more like Robinhood, yes that would be great, selling their order flow to Citidal, in front of a congressional panel at the mo and more or less bust, terrific. Should consider using Plus500, they just take the other side of their clients bets as most lose anyway. You will always get a fil that way. They had a scare last April though when their clients actually 'got it right' on the big oil drop. Nearly went bust and had to give notice to share holders of no divs for a while. On second thoughts maybe not.
  7. CMC have a good reputation but they also restrict trading on some markets at various times the same as IG does for the same reasons. The 'close only' comes about because the broker has hit their max risk tolerance on that particular market, too many of their clients are on the same side as is the market as a whole and they can't hedge any more client positions. So they close the book until enough clients close out their positions to allow the book to be re-opened. In fast moving markets the book closing and re-opening may happen muliple times through the day, in others it may last we
  8. haha, did you get the joke yet? Johnson says no let up on lockdown till 'cases' come down to 1000 a day. But the best Lateral Flow test in the world has a false positive rate of 0.3%, very good as tests go, let's not mention the ridiculous false positive rate of the 'gold standard' PCR test. So if you are testing over 300,000 a day, as the UK does, then there will always be at least 1000 false positive 'cases' a day. Of course Johnson knows this so what he is affectively saying is that you will be under some form of lockdown forever. This will be useful as he rolls up
  9. Hi, yes, margin is never taken from your account, it is simply the minimum amount you must hold free in your account to cover open trades.
  10. Retail clients demand that their broker DOES NOT take the other side of their bet, that would be an outrageous conflict of interest, you lose - they win. The other thing that retail clients demand is that the broker DOES take the other side of their bet, so then the punter will always get filled at their prefered price .
  11. End of week and looks like it wants to roll over. Certainly no new news to warrent a push higher - yet. 31300 the obvious test below..
  12. Haha, brillant, 6 years on here since the forum started and not heard IG slip up that badly before. Shame it wasn't an extra couple of zeros and you could ave been in Brazil by now. But as per if your bank accidently credits your account with mistaken funds they do have the right to claim it back. Do check the exchange charts though just in case they'e wrong. .
  13. ok, you should be able to open a cfd account as well as your share dealing account though it takes time because of the additional paper work you need to supply. Maybe @CharlotteIG can pass a message on to IG Australia for you?
  14. Hi, the refer a friend forms (where available) should be in your My IG > Settings page.
  15. US yields drawing a lot of attention recently.
  16. Hi, look on the deal ticket, I think it's marked a ? top rightish corner for a dropdown box with all the info.
  17. Total Real Returns 1802 - 2018.
  18. if you @CharlotteIG she will get a notification she was mentioned in a post.
  19. The accounts are all seperate and as said there are differing critera for leveraged and non-leveraged so you do need to create a new account. If starting with a share account you need more personal info for a leveared account but adding a share account when you already have a cfd account there is no extra docs needed.
  20. There are more stringent critera for opening a levearged acount as you only laying down a small portion of the full cost. If not listed in your My IG page try the web site route. (if trading in the IK check the page for difference between CFD and Spread Bet account). Open a CFD Account | Trade with the UK's Top CFD Provider | IG UK
  21. Hi, you don't say what account type you have opened. In your 'My IG' page there should be a blue box 'open an account' with all the different accounts available listed, choose cdf live and follow the instuctions, you need to be accepted on proof of income and what ever. I think £250 is the min add funds but will need probably twice that for margin to trade even the cheapest markets.
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