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  1. Dax pulling away to R1 as Dow passes through yesterday's high. M15;
  2. I've not used them either but yes they are guaranteed but there are a couple of snags, they need to be placed with the trade entry and they can be very wide esp if market is very volatile and you can't put a normal stop in closer to the price as well. Not sure if you can cancel them at any stage and then put a normal one in.
  3. yes you can execute trades, as @jlz says, you aren't trading the actual index on the actual exchange but are trading on IG's tracking market, all large brokers do this to provide a continuous trading platform for their clients.
  4. Dax and Dow continuing sideways for now. M15 charts;
  5. The actual nasdaq exchange is closed but IG's nasdaq market is open. The IG market tracks the underlying market and when the underlying is closed uses the underlying futures market to derive prices and so is able to stay open 24/5.
  6. Hi, because you are looking at and trading on IG's nasdaq market.
  7. the regulators just bought in a whole new raft of regulations (Jan 2018) that only just stopped short of an outright ban on sb/cfd trading for retail clients. Client needs to take more responsibility and learn to differentiate between basic gambling and trading. The key is in the journaling and testing, without data to back your plan you are really just guessing. I'm reminded reading years ago on all the testing that is done on a new indicator to determine the best default settings, most have 2 or 3 adjustments so the computer runs needed counted in their thousands to show finally which settings were optimal. By the way the runs were mostly all done on one single time frame to keep the number of runs needed down to a realistic figure and that time frame was nearly always the daily. So if not using the daily chart you might find playing with the default settings can fine tune the indicator to better suit the time frame you are using.
  8. don't worry, I'm working hard to get that covid virus sorted and everyone back to work asap!!!👀
  9. it's the obvious next step, though not sure why you've stuck with it and wasted so much time.
  10. yes, someone from IG said just recent they had found that problem and were working on a fix (on another thread of similar title).
  11. not sure why you keep beating the same drum when the next course of action is being signaled to you. From the start they said no one else complained of your specific package of platform problems so they must be caused by your own system and there was nothing they could do. Since then you have spent over a year repeating the same call and twice at least the mods on the forum organised tech to contact you. Whatever the result if they are now not replying at all they will instead be waiting for you to go through the proper complaints procedure which I suspect they will be well prepared for.
  12. Dax found support and wanting to go higher but waiting for Dow.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much, I just concentrate on troll control and links to sites that give better explanations of basic principles than I can give myself 👀
  14. yes stops are a different story, though I might use prior swing levels for targets I prefer stops to be closer to the entry but appreciate their are many schools of thought. Some like very wide stops because getting direction right is easier than getting the exact entry place right so a wide stop provides leeway. I prefer to just get out early if price turns against and just keep looking, sometimes it takes a couple of bites before getting it right. Probably depends on how much time you have to keep watching the chart.
  15. Ha yes, yesterday's S&P candle looks a bit different from when I last looked last night. Dow bull flag on yesterday's high. FTSE and S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  16. Indices up, USD up. Gold, Oil and Bonds down. Today UK CPI, BoJ presser, CAD rate decision, US indy prod. AUD and NZD up, EUR and CHF down.
  17. thanks for the share, shame about the results though.
  18. good points and sound advice for others to take note. with regards to the actual stop loss only testing will give the answer. yes getting the direction right is easier than timing the entry and setting the profit target, some markets lend themselves better to chart structure targets than a R ratio. In a trend and pullback the first target after entry has to be the prior swing high (up trend) which some call the 'first trouble area' and is often around 2 x the stop placed just behind the base of the pullback. If sellers are serious this is where they will strike a second time to force a reversal.
  19. the way to fix that is to put profit targets in with the entry and then leave it alone. so you want a bracket order with entry, stop or trailing stop, and target, target based on RR ratio or chart structure. the above problem is exactly where the saying 'both bears and bulls can make money but pigs get slaughtered' comes from. also journal your trades so you know exactly what is actually happening rather than relying on memory.
  20. yeah sure everyone just gonna sit there pumping more and more money in as the drawdown grows and grows.
  21. what are you doing? I may have mentioned before that you are not a good listener, you should be looking for 2 or 3 indicators that when combined during certain setups converge to give a signal that testing proves has a positive expectancy for your preferred market and time frame. you never seem to get the gist of anything?
  22. oh dear, you can't even see common sense when it's presented. I put all my money in a S&P etf in Feb, lost it all 2 weeks later.
  23. So is that another lie then? https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1282075032781500416/pu/vid/576x720/ZgOwl87XYcsxabqL.mp4?tag=10
  24. Dow is making a break for the pivot and caught Dax on the hop. H1 charts;