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  1. yeah yeah yeah. and in the 1970's we were told categorically by scientists that within 50 years most coastal areas would be under 20 feet of water lol. Just goes to show how corrupted science has become by the money of lobby groups and NGOs with a political agenda. you are being lied to systematically and on a massive scale. if they control what you think they control what you do.
  2. meanwhile the world can't even get off coal let alone oil let alone gas. Germany spent 10 billion over 10 years on renewables only to find what they really needed to build was 2 gas pipelines to Russia.
  3. I knew as soon as I sent the post I should have added, just for your benefit, that no, like everything else it always doesn't work out that way though the general principle is sound and has been a 'thing' for over a hundred years 🤔
  4. Increasing indices generally implies increasing demand and production which increases the demand for oil whereas gold is typically the run to safe haven for money when stocks and therefore oil are in a downturn. When stocks and oil are going up bonds and gold are generally going down. Risk on = stocks and oil up, bonds and gold down. Risk off = bonds and gold up, stocks and oil down..
  5. "Good news on Coronavirus 1. Shanghai reports zero new coronavirus cases 2. For the first time, the number of discharged COVID19 patients, 1,824, surpassed the confirmed new cases, 1,749, on Tuesday in China." (themarketear)
  6. Either the gold bulls or the oil bulls are going to get trapped and it will probably be Dow that decides it. M15 charts;
  7. If you were waiting to buy the dip you may have missed it with nice hammers on all 4 indices yesterday but gold is still on a serge so some doubt remains.
  8. Overnight Indices, Oil, USD and Gold up. Bonds down. Today 9:30 UK CPI. 1:30pm US building permits and PPI plus CAD CPI. 7pm US last FOMC mtg minutes released.
  9. the time frame is irreverent to the process, choose whatever time frame and market you are most comfortable with and then find ...
  10. your job is to find a combination of several indicators that when they converge give a proven probability of a successful outcome on a time frame and market you are comfortable trading on, keep looking. Plenty of people have found 2 crossing MAs can work just fine when applied to a trending chart.
  11. Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt "The drumbeat of U.S. equity perma-bears has been a constant in my 45 years as a trader"
  12. "TSLA teardown finds electronics are 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW"
  13. yes, that's the wonderful thing about hand drawn patterns, you get to redraw them over and over again 🙂
  14. Dax doesn't seem bothered. Monthly data so taken when the pandemic was big news.
  15. what's complicated about it? he's got his chart, his great big buy sell buttons to mash, the ladder to see his stacked orders and a performance score card 😃
  16. might do but the structure has turned into a bit of a mess, you have to ask where were the bulls when you needed them 😳
  17. again down to probabilities, rejection at the FTA then rejection again at the original entry point is usually enough to persuade it's not going to work and so bail and sit back and watch, if the bulls rallied then there was the chance of a breakout entry passed that FTA.
  18. fair enough, what about in-trade management, you would have recognised the FTA (first trouble area) which was going to be the immediate prior high before the dip, you would prefer to see a strong power move through that level but if not at least tentative probing but a rejection is a big signal the bulls were just not strong enough. So from there you should perhaps have been thinking escape. There is often no need to let a trade run on to the stop, often a trade will come back and test the entry where you could hope to see reloading but if not probably worth just shutting it down in most cases.
  19. yes but what about the actual trade review, you know, the one you do after every trade? what actually was wrong with the set up or entry or was it all good and you are happy that you did everything right and the fail was just down to probability?
  20. @realbrianwatt is currently trying out the IG (US) PRT scalping platform. Mr Yen @RealBrianWatt 3h almost done my test of ProRealTime, at which point maybe i can pick up the size lol...hey, i made $5 today, come on now lol
  21. there's an awful lot you've never seen.