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  1. Interesting Dan, do you have a means for determining short term direction? For example on the Dax & Dow thread I look at the H1 chart with the daily pivots, price above the pivot I'm looking for longs and shorts below.
  2. ok, those times are normal for the weekly IG shutdown, an hour after the US session close for maintenance, back up and updates, though don't usually put up a notice that I was aware, the share dealing platform is being upgraded in a few months so may be connected to that.
  3. Thanks, very interesting, look forward to the new thread.
  4. Hi, normally shutdown for maintenance occurs on Friday evening (UK time) for a few hours, have you found different? The status page is saying everything is operational. https://status.ig.com/
  5. A bit off topic but very worrying just the same. https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  6. The new EU regulations and seemingly soon to be Asic's as well don't really touch on the selling of bots for auto trading, very much 'pay your money and take your chances'. The bit about the royal commission didn't allow disclosure of the bots performance stats sounded very iffy. Of bigger concern to the regulators though should be all the fake human 'experts' selling monthly subscriptions for trading signals on instagram. Barefaced lies, doctored trading accounts, deleted failed trades signals so no record, it's the wild west.
  7. 5 min video on the 'Monty Hall Problem', interesting look at probability. Not sure how to use it in trading but a must if on a game show.
  8. Both above to daily pivot so looking to retest yesterday's highs. H1 charts;
  9. The OP also said the bot was martingale and was also happy to have trades running in opposite directions at the same time, he did also say that once the money was handed over the prompt service tailed off dramatically and when there was a problem they were hard to contact.
  10. Anyone seen this malfunction on the mini terminal and know how to fix? never happened before, see pic.
  11. Hi, thanks for posting, though the previous posts were removed for legal reasons I remember clearly and being concerned about the original poster's trade history screenshots, there were no stop losses in place at all on any of the trades whereas I see yours does though very wide hence the heavy max drawdown. Is that an option you select or a malfunction?
  12. Hi, I'm presuming this is a Direct Market Access type platform with live feeds from exchanges but as is the IG DMA platform able to source prices from a range of liquidity providers who are able to trade off exchange.
  13. Continuing to grind higher, Draghi surprised yesterday doing more than was expected though it was all 'open ended' meaning Lagarde can cancel at anytime but probably won't given her support for fiscal easing, thoughts turning to the FOMC meeting next Wednesday a 25bp cut 100% priced in and 50bp by end of year at around 50%, Powell probably won't go as far as Draghi but he is something of a loose canon with a monkey on his back so should be fun. Daily charts;
  14. Indices up Bonds flat, USD down Gold down, interesting eur/usd daily chart looking like a double bottom, very solid support at least post ecb yesterday. US retail sales at 1:30pm and US consumer senti at 3:00pm.
  15. If it's not listed in Live Accounts it cannot have been activated yet? see pic below;
  16. Another example of the pivots being tagged to the tick on Dax as post ECB dives to S1 then rallies to R2.
  17. ECB goes further than expected, cuts rate and restarts bond buying, Trump responds >
  18. Hi, i presume that's for mt4, after logging into IG, from the IG dashboard click on live accounts, select mt4 from the 'you are viewing' drop down box and the account number is listed there.
  19. looks like the platform is 'having issues' on the open of US pre-market, see trading view chart below.
  20. Still nothing on the actual cause, must admit I didn't notice anything yesterday, was the same issue too, not being able to close positions.
  21. If there has been a lot of recent one way trades being opened or if the book is heavily one sided IG needs to off set that by opening hedging positions themselves but they have a risk limit, might be that.
  22. ok, I forgot to include the one about IG being at maximum risk exposure for that asset, usually more often seen in the crypto markets 🙂
  23. seen it before at every hint of a downturn and it drags the unwary down, I presume one day they will be right and you'll never hear the end of it but it's worth stepping back and having a think before jumping in short when, off the top of my head, it's +13% annually since 1950.
  24. Interesting diplomatic/trade stance from the Chinese; SCOOP-Senior Chinese diplomat to FoxBusiness: China cannot be deterred in anti-poverty efforts, long-term growth strategy even amid trade talks; won’t make any compromise, even promising to eliminate IP theft that would stall growth more now.