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  1. Start of a new month so the monthly chart recap. Ftse was doing so well and still above the broken monthly chart resistance level, Dow puts in a pause bar, Dax has an inside bar in a uptrend and Nikkei still consolidating.

    UK rate decision today and US NFP tomorrow.


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  2. Overnight and still lots of red, quite a feat to crash everything all at once except the USD of course which is flying high, hate to be Powell when he gets that phone call from Trump 😳

    UK rate decision today, let's hope Carnage can kick up a s**tstorm of equal volatility. 



  3. 21 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

    I am surprised they missed take it to a new all time high today, maybe "they" are on holiday😁

    "The two words from Jerome Powell that rocked the financial markets"


    yes it was comical, having previously admitted that the Fed had hiked too often too fast said today that this cut was just 'a mid cycle adjustment' and thereby implying that the Fed would soon be back to rate hikes too often too fast, just left everyone dumbfounded. He tried desperately to back track but the damage was done, his reputation was just tarnished before today but now it's unsalvageable, influencers are openly mocking him. 

  4. Not forgetting some are calling for a 50 BP cut today, also the mon pol statement and presser should give clues as to the increased or decreased chances more cuts latter this year and will also add to the whipsawing.

    Fed Funds Target chart;


  5. 32 minutes ago, nit2wynit said:

    @JamesIG Hi, sorry to bother you, but this is a real problem now.

    Whom should I contact to possibly have this issue addressed?  I figured this was a Technical post that could be answered here.


    As the platform is online there are a few things to check to see if they are affecting the connection.

    try turning off Windows Firewall or any other Firewall you might have installed.

    try turning off your antivirus.

    check your network settings are not trying to block incoming connections.


  6. 38 minutes ago, Guest JohnnyK said:

    I have exactly the same problem immediately AFTER the Windows 10 update.

    Your suggested solution does NOT work.

    Still unable to access IG charts on both my computers yesterday & today.

    Unable to trade without this info.


    it does work I just tried it, and installed the big windows update Monday, are you sure you clicked the 'Reload page' banner?

    also see other fixes


  7. 22 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    There's a news article under GBP/USD from Reuters talking about the 'rout being over for now according to options'. 

    Are we missing out on a crucial tool on the IG platform - i.e. not being able to see open interest on options?

    Or is this another one of those 'boy's toys' that only insiders get to see?

    'are you missing out'? yes.



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  8. image.thumb.png.3fe9b70ff62bf814d20b3ee37c77e1b6.png

    Now you might look at this chart and say to yourself well that's clearly long-term bullish, mid-term bullish and short-term neutral, chart reading is quite simple after all. And you'd be right, but there'll always be someone to tell you that actually it's bearish, seen it countless times on this forum since early 2016, but why?

    The answer is always the same, people will look at the same thing and perceive a different picture, it always comes down to bias, you see what you want to see, you curve fit the picture to fit your bias without thinking it should be the other way round, people are lead by their bias and it distorts their vision which is what makes it such a bad thing. 

    What do people really want to see in a blatant bullish chart like that? They want to see a top, they want to get in early for the great bear correction and they jump in short.

    Further back in this thread I posted a chart of the number of times the S&P has posted an all time high for each year and since the start of 2016 there have been about a hundred, each time there's a new ATH and the hint of a correction someone jumps on the forum to call the top. They always say it's time to get in before the crowd, the smart money is getting out, but here's the funny thing, every time I look at the IG client sentiment it always shows a very large percentage of IG clients are short. It's not contrarian to go short on a roll off the ARH because that's exactly what the retail crowd do, every single time, and always about 70% of them. And how many times have retail been right of those 100 ATHs, none. If you're looking for reasons why 74% if retail clients lose money you are looking at the number one right there.


  9. Dow continues it's short term consolidation in touch with the all time highs, Dax hoping to have found support after very poor EU business climate data, Ftse trying support off the broken weekly chart resistance level and Nikkei stuck in the Asian doldrums as China's econ continues to slowly sink in the mire of the war it's having with it's best customer. 

    Daily charts;


  10. Was just looking at the CME prob figures, fractionally lower at 79.1%, but difficult to imagine Powell won't go through with it and it will give a boost to the indices as the nay sayers will need to take their speculative bets off.


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