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  1. 10 minutes ago, David30b said:

    I got to speak to helpdesk for 45 mins yesterday 

     and IT IS a chrome issue - they will fix it later but - as now using Microsoft Edge with FULL capacity - suggest to use this as has excellent reviews as a substitute for chrome - may well do myself.



    what does 'full capacity' mean, someone told me there was an 'Edge Chromium' but when I looked on the MS web site it said I already had Edge but it didn't seem any faster to me playing around for a day?

  2. 1 minute ago, larrytradingltd said:

    A lot of traders want to teach as it offers a steady income which trading doesnt. Doesnt mean all of them are scammers, some people just enjoy the community and teaching aspect of it, yes they earn good money from it but they give good value also. The Chart Guys are great for TA, lots of great free stuff also you dont have to sign up for. SMB capital as well, you cant say they're scammers surely ;) 

    loads of people post free stuff online and SMB are a new york prop firm but those like ross are different, his subscription business is massive and completely unregulated, if the guy I know of is making £70k a month ross and his backers are making 10 times that, the trading is a show, everything he does is aimed at pulling in new subscribers not trading.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, JohnMcClane said:

    Thanks, it helped. Looks like I have a Chrome problem and not an IG one as the new platform worked just fine on firefox just now. It's the chrome that needs fixing, thanks a lot.


    speaking of browsers i see ms has downloaded edge on me, i was lead to believe it was lighter and quicker than chrome but i'm not seeing it, anyone else tried it?

  4. Just now, dmedin said:

    Is he really a 'trader' ...

    Selling stuff on the side seems ubiquitous and tends to lend itself to the idea that nobody can trade for a living with their own money.

    the 70k a month is from the mentoring and subscriptions alone which takes up most of their time these days.

    doesn't lend itself to any conclusion that nobody can make money trading, that's just your own personal experience. by the way, how are the stats on your latest strategy? don't have any ... thought so.

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  5. 9 hours ago, larrytradingltd said:

    he comes across as pretty honest

    hmmm, the problem people have is why would anyone spend so much of their time and money cultivating their subscription service? The reason of course is that subscriptions can pay a lot more than trading, especially trading small cap gappers.

    I know of a UK based trader who mentors and has a subscription service who is making £70k a month, he has a waiting list of hundreds, people are begging him to sign them up. Ross Cameron is international and far, far more well known than this UK guy.

    coming across as looking 'pretty honest' is in the scammers job description, these setups are often organised and orchestrated by a team of backers and frontmen, fake documents are no problem and the profit potential is huge, and best of all is that the financial regulators don't care. 


  6. 32 minutes ago, larrytradingltd said:

    They would still make money from people losing though as I'm sure more money is lost than gained over time. I don't have a problem with their model at all, interesting how it all works. 

    the shorts and longs trade size is matched, doesn't matter who to, any excess is hedged but if IG can't get that from the market neither could you so your order is just rejected.

    if you look through the warrior challenge thread in the link in the previous post I think between the 2 of them they managed to blow 3 or 4 accounts before giving up on ross cameron's trading strategy.

  7. Haha, NHS now reporting there have been ZERO flu deaths so far in 2020, everything has been re-branded Covid 19.

    A while back in this thread are the charts for year on year 'excess winter deaths' (flu and pneumonia) the 5 year rolling average being 35,000 a year though the year before covid was a bad one with around 50,000. Puts the covid figures into perspective doesn't it. And same as covid deaths, the very unwell over 80s make up most of the deaths every year.

    Also new studies continues to come in and reinforces the initial empirical data as has been reproduced in this thread, this time from Stanford University saying the covid 19 fatality rate for the under 45s is 'almost zero'.


    Rod Bishop  @rodbishop15

    "This is astonishing!!!!! PHE are saying there have been NO flu deaths this year. All registered as Covid. Absolute silence from the #ScumMedia Weve been had.

    Replying to @Alpha_57 @js100js100 @gatewaypundit

    From UK Govt Public Health today. NO FLU CASES OR DEATHS IN 2020!. Flu has been rebadged as Covid!"




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  8. 37 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    A better question is 'Why on earth do retail punters keep doing this to themselves', given that they are inveterate losers.  😲

    because if they get good enough they'll be promoted to the A book 🎖️

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  9. 3 hours ago, lengendig said:

    According to IG website, there should be Autochartist.

    Hi, if I remember correctly you need to download the Autochartist plugin from the Autochartist web site where you also have all the tuition videos. Once downloaded I think if you have the MT4 open it will load onto the platform automatically when you open the download file (same as the apps pack does).



  10. 13 hours ago, mayurtulsiyan3 said:

    Hi nick .. I am short Tesla.. should I book loss 

    Hi, tricky one, looking at the charts below Tesla seems to have run into some resistance end of last week which might force it down some but will need to wait for after the market opens post holiday to get a better idea as to near term direction. 


  11. you could try doing a search as the question has been answered on the forum probably about half a dozen times by IG.

    As pointed out before, brokers who take the other side of the bet are at risk of going bust and do so routinely. Brokers who don't take the other side tend stay in business and keep their license, so given the longevity of IG as a company the later business model is the more likely.

    IG gets prices from the big players in the market and pass them on to you with a widened spread, simple really.

    They have an A-book and a B-book, essentially profitable and non-profitable traders. B-book has far more traders but they use far less size, A-book has fewer traders but they use far greater size. 

    The business model is to match in-house shorts and longs as much as possible which is often matching A book to B book and IG takes the spread off both parties. Any over flow is parallel hedged which means IG taking the same position in the larger market, if you win so do they so they collect and pay you, if you lose so do they so they collect off you and pay whoever provided the hedge, but don't worry IG still turn a profit as they get far tighter spreads than they pass on to you.

    Good brokers, bad brokers, take you pick. Bad brokers are cheaper but eventually get flushed when their clients suddenly 'get it right' during a market upheaval, clients might get their money who knows, clients of Iron FX certainly didn't.

    Good brokers are never the cheapest but the business model they use is sustainable and so they tend to last. 





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  12. 1 hour ago, larrytradingltd said:

    Yep, I've found this repeatedly on all of the top gappers. I don't think I've found one that I've been able to trade yet, which is pretty frustrating if that's your strategy. To be fair to IG I really like their platform and use it to trade mid/large caps and etfs but I've opened an Interactive Brokers account for the small cappers.  

    trading US small cap gappers as per ross cameron, here's the thread, what a ******* disaster that was.