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  1. 5 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Reason number 10: they actually try to trade instead of making money off videos, books and talking about trading in general (being a guru).

    The more you trade, the more you lose.

    Retail traders for their own protection should be barred from live trading until they have at least 3 years live trading experience ... errr 🤔 

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  2. On 23/11/2019 at 23:01, dmedin said:

    Why Technical Trading Signals Stopped Working

    I liked this interview and there is definitely something to what he is saying, I know 4 or 5 traders who have given up on technical analysis and moved to quant analysis.

    Also liked the end when wandered off topic to say his quant analysis had pick up an uptick in Japanese industry and signals of cyclical recovery.

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  3. Dow bouncing back, Dax following, looks like the top pickers are wrong again, yawn.

    Interesting chart from Bloomberg suggesting we could be at the start of a new mini-cycle.

    And from Calum Thomas global equities look to be leading global PMIs back up. 





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  4. 22 hours ago, Trevbeats said:

    The bottom line is you’re making any money...Am I missing something?

    yes, shame but just seen the vid has been pulled probably due to copyright as it was lifted from a documentary.

    So the trader was saying how much he loved trading and he looked at the charts and trades just came to him, they just felt right and they always seemed to come off and then the wife spoils it all by reminding him that he's not actually making any money.

    Truly most don't have a verified rules based trade entry action plan but instead rely on hopes, dreams and fantasy 🙂

  5. 14 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

    Dow closing the week setting up to go higher on Monday. Next week US traders leave work early on Thursday for Thanksgiving, call in sick for Friday and then turn up blurry eyed on Monday 🥳

    oops, got the days mixed up, half day Wednesday, Thanksgiving Thursday and call in sick Friday.

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  6. Dow closing the week setting up to go higher on Monday. Next week US traders leave work early on Thursday for Thanksgiving, call in sick for Friday and then turn up blurry eyed on Monday 🥳


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  7. 3 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Basically ... trading sideways for now.

    Stay away.

    Looks like there was a speculative rise pre PMIs hoping for good numbers but the data came in mixed so bets came straight off and now back where started so see where goes from here.



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  8. Dow put in a pause candle yesterday which may set up for a reversal back up but up or down will probably be determined by the US PMI data at 2:45pm.

    China moving down today despite China reasserting wishes for completion of trade deal phase 1 as soon as possible. 


  9. 52 minutes ago, malisti83 said:

    HELLO Admin.

    I have similar experience often too.

    So, you are saying if i go short, i need to set the chart on 'ASK' and 'bid' for long? 

    Hi, basically yes if you want to actually see price hit or miss on the chart, most can't be that bothered.

    To get into a trade you either Buy the Ask or Sell the Bid.

    To close a Long you need to sell back at the Bid price.

    To close a short you need to buy back at the Ask price.

    If price is set to Mid on your chart then you will never see the actual bid or ask get hit.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    The media said Hillary would win by a landslide. :( (She got the most votes and still lost lol)

    the media were (and still are) corrupt as were their polls, Hillary was speaking at BBQs while trump was speaking at stadiums, she got more votes because of the lib elite and leftists in a few big US cities but Trump won the largest number of 'seats' by a landslide, just as will happen in 2020 which is why the Dems are so desperate to get him impeached even if there is no actual evidence of any wrong doing. Sad. 

  11. You can't block people from posting on the forum, if you use the condensed option rather than the expand option then you don't need to see any text at all and can ignore posts from certain users and use the ignore tab to block any attempted interaction from particular users. Simple.

  12. 8 minutes ago, CharlotteIG said:

    I do apologise, I didn't mean to @ you in but thank you for your input on this. 

    I will contact the back end and maybe see if community members will be able to block out feeds they don't want. I will see what we I can do and report back to you guys. :) 


    there is already the 'ignore users' content tab for anyone interested though those thinking the forum is a numbers game and flooding the activity list with repeated posts under different titles is actually less of a problem now than it once was.


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  13. Any news that's important enough to move the market is automatically note worthy, it's easy enough for me to watch the news and can see exactly what has cause a sudden spike but there are many who can't so an explanation in a news roundup must be beneficial. Otherwise they are likely to be left with the misguided confidence that the market moves randomly or even worse is being dictated to by their technical analysis haha.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, dmedin said:



    We've got the whole bundle of EU and Ger PMIs coming out tomorrow morning should be interesting, all are forecast to come in higher than last month's data and also all last month's data has since been revised higher.

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