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  1. 37 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    Got a wee shoogle going on the demo ūüėĽ

    yessssss, nooooooooo, Waitttttt!!!!!!!! my new triple time frame Qualitative Quantitative Estimator says BUUUUUUY (for the short term).


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  2. 1 minute ago, Gemba said:

    Thanks, that's helpful. I obviously didn't see that first. 

    Community seems way better than their support !

    no worries, you're welcome. the customer support has been an issue since the UK lockdown started and there should have been some kind of provision put in place to aid the situation by now but hasn't happened, though when there's a major outage they are bound to be swamped regardless. 

  3. 12 hours ago, deus777 said:

    what are the opening hours for platinum, palladium?  I can't seem to find it anywhere

    Hi, IG opens their platinum and palladium market same as the indices so opens at 11pm Sunday and closes 10pm Friday though I think both are currently 'close trades only' with Plat being 95% long and Pall being 100% short.

  4. Hi, see below the pic from your first link. If you made zero, 1 or 2 trades in the previous month the commission is £10. If you made 3 or more trades in the previous month there is no commission.

    As you are new you would have made zero trades in the previous month so then the £10 charge applies.

    Explained in greater depth in the 'Notes' section at the bottom of the page.


  5. 10 hours ago, D600 said:


    Where can I find the exchange rate used to reflect the real time account balance? So if the account is a EUR account and the markets traded are USD I can see the exchange rate on a statement at the end of the day, but where can I find it real time, as it is very different from spot.




    See the currency conversions tab in your My IG page, accounts or see the customer agreement pdf.

    "We may make manual conversions on occasion, as outlined in our Customer Agreement. We will make these conversions at a rate not worse than 0.5% from the current bid/offer price."


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  6. Most people fund by debit card. The first round turn for deposit and then withdrawal always takes a little longer because of the security checks needed for each link in the chain. Bank > card company > payment service provider > IG and then back again. But once the links are established there is usually no problem. Note the for the first transaction IG will only return to the source so if using a card IG returns to the card.

    Payment Service Providers (PSP) have been causing increasing problems for some time now.


  7. 6 minutes ago, CharlotteIG said:

    Calling is futile.  Asking for Technical Help in here is futile (evidenced by the amount of unanswered questions in the Technical section) Chat is futile and, as proven by myself, e-mailing is futile.

    Don't forget to check IG has your correct contact details as that's been an issue in the past as I recall.


    Hope this helps.



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  8. 8 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    lol your charts are getting more cluttered these days¬† ūüėĽ

    True but when dropping down the time frames they take on a different aspect and I do like the look of the Fibs as drawn from yesterday's High - Low;


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  9. 11 minutes ago, RichardKoh said:

    We gather all affected to file a complaint to MAS


    Hi, presume you're talking about the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), just to save you some time no regulator will look at any compliant if there has been no attempt to seek redress from the broker involved first. So you need to seek a quick informal resolution via email, if not satisfied with the response you can then make a formal complaint to the broker which must be investigated in depth and if you are still not satisfied with the result you can then take your case to the regulator.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. 1 minute ago, dmedin said:


    still not clear as to why apart from just hanging around at resistance without a break for too long so a trip down to find more support.

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  11. Just now, Areyousure said:

    Does IG usually refund the whole loss? or refuse to refund?

    Based on the responses of those who report back to the forum IG seems very good at refunding losses, I've been on the forum on a daily basis since early 2016 there have only been a couple of cases reported here where the compliant was sent on to the regulator.

  12. 4 minutes ago, mariefoord1 said:

    How do I claim a refund from IG for the money I lost due to their platform failure?

    Hi, first email the helpdesk explaining your circumstances eg day, time, positions affected, actions taken or unable to take etc.

    If you are not satisfied with IG's response you are then entitled to fill out a formal compliant to IG (see the Contact Us, linked at the bottom of all IG's web pages, for details).

    If you are still not satisfied you can escalate the complaint to the FCA (contact details linked on the Contact Us page)

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