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  1. 3 hours ago, DavyJones said:

    I suddenly turned in Nostradamus with loads of messages as to what my trading strategy was. It would have been easy to start charging a 1000 quid for a trading course to the naive.  
    No secret: I just took both sides of the trade every time (so perfectly hedged) and  showed with winning one, with a layer of BS about candlestick patterns and entry / exit  points 😄

    Excellent, well done, hopefully you saved many from walking into a trap but as instagram shows there are thousands of the gullible out there begging to hand over their money.

    A regular one that comes round like clockwork every 2 or 3 years is the wonderkid who made millions overnight on the FX and is featured in a nation newspaper. Inevitably the frontman has a rich backer who paid for the photo shoots with the hired Lambo, private jet and faked account statements which they pass on to the hapless hack who prints it all up. With that kind of publicity reach potential punters queue up in their thousands to pay for mentoring or signals or whatever at between 2 and 5k a month each. The best part is that when they finally realise they've been had they're too embarrassed to tell anyone.

  2. 4 minutes ago, DavyJones said:

    As to how successful home trading is,  I have my doubts as there is heck of a lot of BS in this game from "educators" youtube forums etc ,  Doesn't matter how people say how they trade, the effectines is what I am referring to, techniques  means diddly squat without hard proof,  

    that's true, a good follow on twitter is GuruLeaks that for years have been outing scammers in what is basically a completely unregulated space. As for providing absolute proof to the constant stream of casual inquiries as to how successful someone is I doubt anyone could be bothered. There is always Nav Sarao of course who made 70 million trading from his bedroom in his mom and dad's house, the US FBI proved that at his court case.

  3. 6 hours ago, tom2000 said:

    1) how to take partial profits on MT4 ?   

    2)  How to change take profits for different values for different orders positions but same pair ?    say I long two positions of USDCAD.   

    Hi, the mt4 should be set for Net off so just placing a trade in the opposite direction for a partial amount will leave the total running minus the second trade amount.

    If you are using the mini terminal from the IG apps pack add-ons then if you click on the open trade box you get many options come up including partial close (see pic).

    You can reset the order panel for each new trade, it just remembers and reproduces the data of your last trade.


  4. 2 hours ago, Monobrow said:

    Is this statement from the article true?


    “....Day traders might think that because they’re paying zero commission, their trades are free. But when a day trader places an order, a trading algorithm somewhere quickly figures out that they want to buy or sell, and raises or lowers the price accordingly, so that the day trader gets a less favorable price....”



    Hi, doubt an algorithm could manage that for 150,000 clients simultaneously, i think someone would notice everyone was receiving different prices. 

  5. 10 hours ago, rick_ said:

    In the last few minutes of trading today gold wicked down and through my bids but they were not executed.

    Screenshot attached.

    Hi, these false spikes on market shutdown do happen occasionally, they are not usually reproduced on the higher time frames and don't affect accounts or orders. 

  6. 5 hours ago, dmedin said:

    Here's my advice for what it's worth: use the demo platform exclusively for 12 months.

    no one ever learnt how to trade on a demo platform, ever. the demo platform will let you learn how to use the platform and test strategies - that's it. get off the demo and start live trading on the mt4 platform for 10 pence a point as soon as possible because that's when your actual learning will start.

  7. 2 hours ago, Rick1964 said:

    Hi guys,

    I have a stop loss in automatically, would like to place either a stop or trailing stop but not allowed while stop loss in in effect?

    Hi, you can change your stop type after the trade has triggered by going to the Positions tab, find the open trade and click on the numbers in the stop numbers box and there should then appear options and a dropdown box.

  8. 3 hours ago, DavyJones said:

    I think for the most part yes but some traders do make money consistently. I working in the trading floor for 15years but they have huge advantages.  much lower margin far tighter bid ask spreads, Direct market access First in,  Wealth of research, news feeds, quants, economist supporting them, working in teams  of experienced and specialist traders, Squawk box would sound any market information. The odds are pretty well stacked against you as a home trader. 

    Whether home traders actually make money or not I am not convinced. The pass off BS like not going to give away their secret as if they found the answer to alchemy. I'd say  anyone who genuinely makes money  has nothing to hide as they got there through years of  hard and intelligent work. The beginner is not going to pick that up no matter what.

    Like a pianist saying, I'm a maestro but I won't play in front of you . Do IG ever publish anonymous stats of their best clients?

    Hi, I would agree with most of your post though there are a couple of points, firstly, and not trying to be rude but you must be either quite old or trading something unusual, most floor traders became desk jockeys in the late 1990s  when most markets went computerized, though some like the London Metals Exchange stayed floor operated until just a few years ago.

    You can get all the add-ons you want, either pay £2k a month desk fees at a prop firm or just subscribe and get them at home, prob total about the same. Trouble being is that you need to already be reasonably successful to afford them in the first place. 

    Many people on the forum have said exactly how they trade, many times over in fact, the problem is many people are just very hard of hearing (listening) or just plain hard of thinking, or what they really want is for someone to tell them exactly what to do step by step in real time forever after. Maybe as you say the beginner can't just pick it up and instead needs to go through the whole process.

    I doubt IG will release the stats of successful traders, they have over 150,000 clients including many professionals and the info is likely to push those who are struggling and whose mental health is already on a knife edge completely into the abyss. 😁😁😁


  9. 11 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    A big selling candle, almost immediately followed by a big buying candle.

    Make sense of that if you will.

    yeah sure. In a one way auction price can only move in one direction (up),

    BUT in a two way auction price can move both up AND down. 

    For the last 12 months you have been participating in a TWO way auction.

    Sorry to be the one to break the news to you.

  10. S&P storming into a very bullish Friday close, strong sign of confidence going into the weekend.

    Daily chart with monthly levels.

    (what's bi-polar boy been ranting about, run out of meds again?)


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  11. 34 minutes ago, twi said:

    I referred a friend who has signed up, funded their account and opened a trade.

    How long does it take for my account to be credited? 

    Or does the trade need to close before the referral is confirmed? 


    Hi, it seems it can take anything from a few days to, as is stated in the T and Cs, 30 days. I think what has been traded, and closed, and settled makes a big difference. 

  12. 1 hour ago, h7 said:

    Hey gang.

    Im trying to buy rbs shares.

    However, the calculation in the order seems to be incorrect.

    I tried to input an order to buy 100 shares at 100

    The calculation on the order preview quotes 100 pounds cost as if Im buying only one share>

    Could you investigate this issue.




    Hi, the order preview looks ok;

    quantity 100 at 100 pence price/share  > £100

  13. 4 hours ago, Cedric said:

    Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for your help. I did what you suggested and this is what I received :-

    Oder submitted                What then happened.   Where did I go wrong ?


    Hi, not sure what's wrong there, do the order level sliders come up on the chart and what happens if you move the stop up and down? Also if a live account check what happens on demo and if demo account check on live.