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  1. "The 1982-2000 secular bull market lasted 6,434 calendar days and every single day we could have said "the stock market is about to make a major top." Chris Ciovacco @CiovaccoCapital
  2. note the big spike up in the dot graph bottom right.
  3. Looking at that big spike down just before midnight and as reported on the IG news round this morning is related to the announcement of a large surge in virus cases and deaths in China.
  4. oh dear, Corbyn himself rattled this one off a couple of years ago but it wasn't true, the US didn't embargo Venezuela til 2019 when the Govt. used the army to murder people on the streets. The damage to the economy was done many years earlier and started when Chavez tried to install Govt. officials into the finance departments of the oil companies who, seeing the writing on the wall, packed up and moved on. The Govt. made up the bs excuse that the oil companies had discovered the oil was too deep to drill was why they left. Socialists get used to making up bs excuses on the spot because they need to do it so often. There were still oil exports but the economy collapsed regardless and the leaders were forced to tinker with the system so then came the excuse that it was no longer real socialism but because socialism never works it always morphs, inevitably into fascism because socialist dictators never step down. They should have read their Marx who said socialism could not work in the long term but was a stepping stone to full communism. So the army murders on the streets, the secret police drag people away in the middle of the night never to be seen again and communication is shut down. Up til 2015 you would regularly see mobile phone footage of empty shelves and queues around the block for food but suddenly that all stopped. Of course by now the great dictator is really racking up the murders but no worries there, he'd really need to be going some to even get near the socialist dictator's leader board for murder scores. By now of course the noose is so tight around the people's necks they can struggle no more so, far from being the cause of their plight the US is probably now their only hope.
  5. hi, can you explain more, the title and the text don't seem to be related, if the platform is set to 'net off' then the reverse trade will be taken off.
  6. best time to get involved probably.
  7. S&P, Dow and Dax just backing off their respective all time highs, Ftse remains the laggard. US CPI data today not expecting much change to the low figures of recent years. What ever happened to Paul Krugman and all the other Nobel prize winning economists who predicted imminent financial meltdown (especially if Trump got in) 5 -6 years ago, oh well.
  8. Overnight Indices easing off the highs, Oil flat. Gold up and USD down Today US CPI at 1:30pm.
  9. Two countries, one lesson.Between 1970 and 2017:
  10. Before market open - check current risk on or risk off ( on = indices and oil up, gold and bonds down. off = opposite ) expect continuation of current until new news affects the charts. - note times of up coming news events that day that could affect the markets if outside expectations. During I used to have squawk box years ago but found it a distraction and only told me earlier why the market had jumped or reversed, watching the charts is instant and someone on twitter will tell me why about 30 seconds later anyway (they still have a squawk box). Also on twitter is info that may come into play in the near future to keep an eye on. the news feed on the IG web based platform is good (IG pay Reuters well for it) but the IG mt4 news feed is not the same so I don't use. The more you get used to chart reading the easier it becomes but it does take time.
  11. seems such a long time ago now.
  12. Dax and Dow heading for the US open. M15 charts;
  13. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    if you're looking for certainty in any indicator you'll be looking forever.
  14. you could pay a subscription there are many news sources from a basic £50 a month squawk box up to Bloomberg's top offering which is a computer read 250K a month or quarter (can't remember which) that plugs straight into your robot and starts placing your trades before the bloke on the squawk box has even opened his mouth. 👀 Unless you have the latter you will never catch the spike, so wait and look for follow through instead.
  15. btw, that unnamed chart with trend indicator and drawn on pullback and breakout entries was H4 Gold. Have a plan, keep it simple; 1/ A trend indicator dictates entry direction, never go against it. 2/ Entries in a trend can only be either at pullback failure or a breakout, nothing else (if neither is clear just don't) 3/ For simplicity have a set target order to exit (risk 1: reward 2). Don't try to be clever and look to run every entry up to the moon. 4/ Don't break any rules, ever. Eyeball backtest the strategy then trial on demo then trail live on an average market for pennies to begin with (mt4). Once you learn a platform learning others is relatively easy. Once you learn a market learning others is relatively easy. Confidence to enter a trade can only come from statistics so keep a journal of every trade that keeps a running total of win rate and risk/reward (R) 1:2 is 2 R so the win rate needs to be 35% or higher. Keep practicing the above til you get it right. 👍 When you can do all that then maybe look at other strategies such as the more difficult trading reversals, but then why bother?
  16. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    Can't add to the recently restarted US OIL thread now so start anew again. "Oil has been showing some signs of "hope" over past 24 hours. Given the fact oil and Chinese CSI 300 move in tandem, maybe the oil bounce could turn violent to the upside."
  17. can't say I heard of anyone looking at that, indices can behave similar to individual constituent stocks in that they will occasionally get sweep up in over enthusiastic buying or selling and carried further (up or down) than is warranted and need correct thereafter.
  18. Dax well away now and Dow testing yesterday's high. M15 charts;
  19. not had any problem with any other thread at all. when first opened the thread there was no space at the bottom of the last post so no box to add a new post.
  20. Dax looks like it's woken up in strange new territory and doesn't know which way to go, Dow taking an early morning check of support. M15 charts;
  21. Rule of thumb is to expect continuation til the chart says otherwise though as ever the general wave pattern of the incoming tide means timing those entries.
  22. no problem, unfortunately only given for FX so far and remember it's an estimate based on the expected end of day interest rate.
  23. Hi, see here; https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated-