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    no need to guess, the chart will be obvious because 'buy the dip' will have stopped working, but looking at that chart above it would have done you proud up til now and still hasn't actually failed as yet.
  2. Just realised I linked back to the same thread, more on HIN and SRN numbers in this thread;
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    that's quite possible, often happens before the US open.
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    not only not selling but that's what you call 'buying the dip' 🥳🥳🥳
  5. ah, you edited your post after I had replied, I would be wary of staying in short for too long during any retracement especially around these levels which is essentially the bottom of a consolidation period in what is still a bull market.
  6. with a chart that looks like that why wouldn't I be going short already? 🤨
  7. Hi, click on the MA box to bring up the edit function, see pic
  8. Cricky, that takes me back a bit.
  9. David Kurten @davidkurten 14h Australian firefighters slam climate alarmists and 'green tape' for preventing back-burning which would have prevented the now huge bushfires. I'll believe Australian firefighters over a Swedish NWO puppet-child any day of the week. https://volunteerfirefighters.org.au/green-tape-prevents-volunteer-rural-firefighters-reducing-bushfire-risk
  10. Actually, speaking of AMD this chart popped up a number of times last week with the tag 'is this bubble number 3?'
  11. that's coz you keep listening to the er 'wrong' (using a polite word) people.
  12. Dow and Dax trying to hang onto their respective daily chart support levels (orange). Which way will the big players take this this week now they are all back at their desks could set the tone for the whole first quarter. Daily charts with weekly pivots;
  13. Indices down, Bonds, Oil and Gold up. Markit services PMIs for UK, Ger, EU and US today, the more important ISM US services PMI tomorrow.
  14. "Trend retracement or reversal? – Can volume be a useful “clue”?" Short article on volume analysis; https://www.gomarkets.com/reversal_volume/
  15. A run down of the best economic calendars 2019. https://www.earnforex.com/blog/top-forex-calendars/
  16. Ha ha, - oops ... "Singaporeans live longer and healthier lives than Europeans do. They are also much richer." https://humanprogress.org/article.php?p=2125
  17. The first full trading week of the year can often give an insight as to the thoughts of the big players who are looking at the longer term, will the theme be continued accumulation or reverse to distribution? The Friday candle on the S&P chart is an interesting one, you might have thought a period of profit taking was due given the unfolding US/Iran drama, and especially on a Friday but after the breaking news and a big reversal down buyers stepped in yet again and bought price back up from the low around 3211 back up to Thursday's open at 3235. Again that is bull strength and confidence, can they keep it going? The direction the market takes tomorrow will be interesting. S&P daily chart.
  18. Interesting short video from Tradeciety looking at different win rate and risk/reward combinations and how to match them to your own personality and trading style.
  19. Both the 2013 ProRealTime upgrade and the 2016 one both took just under a year after being released by PRT to be rewritten and released on IG, that is in line with the recent update that the new IG version should be arriving beginning of Feb. A cautionary note though is that the IG version doesn't usually have all the features that the premium PRT has. I was looking at your Streamdeck and it looks great, it's a re-programmable controller and has been out for a few years now, looks like it was originally aimed at the movie making crowd. I remember when the PRT 2016 upgrade came out it had a new function to use a controller to input data, in the top right corner on PRT (if I remember right) are different icons to select the input device, one was a keyboard and the new one was a game controller, are you sure that it won't work using the current PRT version?
  20. Ha ha, brilliant, well done. You've spoken before about your trading style, a bit too risky for me but great to see it working well for you. Nice touch to the additional to the old saying as @Kodiak points out. 'there are old traders and bold traders but there aren't any old and bold traders', the additional being, because the bold ones got rich and retired early 🥳 As @dmedin points out the vast majority of noobs just don't make it on their first go, they vastly under estimate the time it takes to learn and so always run out of resources before they get there. As I said earlier this stuff can't be taught in a university, it's a development process that takes time (and therefore money) and most are forced to drop out before they start seeing results but that's one of the lessons and many come back better prepare the next time.
  21. Trendfollower says; 'i never said full time traders don't use forums I said traders who are consistently profitable don't use forums' er, how can someone trade full time for years on end and not be profitable? once again you are hiding behind semantics to pretend you are not taking a pop at others on the forum when you obviously are. I don't need to publish my stats, I'm on this forum (and others) all day every day and have been since early 2016 when it started, that should tell you all you need to know. Why should anyone come forward when they know they are just going to be trolled and goaded into 'telling all' (with documented proof) by people like trendfollower who, as I mentioned earlier, has been down this path many times in the past. It just smacks of desperation, there is no holy grail that can be packaged and handed over, it is, in fact, a personal development process that can't really be taught, the skills are not really transferable. As the OP said, they are not looking for anyone to 'reveal all' but trendfollower is and has been for years, so clearly it is he who is actually trying to subvert the thread. I hope for once he doesn't escalate this side track and go all unprofessional again 😢 anyway i can't sit round here all day setting you jokers right, i've got questions from real traders on other forums to answer, toodle pip.