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    ''Gold is still inversely following real long-term rates.''
  2. Steve Baker MP FRSA @SteveBakerHW Government is now attempting to entice the public into a "Papers please!" society with the promise of a return to football. Our bluff has now been called on who we are and who we want to be. Our very British brand of totalitarianism | James Jeffrey | The Critic Magazine Sun Politics @SunPolitics 42m Brits back in football stadiums from June 21 with negative test or vaccine proof Brits set to be packed back into football stadiums and theatres from June 21 with proof of a negative test or Covid jab (thesun.co.uk)
  3. I don't think IG has ever done this and is perhaps linked to the Custodian model they use where the actual shares are held by Citi bank. Many years ago they did use to go to the market to find shares for clients to borrow to short (as opposed to using other IG client's shares) but seem to have stopped doing this 7 or 8 years ago for non-leveraged.
  4. Beyond belief you are inflicting this on your children ... UsforThemUK @UsforThemUK Children are now given 'breathing breaks'. Because wearing a mask for hour after hour is dangerous and intolerable. 'Surely I can’t be the only parent to think that this would have been a clear, screaming ‘NO’ until a year ago?' Face masks for children are damaging more than just their mental health (telegraph.co.uk) Meanwhile, vaccinations ... ''... which translates into a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90.7% [100(1-0.093)]. This sounds impressive, but the absol
  5. Bernie's Tweets @berniespofforth 22m Oliver Dowden culture Secretary confirms this morning. They are NOT introducing COVID Passports by confirming ......they WILL use COVID certifications. Apparently proof of vaccinations are not passports. Silly me. This is what freedom will look like.
  6. The point is of course that this s***show will never end until everyone accepts total govt control and annual vaccinations proven by offical documentation.
  7. COVID-19: an overview of the evidence. March 18, 2021 ''The data is in: lockdowns serve no useful purpose and cause catastrophic societal and economic harms. They must never be repeated in this country.'' COVID-19: an overview of the evidence – HART (hartgroup.org) Evidence Review PDF HART-COVID-EVIDENCE-REVIEW.pdf (hartgroup.org)
  8. ok, so there shouldn't be this problem, make sure you've sent an email to the helpdesk to get tech to look into it and correct it, they take 3 or 4 days to respond but should be an easy reset. Do you have the Futures charts (small arrow for dropdown box next to the dfb chart asset name top left)?
  9. Hi, see this page for IG's mt4 download or the app from the app store or google play. Download MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Today | IG UK
  10. Hi, not sure why but that market IG has stopped CFD (leveraged) trading and are only offering it for trading on the Share Dealing platform (non-leveraged).
  11. Some regulations of course protect clients but a good broker also wants to protect clients as well and regulators regularly over reach. When the EU regulator ESMA forced brokers to lower leverage from 200:1 to 20:1 in early 2018 there was over 14,000 letters of protest written by retail clients which were of course ignored. Then there was a mad dash for IG clients to open accounts with the Australian branch but many others just left for other brokers overseas. Researchers latter reported that after a year their was no real benefit to retail clients at all from the new regulations.
  12. And back in the UK, ... had enough yet?... Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD @zoeharcombe 2h We have the cartoon of the year already... Did you see the goalposts move again yesterday? No longer 5 tests to get out of lockdown Or the r rate Or saving the NHS Or deaths Or cases Or the data not the dates The new obstacle to freedom is "lumpy vaccine supply"
  13. yes that all sounds about right and real. Very important point is starting off live with the absolute minimum position size the broker will allow and building up as you and your system prove yourself. If it's not working out then not too much harm done and can start over with account still mostly intact.
  14. yes, though with every new regulation introduced on the good brokers the hundreds of offshore unregulated brokers see a big increase in new clients. The enrty bar just keeps getting raised and forces people out into the wilderness where they are far more likely to run into trouble.. It's at the stage now where people are complaining on here that IG won't take them on even with A$20K backing. We've all had to go through the learing curve, it's very hard and takes a lot of time, don't see that increased regulation can shorten that or replace doing the homework. IG's company statem
  15. Hi, it would be useful to include the account type you have and country you are in as not all have the Futures charts available.
  16. The price feeds are 2 way, if you hook up the demo to the live feed then the demo becomes live so that's not going to happen. There is plenty of education but most newbies want to just 'have a go' the first time round and end up getting scorched, tough. After that if they want to contiue they buckle down and do some learning, fine. There are enough regulations already in place and IG does stick to them so there is little point in someone who hasn't done any homework calling criminal practice every time they trip themself up, as was shown above a 1 minute search was all that was
  17. The demo and the live have 2 different feeds and can never be identical, never have been on any platform that I'm aware of. Doesn't really matter though as that's not the reason many systems work on demo but not on live, the difference is how the person plays their system. No one ever learnt how to be a trader on demo, can't because there is never any real risk on demo and learning about and understanding risk is the essence of trading.
  18. This monthly candle indeed pushing into resistance, should be interesting. The FED signalled not expecting a rise in interest rates for a while and with continued money printing could push further though.
  19. when I said '' I'm pretty sure IG specifically ... '' what I actually meant was that I was absolutely certain and knew exactly where to find it but I was rather hoping you might have had the nouse to do a little research work for yourself. Fat chance when a continous ranting whinge is so much easier.
  20. Oh, as opposed to the tone of your OP from the get-go you mean? ... ''Criminally misleading', fleece traders, mislead traders, misleading, a con and criminal'' I was just enlightening you as to the facts and reasonably politely as well considering you where obviously just pulling this stuff out of your backside having jumped on the forum for a whinge meltdown on the mistaken presumption you already knew everything.
  21. UK schools reopen ... Meanwhile in Sweden ... Stockholm school sends pupil home for wearing face mask - The Local .
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