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  1. yes that's right, all leveraged positions cash and futures.
  2. major outages are rare, the bigger problem is a sudden lack of liquidity which is the cause of a gap or a spike, it's at those times that some think that IG should just take the other side of their trade instead of looking for a counterparty in the market.
  3. on the leveraged accounts not the Share Dealing accounts.
  4. It's worth pointing out again that brokers who do take on the trade are also taking on risk and can and do go under whenever their clients manage 'get it right'. Below is from a press release from a broker who recently had to issue a major profits warning to share holders following a period of market turmoil when their clients did just that.
  5. the available to deal figure is the amount left to use for new trades after the amount of margin used on the initial trade has been subtracted from the total.
  6. Dax and Dow held on to yesterday's low so far. H1 charts;
  7. 6 digits should be for demo unless they have changed it just recently. mt4 > File > Open an account > highlight account type (demo or live) and click next
  8. access to the firms fund to trade with.
  9. oh right, so what was your excuse then?
  10. IG's mt4 platform account login has 5 digits for the live account and 6 digits for demo.
  11. yes, prob why Ross trades actual shares on a DMA platform, IG has this if you are interested look in the platforms section.
  12. the 2 emails might be a day apart, if you need to reset the password for your live account it can only be done via email (the same email account IG has on record for your account).
  13. yeah, that was bunds specific, the 2 most common causes for the Closing only are that the market cap for the company has fallen below IG minimum and they will remove it from the platform once all positions are closed or, IG has reach max risk tolerance for the market due to heavy one sided positioning and so are not allowing new positions until some positions have been closed, that might take hours, days, or sometimes even weeks
  14. Hi, mt4 has it's own separate login and password sent in 2 emails (for the live account).
  15. Hi this happens with bunds occasionally, you will need to switch to the futures market, see pic below of previous answer to the same question.
  16. They have to, they pay about 2k a month desk fees for those benefits you list.
  17. no, it's fine for what the majority want it to do but if are looking to specialise in an unorthodox strategy there are many subscription platforms and high speed connections to consider.
  18. Hi, the GTC is 'good til cancelled' and so won't close until you cancel it so won't close at end of day but not all markets will have this. The problem is IG only allows order types that are accepted by the particular exchange on which they are placed. So for example a couple of years ago the nyse and i think nasdaq stopped taking stop loss orders (to protect retail traders from big losses would you believe) so now you can only put in a stop order after the initial order has be triggered. Other brokers have got round this by taking your order and holding it till they can place it in the actual market, IG said a while back they were looking into doing the same but no word since.
  19. Force open is also known as Hedging mode, for example you have a long trade open but price turns against you but you consider this to be temporary so with force open you open an equal size trade in the opposite direction and so your profit/loss total remains fixed until price turns again back in you favour when you then close out the hedge trade. You would use the net off if you had an open position and want to close it with a stop order in the opposite direction (a standard stop loss) or if you wanted to scale out with a series of smaller stop orders at various target levels.
  20. Hi, if you are using the Share Dealing account you need to put a stop order in after the initial order has been triggered.
  21. Hi, yes that is about right though does differ market to market, DFB cheaper if holding less than 15 days, Futures cheaper if intend to hold for longer.
  22. Hi, the minimum amount is dictated by the 'margin' requirement which is stated on the deal ticket as you fill in the order.
  23. Educational video from the prop trading firm Axia Futures on 'Failed Support & Resistance - Revisited' - Candlestick Charts; 30 min;
  24. sounds like a reasonable approach, look as widely as possible and take on board what fits and suits. The guys here on the forum trying to emulate Ross ran into some big problems, Ross was using a DMA platform hooked up to the exchange by a super fast and expensive connection, he was paying hundreds a day while the boys here were using the free broker supplied toolkit as well as trading on a completely different market, never even looked like working.