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  1. ha, but I thought those guys spent millions on research and computer modeling etc.
  2. Hi, yes IG operate a variable spread system plus a set increase for out of hours trading so probably need to use the average for any strategy backtest and restrict to normal hours only. Backtests will only give an approximation of how the EA might perform live so if it passes a backtest the next step is a trial on a live account with minimum position size. Not to many EA users on the forum at the moment so hopefully you can draw a few out with your posts. Best of luck.
  3. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    challenging near term resistance;
  4. Big funds play catch up. "Hedge Funds buying equities en masse"
  5. FuturesTrader71 @FuturesTrader71 PSA: Not all risk is the same. Playing with stops or doubling down in trading moves a trader into the High Probability, High Impact category.
  6. S&P already made a new all time high today, got a hurry on as it's a bank holiday weekend in the US and can't hang around all day πŸ™‚ may see some selling this afternoon as a 'just in case' play but if the market continues up into the weekend will tell you the bulls are max confident for the near term. Dax and Dow not far behind, Ftse remains uncertain.
  7. Overnight Indices and Bonds up. USD and Gold down. Oil mixed. Today Ger GDP 7am. EU GDP 10am. US reatail sales at 1:30pm.
  8. Hi, in addition to the above what they are really talking about is at times of higher than normal volatility there may be slippage. It used to be that disreputable brokers would happily pass on slippage if it worked against the client but slippage can work either way and they would pocket any gain if it worked in your favour. What IG are pointing out is that they will pass the not only any loss but also any gain if actual price is better than the current price when you hit the buy or sell.
  9. from FOX business news 'China under reporting' see below.
  10. ok, sounds like a demo glitch but an odd one, not heard before. if the trade is still on in the positions tab perhaps see how it plays out or just close it but if happens again I would call the helpdesk and see if tech can check your demo account for you.
  11. Interesting monthly chart. Brannigan Barrett @Trader_Bran 44m #eurgbp has been stuck in range since 2016. If #BorisJohnson is able to open up the spending taps in 2020, you can expect to see us trading below 83c support after the UK budget announcement #trading
  12. Interesting weekly chart; Aksel Kibar, CMT @TechCharts 5m #SOUTHAFRICA #TOP40 benchmark held well over the past weeks. Indices, equities that hold well during volatile periods can emerge strong one the momentum returns. I see a possible breakout opportunity on SA index.
  13. it's ok, the nhs gave him a face mask and a fist full of aspirin πŸ˜ƒ
  14. and keep taking the meds.
  15. I also noted yesterday that the UK 'super spreader' was discharged from hospital after just a few days?
  16. interesting, I pointed this out this morning, so looks like caused by govt action rather than the virus suddenly exploding. John Robb @johnrobb 6m A new spike in Coronavirus cases.... This latest spike is also likely related to recent efforts to forcibly round up people convalescing at home.
  17. Caseynotes

    US OIL

    "US field production of crude oil, past 90 years (monthly) for fun, see if you can spot when hydraulic fracturing became a thing. +140% in the past 10 years" π˜½π™„π™‡π™‡ π™Žπ™’π™€π™€π™ @billsweet
  18. "In 1981, the year Ronald Reagan became America's 40th President, 44.3% of the world lived in extreme poverty (i.e., less than $1.90 per person per day). In 2015, it was 9.6%." https://humanprogress.org/article.php?p=462
  19. @dmedin become proficient at finding good entries first, leave the in-trade management skills for later so just cut losers if they don't take off and for trade entries that do stick in a 1:2 take profit order and let it manage itself. but you've heard all this many times over and just keep doing it your own way so carry on πŸ™„
  20. As I understand it IG pays Reuters for a squawk type print news feed that it's quicker than their free service but is only available on the web based platform and not included on the mt4 news feed which instead uses the free one.
  21. the broker makes on the spread and high spreads are associated with high volatility because of the higher than normal risk which, as you've discovered, is very much a feature of crypto.
  22. used to be in the 70s when first started now down to 36 but been at that for a long time it seems, they do keep an eye on the competition but if they all stick together 😳. see below.
  23. doesn't really matter though does it? Random entry 50/50 cut losers quick let winners run = big profits for you. Can't do that in Vegas. πŸš€πŸŒ‹πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈπŸ‡πŸ€¬
  24. unfortunate but it does do that quite often, and not helped by the massive spread which doesn't get mentioned on BTC threads very often for some reason.