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  1. 2 min vid explainer on how to promote your pandemic, from 2019 discussing H1N1. Says it all really.
  2. Interesting 20 min vid from Fox on the recent Wall St meltdown, market manipulation, little guys sticking it to the hedge funds, includes an interview with Dave Portney taking down Robinhood.
  3. Interesting, Clearly 2 aspects to the recent outages, infrastructure overload and IG's own risk management.
  4. Just to add to the above profits from cfds taxed but also loses can be written off. Spread bets started out under the old gaming and gambling regulations and so not taxed. Long may it remain so.
  5. sat 7pm Weekend Trading | Sunday Trading on Wall Street, DAX, FTSE, HS50 (ig.com)
  6. had enough yet? ... no? - fine, carry on ... Disclose.tv @disclosetv NEW - China demonstrates how to perform an #COVID19 **** swab sample collection. ''Passengers on a flight to Beijing were taken to a hotel where they were subjected to **** swabs.'' video demonstration on a dummy. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1355148597017403402/pu/vid/544x960/fja73SuEFAlJZCSb.mp4?tag=10
  7. Early Jan England deaths data and all causes other than covid at increasingly negative (below normal) levels due to many being rebranded as covid instead. Covid deaths 'look' to be rising but all-cause deaths roughly normal. Since summer this is a picture of misdiagnosis not pandemic.
  8. The current main driver is vaccinations now that the election is settled and no other new news. on the monthly chart price has been capped for the last 4 months and needs some special news to drive it up and over otherwise it will get tired and head back down looking for support. The vaccination rate news for EU and US is sluggish, Biden can't do anything to increase it. as usual, go with the flow but don't buy directly into resistance or sell directly into support.
  9. email them and state your case, they can see on the data record if you have been trying to close and when, plenty of people have come back on the forum and reported that though it took a few days it was sorted amicably. slippage is the result of prices not being available to the broker to pass on to you. there always has to be someone willing to sell at the price you are willing to buy.
  10. just pointing out that there are some people, like you, who turn up at every platform problem desperate to incite a 'me too' outrage, you do it every time, and each time repeating the same half truth story of how you was wronged and each time declaring you've had enough and are leaving IG for good only to resurface again the very next time, most people won't realise you've been doing it for years. Seriously, there is something wrong with you.
  11. Shame we had to wait till the new expensive vaccines were bought and paid for to find this out 🤔 Dr. Simone Gold @drsimonegold 8h Facebook just announced it “made a mistake” when it censored studies showing HCQ saves lives. Censorship is never “a mistake” Tech executives repeatedly made a calculated decision, month after month, silencing physicians worldwide. Censorship kills.
  12. sure, no I don't work for IG, major disruptions probably only occur on average once a year, smaller disruptions more frequently. 2 types: IG's problem with login or platform or problems outside IG's scope, exchange shutdown, stock limit up/down, unborrowable/unlongable. 2 types of complaint: I lost money on an open trade because of login or platform failure. I lost money because I couldn't place a trade that would have made me thousands. There have been plenty of reply's on the forum over the years that IG has reimbursed losses for IG fault problems but no broker will pay out fo
  13. Robinhood might be bust. Robinhood’s “position-closing only” list for tomorrow. Robinhood Is Said to Draw on Bank Credit Lines Amid Tumult - BBG https://t.co/0jHAXH4AX3 Stephanie Ruhle @SRuhle . @RobinhoodApp CEO on @CNN It’s pretty clear, THEY DID NOT HAVE THE CAP TO MEET THE HIGHER CAP REQUIREMENTS WHEN FLOWS BLEW UP. They could not comply with the requirements. The pressure is ON, but I don’t know how they can open up these stocks tomorrow & avoid this again
  14. zerohedge @zerohedge 3m ROBINHOOD SAYS TOLD USERS IT MAY CLOSE SOME 'AT-RISK' POSITIONS it did close positions Robinhood Reportedly Selling People’s GME Positions Without Warning, Investors Sue | ZeroHedge
  15. another one who keeps promising to go to another broker but just never seems to get round to it 🤔
  16. re Robinhood, there seems to be a lot of people saying the same thing ...
  17. Seems some are doing rather better than others in regards to lockdown ...
  18. What's the difference in deaths attributed to covid between hard lockdown and no lockdown. Not much.
  19. you come out with this old story every time there's a major outage. I remember IG spending time to sort it 2 years ago and came to the conclusion that as you were having problems almost daily and no one else was the cause must be on your side, they obviously see no reason to change their original decision.
  20. ooff. Robinhood pull a fast one, go 'closing only' on GME but then dumping people out of the trade by actually selling off their shares 😳
  21. Brokers experiencing outages/problems ...
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