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  1. Caseynotes's post in Using Live Chat was marked as the answer   
    The chat service is pulled if all hands are needed to answer the phones which is a regular occurrence as for over a year now IG never has enough staff to do the basics.
  2. Caseynotes's post in HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS THING (DON'T KNOW THE NAME, SEE SCREENSHOT) was marked as the answer   
    click on the eye icon ('show' next to the pencil icon) and turn off the HLOC.
  3. Caseynotes's post in How do I find my HIN Number was marked as the answer   
    Hi, shares bought through IG are registered in CHESS. IG uses the Custodian model because it allows for electronic share trading instead of paper share trading, also see below, and as Charlotte said in the thread she will reply after liaising with IG au on Monday.

  4. Caseynotes's post in fund deposit not shown? was marked as the answer   
    maybe this ...
    IG Client Help  @IGClientHelp
    !! We are aware of payment issues impacting some clients and are working to resolve them as a matter of urgency
  5. Caseynotes's post in new stock added was marked as the answer   
    yes you can, ask here by naming the stock and tagging @CharlotteIG but IG do have limits on low market cap and liquidity.
  6. Caseynotes's post in Mirco Lots in FX Trading was marked as the answer   
    Hi, on the chart next to the asset mane top left corner should be a arrow for dropdown box listing mini and Forwards contracts charts. 
  7. Caseynotes's post in Shares certificates? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, see this page and check your 'My IG'  > Live Accounts > Share Dealing.
  8. Caseynotes's post in Overnight charges in US crude was marked as the answer   
    example here;

    1) The formula for calculating the Overnight Basis Adjustment is as follows: 

    Overnight Basis = (P3 – P2)/ (T2 – T1) 

    T1 = Expiry date of the previous front future 
    T2 = Expiry date of the front future 
    P2 = Price of front future 
    P3 = Price of next future 

    For the below explanation we will call the undated futures contract price 'P'. 

    This formula therefore takes the difference between prices of the two futures contracts used and divides this by the number of days between the expiry dates of both futures contracts. 

    If the slope of the futures curve is upwards sloping you would see a negative overnight funding adjustment posted to your account. If it were downward sloping, you'd expect to see a positive one. 

    In this case, the US Crude futures curve is upwards sloping. 

    The best way to think about why this is a negative adjustment when you have a long position is by splitting the difference in the price of the futures contracts into individual days. This is done by using the above formula. As the undated contract moves up the futures curve from P2 towards P2, you'd expect P to rise by the same number of points as the daily basis adjustment, all things equal. 

    For instance, at the time of writing the current price difference between the MAR-15 and APR-15 US Light Crude contracts is around 62 points and the time difference is 31 days. As such the basis adjustment will be: 

    (2930 - 2868) / 31 = 62 / 31 = 2 points per day. 

    As such, you'd expect P to rise by this amount each day, all things equal. On the flipside, if you had a short position on this market you'd see a positive adjustment on your account to compensate for price P's movement up the futures curve from P2 to P3.
    2) The formula for calculating the IG Annualised Cost is as follows: 

    This cost forms part of the adjustment if you are holding the undated contract through 22:00 UK time and has an IG admin fee of 2.5%.

    The formula for this is: 

    Price x 2.5 % / 365 

    Where P again represents the price of the undated contracts at 22:00 UK time. For instance: 
    For example 2930 x 2.5 % / 365 = 0.2

    3) These two points adjustments are added together.
    In the above example, adding these together gives a value of around 2.2 which is the rough charge for the position. You then do 2.2 x Bet Size. There will be a larger value paid on Friday due to the weekend. These adjustments are variable so if you wish to confirm the exact values each day please give us a call.

    If you are looking to hold an exposure to US Oil over the longer term you may want to consider holding one of our futures contracts as there is no basis adjustment or IG admin fee posted to the account each night. 
  9. Caseynotes's post in MT4 mobile version leverage was marked as the answer   
    Hi, IG use margin which is just another way to describe leverage and is the amount you must have in your account to place the trade, the size of the trade (number of contracts) determines how much of your available margin you need to execute.
    The account margin is not on the base mt4 platform but is on the IG mt4 apps download when installed on the platform in the mini terminal and I think the trade terminal apps. It will tell how much margin is in use (open trades) and how much is left unused. If there is not sufficient free margin you will need to reduce the trade size for the trade to be accepted by IG.
    I don't use mobile but presume the apps can be applied. See from the IG MT4 web page for the free apps pack add on. 
  10. Caseynotes's post in Determining overnight charges was marked as the answer   
    Hi, one of the factors of the overnight interest fee on your leveraged trade is the end of day interest rate. There are estimations for FX majors (see link to guide below). 
    Generally if holding a trade open for a week or less paying the overnight fee is more cost effective but for trades expected to stay open for long than a week then a futures or forwards contract (where available) is more cost effective as you don't pay the overnight fee but pay a larger spread instead.
  11. Caseynotes's post in Trouble placing a market order, I get this message... was marked as the answer   
    Hi, presumably you have just hit a patch of increased volatility and, as stated, price moved before the order could be completed, instead just passing on slippage or requoting the platform is saying to hit the buy/sell button again at the new price on the ticket if you still want to place the order.
  12. Caseynotes's post in Want to open live trading account in IG.Com was marked as the answer   
    Hi, once you have downloaded mt4 from IG, open mt4 go to 'File' > 'Open an account' highlight the IG demo feed, click Next and follow the instructions including check to receive newsletter. The platform will generate a login and password for your new demo account.
  13. Caseynotes's post in What is force open was marked as the answer   
    force open allows you to have two open trades in the same market going in opposite directions. If you choose net off instead then they will aggregate to either cancel each other out or leave you with just the one trade still active if the two trades were of different sizes.
  14. Caseynotes's post in Where is the IGG plc chart? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, yes IG Group is not listed on the leveraged platforms to prevent any possible accusations of conflict of interest, IG Group is only available on the share dealing platform.
  15. Caseynotes's post in starting and closing time was marked as the answer   
    Hi, see here,

  16. Caseynotes's post in Platform was marked as the answer   
    Hi , best to start with the IG Academy, you will need to login first.
  17. Caseynotes's post in Timed closing was marked as the answer   
    Hi, afraid the platform doesn't have that function available, you can only close manually or at a set price level.
  18. Caseynotes's post in Client sentiment - IG was marked as the answer   
    If you are logged into IG use the search to find the instrument and the data will be on the page or you can see a collection here;
    Sentiment may improve technical analysis and enable more consistent trading, particularly for those looking to trade against the consensus. Find out more with our guide to trading with IG client sentiment data, as well as how to approach sentiment analysis in forex trading. 
  19. Caseynotes's post in CFD Demo Account Mt4 was marked as the answer   
    Hi, no you have a separate account for mt4 whether live of demo. To open an mt4 demo account download mt4 and open, click 'File' > 'Open an account' > click the IG demo data feed in the pop up box, click next and follow the instructions, you will be auto allocated a user number and password. Same goes for the Live account except the user number and password arrive in two emails from IG but first you need to open a live mt4 account from your 'My IG' web page. 
  20. Caseynotes's post in Trading hours - Cryptocurrency was marked as the answer   
    Hi, crypto exchanges are generally 365 though they do shut down periodically for maintenance. IG does this weekly from 10pm Friday (UK time), the crypto market restarts at 4am Saturday (UK time).
  21. Caseynotes's post in Change candle time in ProRealTime was marked as the answer   
    Yes, PRT has a time zone shift function, don't know if it has a 'ignore Sunday' function though as it uses IG's feed.
    see this vid.
  22. Caseynotes's post in Spread bet/CFD trade using 100% margin was marked as the answer   
    Hi, to avoid overnight funding it would need to be a Forwards (futures) contract. If available then on the left hand top corner of the chart next to the asset name will be a choice of spot/cash and forward/futures, the spread is higher but there are no overnight funding charges, on rollover, usually 3 monthly the spread is paid over again. 
  23. Caseynotes's post in Spread of Wall Street cash CFD was marked as the answer   
    Hi, IG operate a variable spread system which means they take the spread of the liquidity provider and add their markup, normally this gives very low spreads compared to fixed spreads and commissions but in times of high volatility and/or low liquidity the spread offered by the liquidity providers will increase for a period, this will usually happen around times of major news releases such as the US NFP.
  24. Caseynotes's post in Stop Guaranteed was marked as the answer   
    Hi @RezaFHP,  sounds like you might be on a 'Limited Risk' account? If so the guaranteed stop is automatic, you may be able to change the account type if you speak to the help desk.
  25. Caseynotes's post in Forex trading from home was marked as the answer   
    Hi, you will need a platform and an account to transact business with the liquidity providers but you can trade directly with them using Direct Market Access (DMA). IG do provide such a service but to trade forex on it you need to qualify as a professional trader and the criteria is set pretty high. See more info here;
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