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  1. Hi, I havn't done any changes but login is now working successfully. I can now also implement this in own python code connecting to the IG.com API. Now the challenge is to get historical data for different epic's as individual stocks. I have not got that to work yet. I get error code. Error: request failed with code: 403:{"errorCode":"unauthorised.access.to.equity.exception"}
  2. I do not manage to login using IG API Companion with Demo account. I get below error. I provide correct API Key, User Name and Password but I do not succeed. I do not understand what security issue there is? Invalid details? Does anyone know what might be wrong? HTTP 400 status: error cache-control: no-cache, no-store content-length: 61 content-type: application/json { "errorCode": "error.security.invalid-details" }
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