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  1. Hello, has anyone else noticed that the margin equity glitches in the 60 seconds before the U.S. market opens? Specifically at around 14:29:16 the margin equity suddenly drops as if pre-market prices are being incorrectly used to calculate the margin equity. I have a video showing this glitch happening, and IG automatically closing my future positions around 14:29:18 which is 42 seconds *before* the market opened. This is very wrong. Pre-market prices can still have a large spread, and should not be included in the margin equity calculation until the market is open.
  2. Hello, Is any interest paid on "available" cash (not "margin") in a spread betting account? For example, if I held £10k in an account and had no open positions. The reason for asking is that I understand that proceeds from short sales in a CFD will receive interest (benchmark-2.5%), so was wondering if that applied to all cash, and couldn't find an answer on the web site. Thanks.
  3. The code is U on ICEU, the ultra long gilt future from ICE EU (LIFFE). https://www.theice.com/products/37650337/Ultra-Long-Gilt-Future IG already have the long gilt future (code R) from ICE EU, so it seems like it should be possible.
  4. Would it be possible to have UK ultra gilts on IG? US ultra treasury bonds are available, and UK long gilts are, but UK ultra gilts aren't. There's an ultra gilt future, same as long gilts, it just looks like IG haven't added it?
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