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  1. Hi Casey, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've spent what seems to be hours/days trying to resolve this as explained earlier. I thought I'd try a download from another provider - I did this and everything back to normal (just as you posted - Low CPU and Power Usage). I've re-patched all my indicators and templates to this one and everything is fine. I still haven't the foggiest what was causing it as it was a "clean" install and carried out all the usual key points concerning high CPU/Usage. (I've had MT4 running for about 4 years on my computa and have never had any issues like this). (***IG if you can suggest anything they would be welcome***) Anyhow for the time being - I can't spend any more time on this. Thanks again for your input. Regards Hugh
  2. I haven't got my platform open at the moment.. From memory But I think it's under VIEW (second one along the top bar ) Have a look down it and one of them will provide a link to adding other indicies etc
  3. Hi - I wondered if there are any suggestions to the high CPU usage & high Memeory Usage of my current MT4 platform. I have removed the old install - cleared all indicators and associated files. Re-Installed up to date programme - added the few indicators I use (4). Cleared the history. Reduced the number of bars in a chart. Opened a simple chart no indicators. Still getting high CPU usage & high Memeory Usage (Running WIN10) Any suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance. Hugh
  4. Hi Casey, Thank you for trying to help. I'm using a demo version at the moment whilst I get used to the software- so maybe this is the reason. I'm not sure. I've tried your suggestions but not had any success. As it stands - on my Account History - if i make a gain of 14 points - this is entered into the profit column as 18.63. Ratio 1.3307 - which is roughly cable conversion - hence my question. What I shall do, is continue for a while and if I decide to use Metatrader properly , I'll contact IG tech dept to see if there is a resolution to this. I just wondered if there was something I was missing... Thanks for taking the time though to post a reply ...much appreciated.
  5. I'm kind of quite liking MT4 but still familarising myself with it. One aspect I'm curious about: Is it possible to alter the base currency from USD to GBP. The Account History converts all results after converting to USD ( atleast I think this is what it's doing). So is there a way to change the base currency. Many thanks in advance. Regards
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