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  1. Hi Casey, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've spent what seems to be hours/days trying to resolve this as explained earlier. I thought I'd try a download from another provider - I did this and everything back to normal (just as you posted - Low CPU and Power Usage). I've re-patched all my indicators and templates to this one and everything is fine. I still haven't the foggiest what was causing it as it was a "clean" install and carried out all the usual key points concerning high CPU/Usage. (I've had MT4 running for about 4 years on my computa and have never h
  2. I haven't got my platform open at the moment.. From memory But I think it's under VIEW (second one along the top bar ) Have a look down it and one of them will provide a link to adding other indicies etc
  3. Hi - I wondered if there are any suggestions to the high CPU usage & high Memeory Usage of my current MT4 platform. I have removed the old install - cleared all indicators and associated files. Re-Installed up to date programme - added the few indicators I use (4). Cleared the history. Reduced the number of bars in a chart. Opened a simple chart no indicators. Still getting high CPU usage & high Memeory Usage (Running WIN10) Any suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance. Hugh
  4. Hi Casey, Thank you for trying to help. I'm using a demo version at the moment whilst I get used to the software- so maybe this is the reason. I'm not sure. I've tried your suggestions but not had any success. As it stands - on my Account History - if i make a gain of 14 points - this is entered into the profit column as 18.63. Ratio 1.3307 - which is roughly cable conversion - hence my question. What I shall do, is continue for a while and if I decide to use Metatrader properly , I'll contact IG tech dept to see if there is a resolution to this. I just wondered if there was somet
  5. Hi Dan, Just noticed your reply on this. I tried to post some screen shots but kept getting error messages. The solution is that when you go to launching an Auto Trade - there is a small box at the bottom that asks for maximum trade size. This could be interpreted as maximum stake per trade (as I thought it was) but it isn't actually this. It refers to the number of actual trades. So if you were launching an Auto Trade that traded 2PP and the code added to this position subsequently , you need to ensure that the number in the small box is >2. So for example if you added 5 trades
  6. I'm kind of quite liking MT4 but still familarising myself with it. One aspect I'm curious about: Is it possible to alter the base currency from USD to GBP. The Account History converts all results after converting to USD ( atleast I think this is what it's doing). So is there a way to change the base currency. Many thanks in advance. Regards
  7. Hi - The issue. I'm running this on a demo a/c. Auto Trade sends the first order to IG Demo a/c but not subsequent orders although they are listed on the PRT order list ? Not sure if it's a setting on PRT or IG All suggestions greatly appreciated, Many Thanks Hugh
  8. Hi, Just wondered if anyone could suggest why I can't get PRT to start on a Macbook. Java starts - but PRT doesn't appear too. I've done all the security stuff (Preferences) and all that. Just wondered if it was some thing so simple that I've overlooked. Thanks for any suggestions. Running Mavericks, Firefox, Java (up to date) - done everything possible !
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