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  1. An issue with the drawing functions has reared it's head once again. Trend lines/channels/fib etc disappear and reappear at random. This is somewhat frustrating given the significance of the humble trendline!
  2. As above - drawing functions not working properly. First noticed a couple of days ago.
  3. Hi, I have a couple of requests I'd like to put forward to the charting team: 1) the RSI indicator - could you modify the script and add in a 'smoothing' function (basically allow for the option to also view a simple moving average of the RSI). Also, I note the RSI does not scale in the manner of, say the stochastic function or BB% - for a given amount of space occupied on the chart, 'we see less' if you catch my drift.. minor detail, but annoying! 2) Channel - could you remove the necessity to have a colour fill on the channel? Also, could you add a function to view a line representing the middle of the channel? Thanks
  4. The FTSE is full of big industrial exporters (ie companies with real earnings) which predominantly earn in USD/EUR - combined with a weak pound this makes for a relatively less volatile index.. for now.
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