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  1. I have used signal centre for just over a week now I'm around 100 points up.


    I only trade with a risk to reward of 1:2 like above said.


    I use the stops and limits like advised on the signal but usally close the position myself when around 30 points up. There has been occasions where I have seen my trade being plus 50 points then drop to a minus then up say 17 points then I have closed the position my self. On another occasion I was on plus points again and I moved my stop to my break even point and got stopped out so I lossed and gained nothing.


    I think I might start taking notes now cus I have no idea on what I traded and what happened after I closed the position. Some of you might read this and think I got no chance and just got lucky so far.


    Let's see what happens next.


    Any pointers would be helpful thanks.

  2. Hi ulises


    I know what you mean about feeling greedy I get like that. Does any one have a favourite between autochartist and pia first.


    Also Caseynotes what is BTFD? When picking the 1:2 ratio do you set you profit at there recommended targets or take sooner?





  3. Hi Welshman


    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, I was just wondering what made you decide on one signal oppose to the other? I'm new to spread betting and the hardest thing I find is actually finding a stock to trade.


    Many thanks again

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