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  1. Good idea, didn’t think of that. Only issue is when holding over the weekend as I did
  2. I’ve been charged £157.89 for £4.5 position size in wti over weekend. Never ever have I seen that. Will work out what should have been but is definitely not correct as ai can see it. any advice please?
  3. Yeh could do with better stability, same as the app itself. Has been crashing a lot. I’m going to make a post on this but on the iphone app on a chart before you could double tap the screen and swipe up simultaneously, and it would zoom in like a lil magnifying glass. Was very helpful with fib extensions retracements and general accuracy of all drawings. Why has this function stopped working?
  4. Hi! I have always wondered if we could do this!! How do you set up alerts for RSI/Stoctastic levels?? I use the IG Iphone iOS app
  5. Absolutely agree! With the iOS environment being so diverse, ever evolving and so streamline with it’s devices, the IG app really should have kept with the times of Apple’s and even Samsung’s evolution. Yes it would need resources to back it, but if so many smaller companies can accommodate for the cross over of platforms, IG really should too. Especially when you look into their financials. I have given feedback on this, and really insist a survey is done to see the demand of a great iOS IG watch app. End of the day it’s all about the Client’s experience! have a great day all!
  6. Have you found Any solution? I’m getting the same issues
  7. Hi I’m getting the exact same issues! App crashes randomly, lags really terribly, goes blank, responds really slowly resulting in closing positions by accident, gets stuck and have to shut and restart/log back in just to get it working again only temporarily. This has been happening the past few weeks. Cannot stand it now! i have removed and reinstalled the latest up to date app. Have updated to the latest ios. I have an iPhone X. Absolutely no problems up until now. Please can someone advise/assist? It had got to a point of being unbearable to use the app. When every second matters in the market this is such a pain. Anyone having the same issues also? Tech team please help!
  8. Yes. Also being very buggy overall. Severe lagging when opening or returning to app, chart dealing and loading charts do not work. Not sire what’s going on
  9. I want to buy the new apple watch, solely for the purpose of using IG? Is there an app going to be available for the watch any time soon? what is the current functionality of then current iPhone app and watch connected together? Anyone able to advise?
  10. Any updates on the apple watch app? I’m literally about to buy one, use IG all the time, but only want the app for IG no other purpose??