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  1. Thanks Antony. I was using all 64 bits browsers all the time so that's not the issue. I can see the CPU usage sometimes can be 8-12%. But that is still too high for a browser based application. I have multiple IG accounts so sometimes I open 3 different browsers and log in separately. Then my combined CPU usage shoots up to 25-45% percent just for IG platforms. That is without any chart opened. In comparison, the classic platform uses maximum 1-2% CPU, and most of the time 0% during even busy market hours. That is whopping 1000-1200% jump in CPU usages. From a developer perspective (as being one with 15 years full-time dev experiences) I wouldn't even accept the new platform as a viable replacement for the old product given such an unbelievable jump in CPU consumption. My servers are all heavy duty with all sorts of applications/databases/virtual machines running at the same time so such a jump becomes a headache for me please address appropriately and technically. I don't want to see the classic going away at any time just because it's low consumption on system resource.
  2. I completely agree with you Chris as an 5 year+ IG user. The new platform packed with too many side features using too much resource. The classic platform is unbeaten in order execution among competitors with lightening fast 1-click execution and well designed deal ticket, whereas the new platform packed with so many charts/news/twitter or what ever unimportant stuff. I wouldn't actually call the 'deal ticket' in the new platform as it is just a price chart with picture part collapsed in. Please address and also keep the classic for old users!
  3. Hi there, My timeout limit is set to 12 hours I'm not sure why the new platform sometimes would redirect / logout to MyIG page after only 1 hour or so. This didn't happen in classic but the logout time seems pretty random. Please help me to fix the time to 12 hours as it is pretty clearly set.
  4. Hi there, I started to try out the new platform but comparing to 5% CPU usage in classic during any 'fairly' busy market hours, the new platform uses about 10-15% CPU. I run it on a server box with Xeon 1226v3 3.6g Quad core and 32GB DDR3 ram which would be sufficient for any browser based application. I tried both latest Chrome and Firefox and the CPU usage are similar on both. Please could you let me know whether it is intended to use such an high amount of CPU or there is plan to reduce it. (For reference, in the same box I ran a MySQL 5.7 server with 50+ concurrent connection with high thoughput I/O to a local SSD and it uses only 5-8% CPU)