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  1. Thank you IG and the technical team for your quick response and getting the problem fix. All the alerts are now working. I am getting all the alerts , including indicator alerts. Regards Wilhelm
  2. Need assistants. Setup alerts for indicator. Alerts did work on day it was created , but after 0:00 last Friday until now no alerts came threw. Deleted old alerts and created new alerts on Monday. Still no alerts getting threw on platform or mobile or email or twitter. Did Check settings on platform , My IG and mobile, all are setup up to send or receive alerts,but nothing is getting threw. Total alerts set up is between 6 - 18 on international and local platforms on three separate index's. Have anybody a solution or got the same problem. It is a bit frustrated if you want to trade and timing is crucial. Regards Wilhelm (6/2/2018)
  3. Need info regarding following please : size of webinar streaming download for 30min. What the data usage more or less will be for 30min webinar.Thanks.