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  1. Does this mean you win small and lose big? Notwithstanding your rate of return is above parity? Pardon me, I really dont know how to read this data. I guess mine is worst (lose big, rate of return negative.)
  2. Hi there. Where can I see my rate of returns & win rate in IG?
  3. If you bought $1000 worth of GME with $1,000 then you are not on margin. If you bought $1,000 worth of GME with $250 then you are on the max 25% margin, and you have 3 days to transfer $750 else position will be closed at prevailing price. The concerted effort by all brokers will probably lead to a mass sell-off which any traders/ investors would have visualized by now. Note: I am not involved in GME
  4. I am constantly swinged left right during off hours, it does no good to a scalper like me 😡
  5. Casey, what's your view for DJ futures? I just need some direction from a pro who is watching charts day in day out 24/7.
  6. You probably know my ID, may I know the reason why I am unable to locate 'options' in the watchlist (STAR icon) per described by you?
  7. I just kinda wish this forum will be more exciting with respective traders' thoughts, views and position. The charts posted here has no meaning to me. Am I dumb or what?
  8. I have the same problem as of now.. looking at UWT but unavailable in IG.
  9. Hi greetings from Singapore & finally someone started a thread on HSI. 😗
  10. The type of charts we trade depends on the expected time you want to TP. For 20-30pips in indices, I trade in m3 and rarely look beyond H1. The bigger chart are for a direction for the day, minute chart is where the execution is.
  11. Can anyone advise hammer appearing on wall street D1 chart is a short or long call? Fundamentals did not change overnight so we put FA aside..
  12. Hi, Do you guys trade prior trading hours (ie market closed but open for trade during weekdays)? I am trying to make a stop to my recurring losses...signz
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