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  1. Hi, I thought I'd share my experience as a trader in BIOTECH stocks on the US exchanges. I have been trading with both cash (shares) and leverage/margin (CFD) since 2012 on/off as this is my hobby and I trade because I enjoy it. I do day, long and some short term trading. I would say I am not a technical trader, but I do use indicators such as charts, fundamentals, investor sentiment and of course some DD (due diligence) to guide me in trades. I am not very advanced (some would say smart) as I do not do spreads and rarely trade with stops. I will try and explain why later. So before I star
  2. Hi I am Rene from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am new to this platform, but have been (hobby) trading on other platforms since 2012. I have decided to look into using this platform for CFD trades, while using a different platform for cash trades. I mainly trade BIOTECH stocks on the US exchanges. I do both day- and long-trading for capital gain.
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