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  1. Cheers. Not sure that answers my question unfortunately. Do you know how many ticks on TV make up a point on IG? I'm essentially just wanting to know how much I need to put in the IG order tab boxes to reflect what my long/short tool is saying on TV. I know my entry price and my target sell price (and the difference between both in ticks), but for some reason I am struggling to fathom how to translate that to IG's platform which deals in points.... I had thought points related to numbers to the left of the decimal point... Cheers, any help appreciated
  2. Hello. Hopefully an easy question. I'm having a bit of difficulty translating my Trading View long/short tool profit levels over into the limit order tab on IG Index. TV gives profit taking movement in ticks while IG deals in points. So, for forex trading pairs on this broker, how many ticks are in a point for: typical markets (GBP/USD, EUR/USD etc) ? non-standard markets (GBP/JPY etc)? Cheers! AL
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