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  1. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks very much for the advice! I did the steps as you recommended but it still didn't work. I then contacted the Help Desk and managed to have it sorted out. If I may share, I realised that as I'm from Singapore, I will have to trade on the markets ending with '.s' (Eg. EURUSD.s). So I followed the steps given and wohoo finally got the undistorted charts back up. These are the steps: Click on View on your MT4 platform and select 'Symbols > C-Forex-SG/C-Metals-SG/C-Indices-SG'. Click on the chart(s) required, then click Close. Go to Market Watch or Create a new chart on your MT4 platform to load the chart(s). Hope this helps others as well in future. Thanks once again!
  2. Some of my charts in MT4 do not load properly like those below. Does anybody have any solution to resolve this? This has been bothering me for 2 weeks now! I've tried going on demo accounts, deleting and reloading the MT4 again and again but nothing worked! Thanks in advance.
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