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  1. Hi Anton It is unfortunate indeed. Most companies would ensure that impact on clients is minimised and they are well informed. You have all the information you need to identify you user base. There has been a lack of engagement of those clients that are impacted. Such changes come as a shock. This approach seem very cavalier. It is not just an inconvenience but also a shame that IG has chosen to forego clients whose needs you used to cater for. Less profits from this user base! Please consider altering the website, so that, like me other users do not falsely think Windows mobile
  2. Yes, IG help desk are not helpful as they say that the app has been taken down from Windows store. It is really silly. if you have user using it to take it down. The website also says mobile users can continue using it but would not have any updated features. Well if it's not there then it is not possible. IG does not seem to have consideration for the users. As they did not bother to contact the app users.
  3. Windows app got deleted in error. How can I reinstall it?
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