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  1. oilfxpro wrote: Trading short on indices, there will be 2 months of profits and a possible 10 months of break even or losses. Why not feel the discomfort of break even 2 months and profits 10 months? This in my opinion is only applicable over long term. Trading the swings means you trade long or short according to the prevailing direction for a short duration. Once more I'm not saying this strategy is wrong or a preference to trade in only one direction is also wrong. I'm simply stating that I prefer to trade with the trend on a short term basis no matter the direction.
  2. I understand the strategy & I appreciate your posts & time. Personally I adhere to the realization that there isn't one strategy to fit all conditions. I've made decent gains in bull & bear. I'm also a firm believer in doing what suits you best and what makes you profit.
  3. "So check the market on 3 or 4 time frames up from the one you are trading and either choose a market to suit the strategy or choose a strategy to suit the market." Couldn't agree more.
  4. Interesting to note that both Gann & Livermore made fortunes on "shorting" the market. Not taking anything away from what you are saying. Just making an observation.
  5. Looks interesting. I suppose in a bear market you could reverse the strategy & trade off resistance?
  6. Possible divergence setting up on the stoch with the daily Usd/Jpy.
  7. Big trading range in the ASX. The break out should be a very decent move.
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