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  1. Can anyone tell me why most of the next quarter futures are only available inthe IG platform , in the expiration week of the current quarter futures ? This week 11-15sep23 , at this moment 12sep 8h30 GMT , only some VS indices next quarter futures are available , but others not such as EU50, DAX , Russell2000....It would be handsome if the next quarter futures would be available a few weeks before the expiration of the current ones , right ? Do you agree ?
  2. I get a message box in the mobile app while giving the credentials : 'Login Failure , We are sorry , this platform is currently unavailable' I am using these logins for long time and use the app every day . I reinstalled the app , but no luck. Also , the streaming API is not working anymore , and i am using it for long time , i didn't change python code...error message : Failed to log in , Status code : 403 Browser web application is working.
  3. Is it a problem related to my account ?? because i can't login on streaming API and neither mobile app.....but the overall status on IG seems ok .....browser application seems to work...
  4. working solution for demo account : https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/12018-how-to-set-default-demo-account/
  5. Thanks to Support team as they explained : put 'CFD' demo as 'default' ( in mobile app ) I found also this related :
  6. It's working for only DEMO Login at OAuth but no functions ware working...
  7. I have the same problem with API companion Live is no problem , only problem with DEMO
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