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  1. I am also having the problem of "requote" while using an EA on MT4. The market isn't moving especially quickly but about 1 in every 10 orders fails due to requote. I'm not using an EA that requires highly fast and accurate trades therefore I can handle a bit of slippage. How do I set the allowable amount of slippage to avoid "requote"? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the time and effort with your answer. I tried all of the above and my 5 min data still only goes back a month. Does your 5 min chart data go back to 1997? The picture above shows your monthly chart going back to 1997. Are you on an IG account? I believe it is because it is an IG MT4 account that I use. There must be somewhere who supplies US30 data to download and load manually. I can find it for 1M on ll the forex charts.
  3. Unfortunately what ever I do the data centre won't download more than 2 months data for US30. My MT4 is obviously connected to IG and IG only supply 2 months US30 data on 5m chart. It looks like I will have to download MT4 on its own to access MT4 data history.
  4. Sorry Caseynotes, I don't think I have explained correctly. I am happy with either data, it is just that the IG data my mt4 is downloading is only 2 months old and i want to back test an EA further.
  5. Thanks for your replies. But how do I therefore download metatraders long term data and not the IG data?
  6. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for your reply but I have already tried this with no joy. I am getting the message shown in the image attached but I'm not sure where I can change the source of the data.
  7. When I use the History Centre on MT4 for the US30 on the 5 mins chart it only downloads the last 2 months data. When I download USD/EUR I get nearly a years worth of data. How can I get more data for the US30? Thanks
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