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  1. Hi Good question, and good timing for the question. There is a decent chance the ASX could reach the 6160 level as this month is our financial year end, meaning often (no guarantees) the large institutions (local) fiddle their books for this (tax tricks). If needs be, they'll get up there against global headwinds. But you never know what they're doing... I'll have a think about it. After that, hard to see it getting near the 2007 record. Amazing it was that long ago...
  2. Ok, thanks. Makes sense now. Welcome lads.
  3. Sorry if it is obvious to UK clients - but who are UKX members - or iii Interactive Investor, or BARC (Barclays?). Just curious.
  4. If you mean your two long positions from 5995 and 5998 then yes they are in profit, but that's not grid trading. That's a pure directional trade, which is my point. Being pedantic I know, but.... At least they're in profit - good!
  5. Cool. I thought it might have been a practical demo of commodities futures trading. I'm with James - I like your post. The basil looks quite healthy too.
  6. Hi I would disagree with a few things you've said. Firstly, in what applies to me personally - I don't follow "quacks" and don't give much credence to TA at all. So I agree with what you say (just not in that it applies to me). The simple thing you've said which stands out to me is that "you would have made money in this down-trend" (using grid trading). I would have just shorted it - no grid - and made money. No "hedge" to unwind, no reduced profits, and in the current rate environments, there is no advantage with trying to capture some interest. Grid trading, the way I u
  7. I always thought you were a grid trader... Won't work. Grid trading is seductive but just doesn't work. You need exposure to profit. I'm getting the hurry-ups from the forum algo - save or discard. Something new? Algo's bossing us around - I think that will create a new form of "rage" (eg road rage) - getting off topic. Well, I have seen this topic create "grid-rage" - a lot of people don't like gridding...A lot love it too.
  8. Is this a stupid question, but why did they send you some basil seeds?
  9. As of now, 10:48am Tuesday morning, the IG ASX200 low is 6044.4 and the XJO low 6046.10. Either way, that trade would be stopped out. The market is still weak, trying to find some buying. Not knowing the rational behind the earlier trade (buy 6084, stop 6050, target 6135) I can't offer much more commentary on it. I'd expect a range to develop off these lows. No clear sign of a bottom/low yet. China is strong (+0.5%) the Nikkei weak (-35) and that's off a positive lead overnight.
  10. That question is something that assumes a certain trading approach that I believe is incorrect. If in the past 6084 was an important value/price, it is not necessarily true that it will remain important, as the context then and the next time it is at that price has normally changed (assuming a time frame of a week or more say). Technical analysis, in other words, is so one dimensional. The XJO went below 6084 today but it wasn't a significant number. I haven't looked at the charts to see if it is either. To me I would take every day as it comes, and decide on the day whether a certai
  11. It is probably known but IG have changed how they determine their strike price for the ASX (XJO). Who knows why. They now take the price of the XJO just before the expiry time, not on/at the expiry time. It shouldn't be an issue as they disclose when this is and a trader has to accept that that's how the binary is set up. Philosophically it might be more or less accurate. In reality it makes absolutely no difference as a trader couldn't trade within that 1 minute regardless..... One thing that isn't openly disclosed is that they now shut their binary market 1 minute earlier than befo
  12. Not sure what you're implying - "lost support" ??? Today either the 6083.10 20min ladder binary which was 44 or less at 3:55pm "bought", and the 6083.00 hourly ladder binary at 43 to 36 buy at 3:55pm, or less in the 2 mins till lockout. XJO 6084.50, binaries to 100. At the moment I am limited in how I can post on the forum. That's about all I can say. Last week I was visiting family.
  13. The algo's did pop 8pts on 4pm as expected, but from then on it was another sell-into-strength. Yet the selling pushed the market to new lows, including the XJO on close. I was staying out, but my expectations from the get go were off for this last ten mins. Annoying considering the rest of the day. The XJO closed 6116.20, down 2.50, setting the day's low. Tough trading for binaries with the prices offered. Unless you got in over the afternoon. The nice thing of the day was that the algos were still perfect, and our magic number ruled the day, 6093 the goal for the selling. Hmm.
  14. The Friday algo kicked into gear today, as the SPI and XJO meandered in a small-ish range. It just doesn't want to move above these levels, despite some positive leads and context. A flat to positive start only invited more selling, fading the XJO's early gains (up 20ish)down about 15. That steadied, then ranged higher into 1pm as expected. There were no binaries on offer when I was watching, as the XJO was at a mid-range level, easy for IG to price so to speak. No surprises there. The Dow and the Nikkei led our surge into 12pm, the Dow moving from +20 to +44, the Nikkei +155 to plu
  15. Not on purpose, but often right when I post any suggestions for the close, the market moves and the tip becomes redundant. Same thing today - the market sold down about 5 pts right as I posted so my suggestion to sell a ladder binary was a bit late. Yet there was still life in the move, the next level ladder still a sell. Well priced too, the 6120 ladder a sell at 57, XJO 6120.40 at 3:58pm. That was looking borderline, until the last minute when there was a bit of a dump, pushing the SPI down to the magic number 6094. That held - remarkable - the selling pressure was held off perfectly
  16. I'd give $100 for anyone who could guess the low of today (on the SPI) yet it is a bit too easy to find out the answer... Well, the day is still young in binary terms, 3:24pm, but I'll call it. Make my own binaries... After last night's rally on the back of irrational buying because of the Iran Deal withdrawal, the SPI opened even stronger than where it closed for the night session (at 7am). The 6093 level, respected all day, was leaped over at 5pm (yesterday afternoon, just after it had held all day) and was treated like any other price as the SPI moved higher. Interesting - yet this m
  17. Cheers, thanks James.
  18. Sold off on the close, then rallied back to high. That held - 6093 - solid. Can't tell me that is conventional buying and selling. Binary was good, the XJO closing at 6108. That 6110 ladder sold at 63 was a good trade. Two days in a row some buying after 4:10pm, which goes nowhere. Hmm.
  19. I seem to have missed the last 30mins in my expected price moves for the day. Up till then it was ok. So I will wing it - yet the morning was more selling. The open relaxed, had a re-think of that, revisiting a high that seems to be important - the 6093 level. Had a few bites at it, and like I mentioned yesterday that was the high from Monday night, and the close of Friday (the high that night being 6098). So it is a level where stuff is getting done. This morning it was selling, as the market then faded down to a tight range into 1pm. A small 20pt fall, not much happening today. B
  20. Thanks! I hope it is profitable. One day you should tell us about the logic you refer too - if it doesn't give away any trade secrets.
  21. Ha - cool. Thanks - a forum honour I guess. I hope it makes you some cash...
  22. Flat close at 16:10 but there was some underlying buying, enough to kick the XJO up. Not what I expected, yet I was staying out so would only have missed some decent buys (6089 and 6090 ladder at 40 and 45 buy). SPI has since rallied 7pts since the cash close at 4:10pm. Not bad considering it kept a 5pt range at the lows for over an hour. Short covering by some big players. No external correlated moves, so local buying since 4pm. Vols on the banks were good today, rest probably average. Buying before tonight ... hmm.
  23. Bit of a dud day really - early gains from the overnight rally didn't inspire the market, with a small sell off on the open rallying back to a range. That was just a set up for selling at those higher prices. Interesting the high was the overnight high.... Held strong. Selling into that in a 10pt range, with a small surge into 1pm. Bit of a risky move but I took the 6109 binary (hourly) for 37 pts and 42pts (buying) at 12:39pm. There was a bit of ground to make up - XJO at 6107.40 - and the SPI was just meandering up till then. But thankfully there was a small surge to take the XJO to
  24. Thanks for the encouraging words. Good to know. Cheers.
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