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  1. I should add the obvious - trade these suggestions at your own risk. I am a client of IG, unaffiliated, trade for myself. I chose to trade binaries so my suggestions will be biased towards this style of trading, but (hopefully) can be useful for straight futures/CFDs. I would normally trade the same suggestions as I make too - so am not just "blog-trading" (online paper trading).
  2. Creating a thread for the ASX index - post trade ideas or whatever. I started to do this in the Beat the Analyst thread - migrating that to here... Today - suggested quite early buy pre-1pm and PM lows - trick was knowing that... As a follow-up on that suggestion : Markets did close higher, with an AM low, and by 12pm a low was set with an up move into 1pm. PM kept that strength, with more confident buying opportunities around 3:30pm. Could have shorted the high but that was a bit less certain in my opinion. (With binaries, it is possible to estimate a low without knowing it exactly hence my suggestion.) Small profits however from that tip, as it was a slow PM (ie. after say 2pm) and generally low volume day, with a steady market after early volatility (especially on the open) - meaning binaries were a bit ordinary. Some erratic 20min binaries, which can be more random than anything. Tomorrow - Australian jobs data - and a few other things. Of course, the US/overnight lead will start things off...
  3. Hi - I like your suggestions 2 and 3! Lets hope IG consider them.
  4. None. I'm curious, with the suggestions made, what people trade - contract sizes, points made/duration of trade. To provide a context for those technical indicators?
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