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  1. Like a wrestling move - ramp the SPI up 10pts into and after 4pm, then slam it down 10pts into the 4:10pm close. Decent buying and selling too. All of that kept the XJO a touch higher (v the 4pm level) into the close, 6084.50 (in the 20-30 range). That 6080 was a good buy, and the positive expectation was ok. Yet hard to trade in real-time. As of now 4:22pm the market is relaxing back to the low as other markets come off a touch.
  2. Monday started strongly on the back of Sat. morning's gains, yet it was basically selling into this strength till 12pm. China woke up and it dragged us higher into 1pm (+4 to +33 to +66 after 1pm) along with the Dow futures, which were about +25 to +50 to +80ish similarly. I took a longer range binary into 1pm - at 12:38 the 6095 ladder was cheap between 37-40 buy as the XJO relaxed a touch (6094.40). Expired at 100 XJO 6099.40. Then the selling kicked in, taking the SPI to its lows (the XJO still +20ish), and more strongly after 2pm to new lows by 4 where it ranged. Just in the last 10
  3. The XJO close was more of the same - selling into the range. Good value on the binary sell - the XJO was 6065 on the dot at 4pm, and IG were selling at 55. When I looked earlier, there was a bit more juice in the price as it was a 68 sell, XJO only 6066ish. I would have missed out on a trade - conflicted signals (even though the obvious was .... obvious in hindsight) and prices. The waiting side of trading - who just posted that (EA Trader) - Bill Lipschutz. And as Caseynotes mentioned yesterday, you'll get a decent move then have to deal with the channel (daily). So lots going on toda
  4. The ASX was slapped back to reality today - after a quiet open, the algo's did two things before letting the bottom fall out of the SPI (hinting it was one-way traffic from then). At about 11:50am. Strong selling pushed the SPI down about 30pts to erase most (if not all) of yesterday's gain. Selling by the big players, which continued over lunch - though it steadied then to be more of a range. I expected a relax - it was more pure selling. But my expected sentiments were correct. The Dow and China were both negative too, yet they recovered leaving the ASX to its own devices (again).
  5. A 400pt fall on the Dow recovered, with a 50pt rally in the dying minutes of the session. The SPI had a large range, with a new high into its session close. Expect a relax on open to recover and range 1pm. Lower range over the afternoon, higher range into end of day.
  6. Well spotted That's why I invested the time to get familiar with binaries. If you miss that open (which is often mostly the night session so you'd have to get in then) then the day is over unless you can trade those beloved channels. Binaries are perfect for this type of action in my opinion. A possible reason to back-explain these moves: The market is front-running the expected "Big Bank" results. (In Australia, there are 4 large banks with profits over 1billion dollars each and who pay a div. of about a 6% yield. CBA, NAB, WBC and ANZ). NAB today - undercooked ie lower than last
  7. Don't know what I would have done if my threat didn't come about... Yet was saved by the unbelievable weirdness going on. The rally kick-in as suggested right after my posting, helped by China (and the Dow) surging. Then the SPI ranged in the 10min lockout, higher than the 4pm level. But with about 1min to go the selling just capitulated the SPI and it dropped about 7pts, meaning that 6095 ladder was dead (the XJO at 4pm was 6095.80. Yet the last 30sec say saw buying reverse that fall and take the SPI higher, and the XJO to close at 6098.30. Good value for the 6095 ladder at 29 buy (was 2
  8. Hi Thanks again for providing that nice visual weekly context. I should look at it more often. The question is (and the associated general discussion that could possibly melt-down the forum) : did anyone sell at the resistance, or buy expecting the surge through and beyond. Or sell, get stopped out, and then have the trading psyches to buy (which is impressive). That is THE "thing" with TA.
  9. Cracks appearing in the break-away surge as selling kicked in all day. Prices still rose - interesting. Anyway, a small rally on the open, despite the lead (again) fell back, then bounced back to highs and new highs into 1pm. Would have been some good binaries. The move was sort of symmetrical - up 27, down 23, up 27, then ranged, until about 20mins into 1pm. That would have taken the XJO from the 40-50 range over into the above 50 range, and the binary would have been probably just near a 50buy. For this rise, the Dow was flat, the Nikkei down 120 and China down a similar % (to the N
  10. Good trading lessons this afternoon - watching now, the SPI is making a new high after a serious dump into 4:10pm XJO close, rallying 12 since then to a new high. YET it was clear (90% certainty) the XJO had made it's high early in the afternoon and kept that high 3mins before its close. The SPI waited till it was closed, then resumed the rally to whatever its doing up here. The close panned out as expected, weaker, but the drop was intense. About 8pts, yet the XJO only 3, 6050.20 up 35.00. So the higher 6052 ladder was the right trade and waiting and watching that to come into play
  11. Interesting that the DAX is up 70 and the FTSE 26 pre-open. Another not really following the Dow - probably saw a lot of it last night...
  12. Deja-counter-rally day on the ASX with another positive day, bucking the overnight lead again, and the flat context in Asia. Quite interesting to ponder - nothing's really changed, so a few big players, locally or international, have business to do and aren't ashamed to do it. I expected a weaker start then a decent bounce into 1pm. We got a ranging start and then a slow melt-up into 1pm. Ranged a bit then made new highs after 12pm. Those highs held for three touches - and possibly a fourth soon (now 3:33pm) YET interesting - a bit of off-loading going on up here. The Dow has b
  13. Thank you IG is what everyone should be saying (if you traded that ladder binary). For some reason just after posting, the price dropped (the market came off 1pt) way way too far. I was buying at 41, then 36, then even 26. Really too cheap considering the XJO was at 6014.60 (only had to rally 0.4). As with binaries it could have been a weak close and that binary go to zero, but I expected a stronger close - and stronger than it did. Just snuck home by the way, so it wasn't an easy trade so to speak. Just well rewarded. XJO closed 6015.20 up 32.50. Volume was above average for the banks
  14. I'll give you grandmother.... As if the SPI/XJO heard that remark as it rallied higher today despite the weak overnight lead and general flat-weak markets in Asia. On the open we rallied hard 22pts, had a breather while the cash market opened, then pulled back a bit before surging higher. I expected a ranging start (so not a fall as the Dow would have suggested) but not the surge - that put my expectations off just a bit so I sat on the sidelines. Come 12pm and 54pts higher, the SPI ranged in a 10pt range, with selling kicking in there and then. It was setting up for some nice binaries,
  15. Not sure why that is relevant.... Say I was, then...?
  16. Hi I believe you - but no I haven't watched it. Yet grandmothers are no problems for binary (digital 100) trading.
  17. Waiting often is the better trade, and this arvo it was. It did give better prices, but for shorts. However that would have been a bit of a on the spot intuition. I noted a 58 sell for the 5985 ladder. IG upped their prices quite quickly - while I was posting (making my post redundant before I posted it!), so the cheap binaries would have been overpriced and not worth trading. But the selling pressure, and internal dynamics of the SPI and XJO were making it an even bet buy or sell. Closed 5982.70 yet the SPI was pretty much unch. One of those tricky closes. The real action was afte
  18. A one-move-wonder sort of day for the SPI, which is not uncommon. Early trading was a bit confused, with a small rally fading to a low, over an hour or so (a few skirmishes up and down, but a tight 15pt range). Then 12pm and China seemed to give us the bid as we raced higher by about 25pts. Then we ranged at this level into 1pm, with some selling at these higher prices. I expected that and spied some value with the up 30-40 range binary. It was a buy at 51 (probably 45-55 during the 20mins till expiry) with the XJO at +31, 12:38pm. It was cheap because the surge seemed out of the ordinary
  19. Hi Thanks for the post and good point. I will try and add some simple ideas/concepts/basics in the next days to help. I don't know of any educational material to link to sorry, and I don't think I could teach how I watch the SPI in detail - mostly intuitive these days. I thought of branching out into the DAX/FTSE or Dow (concepts might carry over), but haven't the time. It might be helpful for me to try and outline some of the thinking for digital 100's - it is a bit different to futures/CFD's but once you've taken the red pill.... But sorry for rabbiting on while not being hel
  20. I actually bought it because it was the right trade, not because it was bad - ie badly priced, contrary to my post. I would have added another lot of contracts however just because it was badly priced. Bought, starting at 3:33pm the ladder 5845 for 42. Then for reasons unknown (unknowable even it was so weird) grabbed some for 21 buy, 28 buy at 3:55pm and then even at 3:58pm 37 buy. Easily add as many contracts as you wanted in those time-frames as the price was the same. I also snuck in a 5944 hourly ladder to pay for my higher ladder binaries, and this was priced more accurately but s
  21. The first 10seconds of the open today gave away the day's expected evolution. Despite the strong lead, we didn't push higher, with the cash reflecting the overnight move but then selling off. The SPI faltered a little after the open, moved back up to a high before beginning its slow snooze downwards. That high (intra-day so to speak) has just been niggled, but not touched - about 5.5hours apart - still holding. See these algo's don't goof off like a human would. Anyway, 12pm a brief 1pt lower low, then ranged above here into 1pm. Binaries easy for IG to price so nothing to talk about. T
  22. Cash close XJO 5910.80 down 10.80. Don't know if that's a coincidence or the aglo's being weird - their fingerprints are all over today. Precise. The preferred ladder binary was a good trade, 33 to 100. Despite that, I expected a positive close which was good until the last 10sec, the last few seconds really hit hard. The internal correlation between the SPI and the XJO is what kept me safe, and possibly why IG were underpricing their binaries. There would be some stronger reasons too - but this might have been in the mix. Still a bit of weakness on the EU open. ECB tonight.
  23. After a day off, the SPI had an interesting night session - took off then kept that range for most of the session. That was despite the negative lead Tues night, and that the EU/UK were still digesting those moves. The positive close from Wall St. this morning kept the SPI strong, and that flowed on into our open. Yet some selling kicked in early, dropping it a touch, but it then rallied to a high. Didn't want to trend higher, but set up for a range, which slowly relaxed back down near the early lows. One of our big banks (Westpac) got a sell rating from UBS, which may have started the g
  24. Strong selling as expected on the close and continuing now. The XJO closed 5921.60 up about 35 - so those binaries would have been safe - there is no spoon. Yet you feel a bit ripped off for not getting better prices. The XJO did put in an algo determined high too as mentioned. The selling now is giving back most if not all of the post 1pm gains. Might be a busy close considering the public holiday - maybe some covering now - presto. Day off tomorrow for the SPI so radio silence for the posting.
  25. Quite a strong day, with an expected range moving higher after 1pm. Strong buying continuing now 3:37pm, making new highs and ticking things over into a new binary range (the lower range now a 49 buy). Has been doing that all day - range, surge range surge. On open we rallied, then sold off strongly, which rebounded and then popped higher, ranging into 1pm with steady buying. The Dow was +30 and China +20. I saw a binary early on which I watched into 1pm - oddly at 12:55 it was priced at 31 - a steal. The good thing with slow moving markets that reverse quickly with little time to go is
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