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  1. Yeah, I'd expect that too. Yet... say this group had a highly probably trade or two for the FTSE index (during normal opening hours and these trades happen at any time of the session or week - ie. not time dependent). There are then a few ways you could trade it with IG - a CFD (so conventional long short) or through Binaries. IF IG for either of these methods you use to place the trade take the other side (which they do when they make a market) THEN.... That is assuming two things - they can't use their generous spread to match out the trade to other clients. OR that they don't want
  2. Hi Great idea - I think something like that would be beneficial to both IG and clients. If I can add a side discussion to yours - I wonder how long IG will let a trader or group of traders be consistently profitable before restricting their trading...?? Would they ever do that? If they did, how would you/the affected person feel, and what could they (the trader) do?
  3. The liquidity might be a factor - in a "normal" market ie. zero sum - you'd be aware that your idea isn't as simple as it seems. Would you average the entry price for your second example where you scale in on a load of 1pound/contract positions? Otherwise they'd have to be at the same price. I like the idea though - I have often thought I want to bail, yet have to close out say three lots of the same position and end up getting different prices (normally worse than I hoped as the market has moved contrary to expectations) - if I could close all my xxxx positions simultaneously it wo
  4. Just another tip - using partial fills (the new feature) works great with binaries and is personally recommended! Definitely a great feature. Obviously the points through feature doesn't make sense with a binary and how it is priced, so that doesn't really apply. Yet partials - yep.!
  5. Hi Tim, Thanks for the follow up. You're not wrong in saying the price of the futures can move much more than the underlying cash! It's nuts - and with the automation these days it seems even more extreme (than a few years ago). There's not much hope for a human these days ? An interesting topic for another day. I am an old school manual trader so for me it's all or nothing when I pull the trigger. Cheers.
  6. None. I'm curious, with the suggestions made, what people trade - contract sizes, points made/duration of trade. To provide a context for those technical indicators?
  7. Had a good look at the 20min binaries over the past two days - they're great! Amazing the risk-reward offered on a 20min basis. I can't recommend them, and binaries in general, highly enough. I guess you still need to have a bit of experience trading - and the psychology of trading can be amplified with binaries. But it's worth investigating in my opinion. Good stuff IG !!
  8. Hi Thinker, I just re-read your post and noticed you focus on the 20min and hourly binaries. I assumed you were trading the daily and 1pm binaries, with all the different types of binaries for those time-frames - which is what my comments we referring to. I haven't looked closely at the 20min or hourly - I think I had a look at the sprint markets and thought you could do better with an outright CFD ie. futures trade, so stuck to the other binaries. I have often wondered about the price IG gives for the underlying, especially for Wall St binaries which seem hugely different (like 20pt
  9. HI Thinker, Interesting post and I'm glad there is someone else who trades index binaries. I do the ASX200 mainly (due to sleeping hours) - I must admit while I dislike the large spreads, I haven't found any issues to make me either less profitable (well the spread obviously but I understand the need for that) or not want to trade the binaries. I think IG's binaries are brilliant to be honest. Be good to chat more in the future. Cheers.
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