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  1. Hi All, As you can see in the following picture, I opened a position at 1.08935 and closed it at 1.08617. However, I do not know why I did not gain £31.8 (1.08935-1.08617). could you please give me some guidance on how to make a calculation for profit and loss? Thank you, Sam
  2. Hi All, I have just started to learn Foresx trading, and I got confused by what indicator to use. could you please tell me how we can intrepret the indicators when they give the same results in different situations? for example, I study these four indicators to get any signs for increasing or decreasing movement but it seems I am not on the right track. Thank you
  3. T hank you for the explanation. Could you please let me know where can I change the option from standard contracts to mini contracts? Thank you
  4. Hi All, I started trading on a demo account on IG, and I decreased my deposit from 100000 to less than 300 to simulate a live account. Howover, I found that I need at least £ 3000 to start a deal for EURUSD. Could you please tell me what is the minimum deposit to start a deal for EURUSD on a live account ? Thank you
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