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  1. If a big percentage of users, not including on this community, prefer as it is then the best approach to keep everybody happy is to have a "tick box" or "Allow/ Disallow" on settings>Preferences where you can decide if you want it by default or not the "Force Open" option. In the same way you can select "Trailing Stops" or "1-click dealing". How difficult is to implement this?
  2. Force Open new positions should ALWAYS be as default. If I want to CLOSE the position I will do that. Agree is a trap.
  3. After reading your response in my mind a trailing guaranteed stop still makes sense. If the distance increases after hours from 30 to 120 the STOP level will remain the same... As soon the market open again when is back to 30 the the trailing guaranteed stop will do the job.
  4. Hi, I found this very frustrating at the moment. In order to know the margins you need to open the info pop up everytime. Surely to incorporate this as a optional additional column should not be that difficult.
  5. I wonder how difficult will be to add a momentum filter to Market Screener. Under "fundamentals" or as a separate category. Ideally to filter by 1w/1m/3m/1y and positive/negative.
  6. Hi all, Giving the new FSA intentions to regulate IG and others I found the case for trailing guaranteed stops is more robust. It will present IG with an edge against competitors and maybe it worth considering to apply by default on positions on new accounts. This will certainly limit the risk for new guys. I wonder if anyone from IG could give us some idea if they are considering this on a near feature. F
  7. By having a look at the screenshot, how do I need know what it can be shorted? 
  8. I have tried to open a "SELL" position on Foxtons Dic-16 without any luck. After a phone conversation I have told even though you display the prices you not take short positions, except dairy funded, not good for me. I wonder if you can incorporate on the platform some sort of alert/sign that says it is not possible to SHORT it or maybe a link to a spreadsheet to know which shares can be shorted (Day, Dic16, March17, June17)
  9. This is long overdue..... waiting for years to be applied.
  10. This an excellent idea, to have 24 hours markets are fine, are far there is an option to access to the "normal" hours, it also goes to the US stocks.
  11. The second suggestion is a great idea, trading PAIRS at the moment is much harder that it should be. In fact, we could extended by having alerts on ratios, for instance: STOCK1/STOCK2 >1.5 should pop up the classic alert.
  12. I do not use all the time, however on certain scenarios is just to risky do not use it. The trailing guaranteed stops is great help to avoid the micro-monitoring of a position, or when you are abroad.
  13. Hi Dan, I am aware of the Labs IG, eventually if I have the time I need to get my hands dirty with it. I wonder if there is any chance to provide any seminar (London), webminar or youtube video to get started on these advance features? Starting from scratch , it will be very useful to get historical data on Excel and current price. I would love to replicate something similar to GoogleFinance Function on Excel https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3093281?hl=en
  14. Second suggestion: Trailing guaranteed stops I am tremendously surprised how this feature has not been implemented yet. I wonder what the rest of the community think about this. Out of curiosity, which percentage of customers used this feature on any given day?
  15. My first official post, I hope it the first between many. I would like to introduce a few suggestions to improve the platform on the next, I hope someone is listing .... I currrenly use Sharepad, CityIndex and IG, CityIndex and SharePAD, has the facility for a long time to export the price data (Date/time/O/H/L/C) from any chart you select. Export, at least, you are able to see on the chart. Just a buttom to the op "Export" will do. TXT or CSV is just fine.
  16. Agree "force open" should be on by default on any instrument. If you want to "SELL" or "SHORT" something closing an open position by accident make the whole thing very confusing.
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