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  1. Hi , How do I change my account's base currency? Regards Stefan
  2. Hi , How do I change the base currency for my live MT4 account? Mine is currently in GBP, but I would like it in USD. Regards Stefan
  3. Further to your points re. quality of data... I find IG's data for stocks to be of limited use as it does not include end-of-day market auction closing prices. This means that all charts and all %chg columns are incorrect as it is based on the previous day's close prices prior to the auction. So, a simple question like how much a stock is up/down on the day cannot be answered by looking at the columns or reading the charts. I brought this up with IG years ago, but sadly it does not seem important enough to change. All other trading and charting packages that I use make use of the "true" (m
  4.  Posted this in August. No response. I am starting to question whether I should continue to contribute to this community. Seems like a huge lack of commitment from IG. I spend quite a lot of time and effort on these suggestions to try to help to better your offerings - I really don't have to. Again, am I wasting my time? Should I rather post these on www.prorealtime.com?
  5.  Three weeks no response... Should I rather start posting these on www.prorealtime.com?
  6. @ Two weeks no response... should I bother with these?
  7. H iIG, Just had a look on the Prorealtime web site: https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/brokerage/cfd-forex-trading. It states that if you sign up with PRT through IG that you get: Premium version at no extra cost with up to 4 times more historical data So, my question is: Why do I have the Complete version of PRT and not the Premium version? Benefits of the Premium version: Up to 4 times more historical data Display up to 100 charts simultaneously Display up to 10 lists of instruments simultaneously Premium market scans and automatic trading 8 advantages of the Premium
  8. Hi, Why do you not display your margin requirements (percentages) in your watchlists? This should be available as a column. Example:
  9. In that case, dropping minimum trade fees seems like the only mechanism whereby IG customers would be able to "live test" their equity-based trading strategies without risking unnecessarily large amounts of capital.
  10. Ability to read and set parameters on Backtester in code. For instance, being able to reference the initial capital that was specified on the backtester from within your strategy code to calculate position size. Or, being able to set fees - commissions/spreads, etc. from within the strategy code. Would make it easier to standardize testing - by copying and pasting all this information at the beginning of every strategy - fees, start and end date, initial capital, etc. Other platforms already have this - Amibroker comes to mind. Anybody else see the need for this? 
  11.  Not sure you read this right. He was asking for the functionality to have a trailing stop (not guaranteed) along with a guaranteed stop (that is fixed).
  12. Would like someone from IG to comment please... Do you still charge a minimum trade fee, and if so, why? My other brokers don't - one of the reasons I don't trade much through IG. I trade stocks on the JSE. When testing a strategy on the live market, it would be extremely helpful to trade small sizes until you are comfortable that your system works as expected. Once you are convinced that it works, you can then increase the size of the trades and the minimum fee becomes less of a problem. As IG does not support/provide prices for stocks on demo accounts (after the initial two
  13. . This can be handled/added as an plugin for PRT. If I am not mistaken, PRT has done something like this before - I think for someone else - overlay of information on a chart as a plugin. Stef
  14.  Agree with you on the information that is lost when a bot is stopped. It also happens that PRT sometimes stop bots for various reasons. When you restart the bot, all information is lost.
  15. Hi , Can you give me some feedback on this? I do not see any way (paid or otherwise) that I can forward test automated (equities-based) trading strategies making use of the IG PRT combo. And not many ideas are forthcoming from IG. Is my only solution to look elsewhere - PRT-direct or other broker/platform providers? Regards Stef
  16. Hi All, With PRT, if you have more than one account - like your domestic, international, and demo accounts (one for each), it becomes quite messy if you export and import indicators, strategies, and screeners, to keep track of changes to the code between the different environments. For instance, is the strategy with the same name in a different environment the same, or has the code been changed? The best way that I can think of to solve this would be to auto append the date and time to the filename when exporting the screener, indicator, etc. And also to auto insert the date and time i
  17. . At the moment (for these strategies) I am specifically interested in equities.
  18. Hi All, Currently, when you set up a system to autotrade, you can set it up for one instrument and one timeframe only. If you have developed a strategy that works on more than one instrument, it can take a very long time to set this up to run for each instrument. Why not have the ability to choose a list (watchlist) of instruments to trade the strategy on? I would probably set this so that you would have to do this per timeframe; daily, 15min, etc. I currently have a system that I would like to trade on 40+ stocks. The way it works now, I would have to set the strategy to run for
  19. Hi , Will you please also respond to the following? Why can one not have 15min delayed and/or end-of-day equity data in your demo account? This would solve the problem and there should not be any issue with providing this. You can already get this for free on most other trading platforms, and web sites; Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Standard Bank Online, and many many others. For forward testing a strategy you do not need an L1 or L2 feed. Why not make delayed or end of day data available in demo? Regards Stef
  20. Hi . You know as well as I that PRT's backtester has some severe limitations (like lack of look-inside-bar testing) and cannot be relied upon without live testing a strategy first. ProOrder and ProBacktest do not behave the same way and do not produce the same results currently. More than that though... This is not the proper way to develop automated strategies. After backtesting, and optimising (and unfortunately likely overoptimising and curve-fitting) your strategy, the next step is to forward test the system on live market data (preferably in a demo environment) for a period befor
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