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  1. Hi , How do I change my account's base currency? Regards Stefan
  2. Hi , How do I change the base currency for my live MT4 account? Mine is currently in GBP, but I would like it in USD. Regards Stefan
  3. Further to your points re. quality of data... I find IG's data for stocks to be of limited use as it does not include end-of-day market auction closing prices. This means that all charts and all %chg columns are incorrect as it is based on the previous day's close prices prior to the auction. So, a simple question like how much a stock is up/down on the day cannot be answered by looking at the columns or reading the charts. I brought this up with IG years ago, but sadly it does not seem important enough to change. All other trading and charting packages that I use make use of the "true" (market auction) close prices. for your comment.
  4.  Posted this in August. No response. I am starting to question whether I should continue to contribute to this community. Seems like a huge lack of commitment from IG. I spend quite a lot of time and effort on these suggestions to try to help to better your offerings - I really don't have to. Again, am I wasting my time? Should I rather post these on www.prorealtime.com?
  5.  Three weeks no response... Should I rather start posting these on www.prorealtime.com?
  6. @ Two weeks no response... should I bother with these?
  7. H iIG, Just had a look on the Prorealtime web site: https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/brokerage/cfd-forex-trading. It states that if you sign up with PRT through IG that you get: Premium version at no extra cost with up to 4 times more historical data So, my question is: Why do I have the Complete version of PRT and not the Premium version? Benefits of the Premium version: Up to 4 times more historical data Display up to 100 charts simultaneously Display up to 10 lists of instruments simultaneously Premium market scans and automatic trading 8 advantages of the Premium version Regards Stef
  8. Hi, Why do you not display your margin requirements (percentages) in your watchlists? This should be available as a column. Example:
  9. In that case, dropping minimum trade fees seems like the only mechanism whereby IG customers would be able to "live test" their equity-based trading strategies without risking unnecessarily large amounts of capital.
  10. Ability to read and set parameters on Backtester in code. For instance, being able to reference the initial capital that was specified on the backtester from within your strategy code to calculate position size. Or, being able to set fees - commissions/spreads, etc. from within the strategy code. Would make it easier to standardize testing - by copying and pasting all this information at the beginning of every strategy - fees, start and end date, initial capital, etc. Other platforms already have this - Amibroker comes to mind. Anybody else see the need for this? 
  11.  Not sure you read this right. He was asking for the functionality to have a trailing stop (not guaranteed) along with a guaranteed stop (that is fixed).
  12. Would like someone from IG to comment please... Do you still charge a minimum trade fee, and if so, why? My other brokers don't - one of the reasons I don't trade much through IG. I trade stocks on the JSE. When testing a strategy on the live market, it would be extremely helpful to trade small sizes until you are comfortable that your system works as expected. Once you are convinced that it works, you can then increase the size of the trades and the minimum fee becomes less of a problem. As IG does not support/provide prices for stocks on demo accounts (after the initial two weeks) - this would be another solution to forward/live test your systems. Currently IG does not provide any mechanism to do this. PS: The other way to do this would be to simply offer PRT's PaperTrading module to IG customers. Stef
  13. Hi All, Currently, when you set up a system to autotrade, you can set it up for one instrument and one timeframe only. If you have developed a strategy that works on more than one instrument, it can take a very long time to set this up to run for each instrument. Why not have the ability to choose a list (watchlist) of instruments to trade the strategy on? I would probably set this so that you would have to do this per timeframe; daily, 15min, etc. I currently have a system that I would like to trade on 40+ stocks. The way it works now, I would have to set the strategy to run for each stock individually (very time consuming). Also, I will have 40+ systems running on ProOrder - for this strategy only. And the stats will also be calculated and displayed per instrument - so there is no easy way of knowing how the strategy is performing over all stocks. Does anyone else think that this would be useful? Regards Stef
  14.  Can you still access the video? I get: "This video has been removed by the user."
  15. Hi , Please do. I can already export market data in realtime to Excel on other platforms I trade on (like IRESS). I just can't do it with IG and IG instruments; like the SA Cash 40, etc. Regards Stef
  16. Hi, Has anyone used the realtime DDE Export functionality in PRT? Does the ProRealtime DDE Export functionality work for IG customers, as explained here: https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/dde-data-export I get up to point 6, but then do not see the option in PRT: Click on the Options menu from the ProRealTime Main window and verify that "Export DDE" is activated.Thanks Stef
  17. Hi Dan, This can be done without the need for any integration and/or sharing of client information. All that is needed in PRT is a place where the user can specify his/her email address. They can then handle the alerting from their side. They already provide SMS alerting from their side (not available to IG customers). Come to think of it, without any additional work, why can this not be made available to IG clients? If cost, then please ask them to add the email alerting functionality. Regards Stef
  18. Hi Dan, The functionality to top up funds is not available for demo accounts, see below: I was told by your helpdesk that this was not possible - resetting an account - and was told to create a new one!? So, if this is possible, maybe you should tell them. PS: I still think that this functionality should be built into the platform. Regards Stef
  19. Hi All, Is there a way to reset your demo account (without creating a new one, by using a different email address)? I am busy testing a number of ProTrader strategies and use my demo account for this purpose. Before each run, I would like to reset my demo account history (trade history, capital, profit, etc.), to enable easy comparison. At the moment there is already quite a bit of history in my demo account. At a minimum (if nothing else can be done), I would like to be able to set/reset the starting capital amount. Is there a way to do this? Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this something that can be added? Regards Stef
  20. Something else that I would like to see for PRT is Email/SMS alerts. Not just for "normal" alerts that you set up, but also for ProScreeners. Regards Stef
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