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  1. Hi, When will the new platform be available for the ISA and Share dealing accounts? I would prefer to have a unified GUI for all of my accounts, and the HTML5 charts are much better than those available in the old platform. Will this be made as an option soon?
  2. Thanks Anders, That's what I was concerned about. The four lines with no detailed information or names of Market Makers against each buy/sell order is too limited. It also has to be web based as I use Macs and therefore the L2 trader platform is not an option. I'll look for other L2 suppliers.
  3. Hi, I've just noticed that you no longer offer a rebate for LSE Live and L2 data feeds. You used to rebate the monthly charge if at least one trade were placed per month. Has this now been removed? I looked at the IG L2 service earlier in the year and felt it was too light compared to that offered by LSE.co.uk and ADVFN. However, I would like to review it again as I am unhappy with the performance I currently get from my other supplier. If possible I would prefer to consolidate it in the IG account. Mark.