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  1. If I closed my position in one trade of 1000 cfd's I believe I would have been charged a total of £15. I closed the 1000 cfd's in multiples of100 cfd's at a time, 100 x 10 and was charged £15 per trade of 100 cfd's each time. This resulted in a charge of £150. Surely if I closed 1000 cfd's in a single trade at a cost of £15, the fact that I chose to close the same amount of cfd's in multiples and not a single trade the difference in cost of £150 in relation to the £15 seems very excessive to me and I am querying if this is in fact correct.
  2. Closing CFD trades, if you are closing a position of 1000 cfd,s in multiples of 100 cfd's per trade within an hour. Is it correct to have been charged £15 per 100 cfd's sold. IE 10 x £15 (£150) Had I sold the full 1000 in one trade would have cost £15. Doesn't seem correct to me.
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